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WTF are we doing? Just like you, we don't know what we're doing. You're going through pregnancy one minute, the baby is here the next and they send you home to figure it all out. It's new, it's scary, and each stage of parenting is different.Join us as we relate, differ and heal from the past and present while we learn to conquer future experiences! Let's start taking back control of our parenting and how we heal ourselves and our kids every day with open and honest communication.Don’t forget to like and subscribe on youtube and follow our IG to join in on the conversation every week!

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Setting SMART Goals for 2020

The beginning of a new year is always a time to reflect on the past 365 days as well as a time to set new goals to accomplish in the next 365 days. Sometimes we're so eager to set a goal we don't realize the goal is so big and overwhelming it's hard to know where to start so that we can ultimately reach our goal.  I hope with this system you can set and achieve the new goals you set out to complete in this new year! Make sure you follow on IG and subscribe to YouTube where I'll post some examples to help you think of a goal as well as templates you may wish to use when setting your new yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily goals! Til next time, Yabi.


7 Feb 2020

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Let's Talk Pregnancy

For this episode we wanted to go into our experiences being pregnant. There are so many emotions and symptoms that make every pregnancy different and at the same time alike.   If you're trying to get pregnant, if you are pregnant, or you have been pregnant and have ever asked yourself "is this normal?" chances are it is. Let us know in the comments your favorite part about being pregnant! We want to provide you with content YOU want!  IG will have a weekly Q&A so ask us questions you want answered: @parentalcontrolpodcast and the audio will be available on all your favorite streaming services! DM us and let us know what you want us to talk about on an upcoming episode!  Don’t forget to like and subscribe to join in on the conversation every week!   Instagram:   @ParentalControlPodcast Facebook:    Parental CTRL


30 Nov 2019

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Surviving the Holidays Part 1

We're here to interrupt our regularly scheduled program with a very important topic ‼️ How the heck do I make it through the holidays??? 🎅🤶🕎🎄🦃🎁☃️🎆 Parents: we understand how hard it is. If you’re hosting, cooking, traveling etc. We have a couple quick tips to get you through Thanksgiving 🦃 first!Stay tuned as we continue the mini series next week for surviving the rest of the season!Instagram: @ParentalControlPodcastFacebook: Parental CTRL


26 Nov 2019

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Who We Are & Why This Podcast

Welcome to our first episode of Parental Control! It is an introductory about the podcast and us, Yabi and Erika. We talk about how we met, why we’re doing this, and what to expect from our podcast.No one talks about the fact that parents don’t always have it all together. Usually we want to put on a false face to make it seem as though we do know what we're doing. Social media sets false standards, smiling pictures, pretty outfits, happy babies! These are just a second snippet of 24 hours that are in the day.Giving you all real, natural answers, our videos will depict who we are -normal, everyday moms dealing with everyday situations, not celebrities, not trying to put a face for public view.We’re starting this journey with no experience just like starting parenting. It might be messy at first but our podcast will showcase growth from start to finish and we want you all to be a part of that!We want your feedback!IG will have a weekly Q&A so ask us questions you want answered: @parentalcontrolpodcast


20 Nov 2019

Rank #4

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