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Weekly sermons from Grace Capital City Church in Washington, DC - Joining God in establishing His Kingdom through worship, family & justice.

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Dating & Marriage

Pastor Chris Moerman shares the biblical view of romantic love and it's place in our Christian lives.

19 Aug 2018

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Worship - A Dwelling Place for God

22 Apr 2018

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Sex & Intimacy

Pastor Chris finished the mini-series on romantic relationships by speaking on sex & intimacy. What does the Bible teach us about the role of sex and intimacy in our lives and how can we live in ways that are healthy and in line with God’s best for our lives?

26 Aug 2018

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His Presence // The Horizontal and the Vertical

In this message, Pastor Chris leads us in examining how our horizontal relationships with one another have a profound impact on our vertical relationship with God. John 17 teaches us that our unity has implications for what God is doing on the earth and how people can encounter His presence. 

27 Oct 2019

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Cave // Guest Speaker - Drew Mcclure

Guest Speaker, Drew McClure closes out our ‘Cave, Road, Table, Fire’ series on the thin spaces that we meet the father.

17 Apr 2019

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Fire // Guest Speaker - Matt Renyolds

Grace Capital City welcomes guest speaker Pastor Matt Reynolds, the Lead Pastor of Grace Midtown church in Atlanta, GA. He continues our series called “Cave, Road, Table, Fire,” by teaching a message of the thin place found at the ‘Fire’.

7 Apr 2019

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Mark - Hometown Hero?

In Mark 6:1-13, Jesus speaks of the dishonor that a prophet experiences when ministering to his hometown and juxtaposes this idea by sending out the Twelve to surrounding villages. Using this passage for context, we soon discover the deeper difference between believing in Jesus and truly following him. Jesus teaches us that sometimes the greatest miracle is just over the horizon of what's most comfortable. 

11 Mar 2018

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Ephesians - Strangers No More // The Riches of His Grace

As we began our Ephesians series, Pastor Chris dove into the context about the book of Ephesians and continued into revelation regarding Eph 1:7-8. Paul is clear that everything we have received love, mercy, grace, forgiveness — not according to our riches, but according to God’s. What’s more, God has given us all of this with full wisdom and understanding. How can we live into that reality as followers of Jesus?

19 Jan 2020

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Mark - The Triumphal Entry

Michael Suderman, a member of the GCC family, and a minister for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, leads us into an exploration of Jesus’ triumphal arrival into Jerusalem. The nation of Israel was waiting for a leader who would overthrow the government of Rome, but what they got was so much more then even that.

25 Mar 2018

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Shalom // Racial Justice & Reconciliation

This week, we kicked off our Shalom series, a dive into the Biblical perspective on justice on the earth. Pastor Josh Robinson taught on race, privilege, perspective, and the importance of of partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring about Biblical reconciliation.

17 Nov 2019

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Guest Speaker - Alex Ward, Hope for the Hopeless

27 May 2018

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Shalom // Justice That Heals

In this message, Pastor Chris explores the teaching of the prophets in the Old Testament regarding justice, inviting us to think about its implications to situations and issues we encounter in this present day and age.

1 Dec 2019

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We Are Grace // Citizens

3 Jun 2018

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In the End // Empires & The Mark of the Beast

The fourth week of our In the End sermon series discussed the meaning of the Mark of the Beast and the empires spoken about in Revelations.

28 Feb 2019

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Word For The Year :: The God Who Answers With Fire

In this message, Pastor Chris lead us in our word for the year: Testimony. The story of Elijah’s encounter with the Prophets of Baal teaches us about a ‘God who answers with fire’ and how we are called to be a people who faithfully and honestly share our testimony as a witness to what God has done in our lives.

5 Jan 2020

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Life in the Spirit // The Presence

Pastor Chris Moerman continues our Life in the Spirit series from Fall of 2017 by diving into the topic of The Presence.

5 Aug 2018

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Shalom // Climate, Creation & Stewardship

For the final message of our Shalom series, Reverend Mitch Hescox, President of the Evangelical Environmental Network , explored the importance of caring for the entirety of creation, highlighting how fighting for ecological justice is an integral part of our kingdom assignment here on the earth.

8 Dec 2019

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Ephesians - Strangers No More // Wisdom & Revelation

In this message, Pastor Chris teaches on Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians in the second half of chapter 1. Paul specifically asks that they would receive the spirit of ‘wisdom and revelation’. What specifically is he asking for? What is the difference between wisdom and revelation and how can see each of these become an integrated part of our lives? 

26 Jan 2020

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Mark - Christ, Our Cornerstone

15 Apr 2018

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In the Beginning // Genesis and Gender

This week's sermon is the third of our In the Beginning series walking through the book of Genesis. The sermon discusses what Genesis reveals about gender.

30 Sep 2018

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