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In this series, Nicky shares her valuable insight and experiences about Women in Boating. With a personal goal to engage more women in the industry and see more women behind the helm, in this first episode you'll get to know and love the Boat Princess as we do. We are excited to welcome Nicky Vaux to the ShirePOD platform.  Introducing Nicky might take a while to scan through her many achievement, accolades and acknowledgements.  You can follow Nicky and live vicariously through her instagram @theboatprincess or see her website www.theboatprincess.com for details on how to collaborate your brand with her, be interviewed on the podcast or have her review a new boat for you. Nicky is the owner of Empire Marina Bobbin Head nestled inside the National Park on Sydney's North Shore #sydneysboatingparadise. She is a boat owner, board member of the MIA and advocate for women in boating.  Incredible guests.  Amazing Interviews and loads of Inspiration for Women who have never thought of a lifestyle or livelihood on or around the waters edge or would like to know more.

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Princess at home in Plymouth with Alison Thompson from Princess Yachts

In this episode I travelled to Plymouth for a VIP tour of Princess Yachts, where I spoke to Alison Thompson, the Head of Learning and Development.  Alison has such a deep passion in developing the skills and supporting the career paths of those people responsible for building Princess Yachts, and she shares it with me in this episode.  Princess Yachts is a family business with a proud history of quality marine vessels and talented staff.  Alison, a mother of three, has taken on the challenges life dishes up and combined her love of learning and the Boating Industry, to ensure gender equity in the recruiting process of their apprenticeships.  'Its about opportunity, so we are talking to children in primary schools an giving them that opportunity to experience the boating industry.' This episode is the essence of The Boat Princess Podcast.  Talking to the women who have done it.  If you are considering a career in the Marine Industry, check out www.princessyachts.com or www.marinejobs.org.au The Boating Industry is an international playing field with lots of sectors but it take people who are well trained and educated to ensure it continues to thrive.  Listen to more episodes and check out the website www.theboatprincess.com for details about the upcoming www.sydneyboatshow.com.au See you on the water soon!  Nicky from Plymoth 


8 Jul 2022

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The Great ’Ocean’ Alexander

In this interview we come to you live from the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show on the Gold Coast, May 2022.  A fabulous opportunity to catch up with old friends and check out the newest boats and marine innovations.  Today's interview is with Dan Mundy, the Head of Global Operations of Ocean Alexander, the worlds leading Super Yacht Manufacturer.  Dan has spent his life in, on and around boats and shares his love for the industry.  I also share some of the Ocean Alexander history and an invitation to be apart of the Sydney International Boat Show 22.  For more information and the latest ocean imagery head to www.oceanalexander.com We look forward to seeing you at the www.sydneyboatshow.com I'd like to thank our sponsors www.rossandwitcroft.com.au where you can get any of the The Boat Princess products.


24 Jun 2022

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Alisha King is not just changing the tide, she is creating it!

Thank you so much! The Boat Princess Podcast has recently celebrated it's first bithday and this is our 26th Episode. We couldn't have done it without you. So in this episode I sit down with Alisha King, a power house of a woman who after a career in the NZ Navy, changed direction to become the head chef on some of the world's biggest and best superyachts. After years of sailing around the world - Alysha saw the hole in the bottom of the boating industry and has plugged it with the creation of Tidal Yachting. www.tidalyachting.com is the multi-service company offering solutions for the super yacht industry.  From resource recruitment to project management for a fit out, Alysha also organisizes delivers supplies, helicopter transports and supported yacht owners navigate the red tape of Covid 19. I love Alisha's Master Course story where she was told as she entered the room 'The basic training course is next door' and went on to teach them navigation. It's a message for all - do not underestimate her.  There is so much packed into this interview from the operational structure and purpose of the Navy to the amazing opportunities and locations.    Check out my instagram @theboatprincess which shows Alisha driving the 350 tonne straddle carrier - the lifting of a superyacht for cleaning and refurb.   For more information on the  Sydney Boat Show click here


3 Jun 2022

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Leslie Robinson is on course to creating the change

In this conversation, I speak with Lesley Robinson. She is the CEO of British Marine, an executive main board director with specific responsibility for the strategic direction of the organisation, working in conjunction with both board and members, and its execution through her team at Marine House. She is also Vice Chair and Trustee of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, a Trustee of Ocean Youth Trust South and a Non-Executive Director of Police Crime Prevention Initiatives. Lesley is a qualified chartered accountant by background. Details about Marmong Point's(14 and 15 May),  Offshore Superboat Championships - Australia on Lake Macquarie this weekend. Also get details about the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show and Marine 22 Conference. Follow me on insta @theboatprincess www.theboatprincess.com


6 May 2022

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Half way around the world with World Class Sail GP Guest Chaser and Photographer Jason Ludlow

This episode is epic. My good friend Jason Ludlow met up with Darren and I at a pub on a recent trip to the UK.   He shares is current role with Sail GP as a host and commentator for those guests who want the up close experience of the best sailing events around the world.  Racing around a 1 kilometre course requires high levels of skill in sailing and Jason candidly shares the sportsmenship of this competitive environment.  We just loved catching up with Jason and talked all things boats, sailing, broadcasting and The America's Cup. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.  www.jasonludlow.com Don't forget about our event on the 7th May on Sydney Harbour.  Savannah from Savannah Estate wine tasting, yummy food and great conversations about women in boating.  www.theboatprincess.com


22 Apr 2022

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Sara set her sights on being Strong and Successful regardless of stereotypes

Sara Anghel, is the President of the  National Marine Manufacturers Association which manages recreation marine issues and represents thousands of members. She is also the first female President of ICOMIA (in it's 55 year history) the global marine association. During our recent trip to the UK I sat down with her to chat at the Royal Thames Yacht Club, London, England, about her journey and the opportunities she has had in the marine industry.  ICOMIA - is the international trade association representing the global marine industry since 1966. It brings together national marine industry associations in one global organisation and represents them at an international level, presenting a strong and united voice when dealing with issues challenging the industry. For exampe : Standards for boats, construction and industry Initiatives on end of life and sustainability How to protect the industry.  In the first few minutes you will understand why she is so successful.  "I had a strong mother who had taken such good care of me growing up. She raised a strong and successful daughter. I watched her deal with her struggles, after leaving Romania, with no language skills and working from 5am everyday. My dad was my hero, never gave up and declared political asylum in Istanbul after escaping Romania in the late 70's not knowing what the outcome would be." Sara was one of 10 candidates for this role, 9 of them were men.  'My husband told me ; "It's the marine industry they are not going to pick you, they are going to pick a guy!" I just loved this conversation and it gave me such an insight into the business side of the marine industry, the opportunities for expansion and how important it is in the global trade. Sara is a mum and wife, and her family is a priority in her international jet setting life, so l hope you enjoy listening to this incredibly inspiring woman. Click on the links for more information, Sara Anghel Linkedin ICOMIA National Marine Manufactures Association


8 Apr 2022

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Australian Super Yacht Soiree 26 February 2022

This is a bit of different episode we just know you are going to love. On the 26 February, Australian Super Yacht held its annual soiree. An amazing event where 10 super yachts docked at Jones Bay Wharf to host an evening of lux and laughter.   We spent the afternoon checking out the features of the yachts before attending the Soiree with 250 guests. In this episode you'll hear from interviews and the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.  1. First interview is with Pheobe from Quantam 2. Second Interview is with Georgie from Rascal Ahoy Club 3. Third, Oliver Musson from Musson Jewellery who were showing casing their range from inside The Star Super Yacht. 4. Last interview is with Sophie from Sea Rays a new accomodation venture for Raes on Wategos in Byron Bay. You are also invited to my event on the 7th May 2022. We are cruising the harbour on a 90ft yacht, and will have Savannah from Savannah Estate for a wine testing.  You can get your tickets from www.theboatprincess.com


25 Mar 2022

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Cellar By Sea takes innovation to a whole new sea level

In this episode I speak with the innovative and persistent Mel Moss.  The owner of Cellar by Sea spent 8 months on a never before application to the Liquor and Gaming Agency seeking Australia's first same day alcohol delivery, on water service, to boats and jetty's.  Cellar By Sea operates in the from PITTWATER BAYVIEW TO PALM BEACH Offering Beer, Bubble and Wine or Spirits, Cocktails and Seafood, the concept ensure's boatie's can extend their stay until the end of the day.  Mel has taken her idea to the boating community and created a market for herself, after spending hours on the water and earning her captain stripes.  She is a perfect example of the opportunities that exist in boating. www.cellarbysea.com insta @cellarbysea 


14 Mar 2022

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Big Boats and Bigger Parties With Super Yacht Australia

Christine Roberts is a well known woman in boating. Sponsorships and Membership Manager for AIMEX, Super Yacht Australia and Australian Commercial Marine Group. She has a primary focus on retaing and growing the memberships of these three groups and the events and conferences around Australia.  From training course for the industry, marinas and yacht club education as well as insurance and providore and clothing companies, members are connected. Christine shares her love of boats, the water and the transition throughout her career in and around the boating industry.  https://www.superyacht-australia.com/ https://www.aimex.asn.au/ https://www.commercialmarine.com.au/ You can now request or nominate to be a guest on The Boat Princess Podcast


21 Feb 2022

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Super Yacht Australia CEO and the Soiree of the Year 2022

So in this episode I sat down for a chat with Super Yacht CEO David Good.  He is also the CEO of AIMEX, the Australian International Marine Export Group who represents the Australian Made Banner of marine exports.  The average length of stay for a Super Yacht use to be 40 days, now we are hoping to entice the owners, crews and passengers to stay for up to 200 - 365 years a year given the vast Australian marine availability.  David also served in the Australian Defence which has equiped him with specialised skills in boat operations and when I asked him for an interview I never expected to get an insight into the reality of terrorism. I felt much safer knowing David was in control. Fascinating.  Is it like Below Deck? or not? Listen to the end, where I tell you how to get tickets to the Super Yacht Soiree this Saturday 26th February 2022.  Where you'll be able to walk through these amazing boats and get a real sense of the lifestyle and the world of boating.  For more information visit www.theboatprincess.com You can now request or nominate someone to be a guest on the Podcast.


21 Feb 2022

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