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This show is a must-listen for entrepreneurs both current and future! The show features exciting interviews and commentary from host and entrepreneurship coach, speaker, and advisor, Cory Mosley. Listeners will hear real stories and learn tips, tactics, and techniques to start or grow their business. In ever episode Cory sets out to entertain, educate, motivate, and activate listeners. Show segments include "The Craziest Entrepreneurship Moment", "Entrepreneur Rapid Fire", and always end with a little trivia to keep guests on their toes. You never know where Cory will take the conversation and nothing is off limits.

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E51 Tim Cox - Partnerships, Scaling and Creating A Business Culture

Episode Notes Tim Cox is the co-founder and leader of the sales team of Car Now, one of the fastest growing companies in the digital retailing space right now winning awards. They have amassed over 4,000 dealer customers in their 6 short years in business. Tim started his career originally in the automotive industry. During this episode, Cory and Tim discuss partnerships, scaling, and the importance of culture. Learn about the keys to a successful partnership, and what it takes to scale successfully and rapidly.  Links:  CarNow.com Quotes:  “There are two things that kill any business and it’s two words – number one is insecurity and number two is pride.” – Tim Cox Time Stamps: 4:33 – Tim’s Story – An organic partnership leading to a new opportunity12:51 – What’s contributed to growth – Business culture16:17 – What makes for an ideal partnership?21:33 – Scaling with hyper growth – Keeping the culture of the business38:15 - Tim’s craziest entrepreneurship moment43:29 – Rapid fire questions!46:52 - Entrepreneurship Trivia! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com


12 Jan 2021

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E50 Kevin Thomas - Grit and Reinvention; One Man's Journey

Episode Notes Superstar real estate agent, Kevin Thomas, is a native of Detroit Michigan and an army veteran. He served in the military and then got into the retail automotive industry and ended up opening up his own independent dealership with his wife right outside of Savannah Georgia, and was really focused on the military community. Over the next 15 year period, they opened other businesses including car rentals, self storage facilities, limousine companies, coffee shops and now residential and commercial real estate investment company and agent. He’s also a published author and an inspirational speaker.  During this episode, Cory and Kevin Thomas discuss building a business, making money and making a switch because it doesn’t quite align with you. Learn about the importance of having a personal mantra and transferable skills to help you in any entrepreneurial endeavor.  Links:  Facebook Quotes:  “When the passion for something leaves, don’t be so far behind it” - Kevin Thomas“The day you think you know it all is the day it all falls apart” - Kevin Thomas Time Stamps: 5:59 – Kevin’s Story - What brought Kevin to Real Estate from his previous businesses?9:03 – The dangers of spreading yourself too thin – Checking out of your business 16:02 – Regrouping after losing his business – transferring skills26:33 – Investing in education and the need for coaching and guidance30:26 - Kevin’s craziest entrepreneurship moment33:03 – Rapid fire questions!35:55 - Entrepreneurship Trivia! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com


5 Jan 2021

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E49 Douglas Levin - From Drummer To E-commerce Guru

Episode Notes Douglas Levin was a professional drummer living in Chicago for about 10 years before he started to sell on Amazon in his spare time. He started this in 2014 and from that point he went on to wholesale, private label, and was able to have all of these scenarios where he got enough money coming in that eventually he was able to bring his wife into the business. In preparation for the launch of his first brand, Doug became obsessed with chatbots and messenger and built himself a list of over 20k subscribers which he was able to convert into $20k in monthly sales within his first 90 days of launch. It helped him start his business, his brand and ultimately start to do other things without relying on Amazon.  During this episode, Cory and Doug Levin discuss Doug’s transition from being a professional drummer to E-commerce, selling on Amazon and utilizing chat bots. Learn about Doug’s experience cutting the learning curve without having a business background, or knowing much about it. Links:  Facebook YouTube Facebook Group: Amazon Seller Secrets Quote:  “If you wait until everything aligns perfectly it’s never going to happen. Don’t let something stop you” - Doug Levin Time Stamps: 4:38 – Doug’s Story – Transitioning from professional drummer16:48 – How Doug got into Chatbot and the impact it has on his business 32:11 – The business structure today in the 2020/2021 environment 36:15 – Some lessons Doug’s learned in his 6 years of business41:49 – Doug’s advice for getting started on Amazon 48:58 - Doug’s craziest entrepreneurship moment51:09 – Rapid fire questions!54:34 - Entrepreneurship Trivia! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com


29 Dec 2020

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E48 Dre Baldwin - The Four Principles Of Success From A Pro Athlete

Episode Notes Within 5 years, Dre Baldwin went from the end of his high school basketball career on the team’s bench, to his first contract and a 9 year professional basketball career. While playing professional basketball, Dre pioneered new genres of personal branding and entrepreneurship via an ever-growing content publishing empire. Dre started blogging in 2005, got on YouTube in 2006. He has published over 7,000 videos to 134,000+ subscribers, his content being viewed over 73 million times to date. Dre’s daily Work On Your Game Podcast MasterClass has over 1,500 episodes and more than 3 million downloads. Dre has given 4 TED Talks on Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness and Personal Initiative and has authored 27 books. He has appeared in national campaigns with Nike, Finish Line, Wendy’s, Gatorade, Buick, Wilson Sports, STASH Investments and DIME magazine. He’s a Philadelphia native and Penn State alum, and currently lives in Miami. During this episode, Cory and Dre talk about opportunity created out of necessity, and taking advantage of it. Learn about finding the intersection of what you love doing, what you are good at, and money to be made. Dre goes through his four principles of being successful, and simplifying the process to achieve success.  Links:  Facebook LinkedIn Twitter InstagramMirrorofmotivation.com Quote:  “The question was – how can I take the things that I already love doing, and that I’m good at, and figure out how I can make money from it." - Dre Baldwin “It used to be there wasn’t enough information, nowadays there’s too much so you’re only job now is filtering out and finding the right people that you want to connect with who are speaking your language” - Dre Baldwin Time Stamps: 3:17 – Dre’s Story – Opportunity out of necessity 20:10 – The evolution of selling products and setting up a post-basketball career 24:42 – The four principles to be successful as a pro athlete and in business – discipline, confidence, mental toughness, personal initiative 29:02 – B more mentally tough and finding a m33:34 – Dre’s advice for young entrepreneurs - Simplify36:07 - Dre’s craziest entrepreneurship moment41:53 – Rapid fire questions!44:23 - Entrepreneurship Trivia! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com


22 Dec 2020

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E47 Special Edition Marriage and Entrepreneurship

Episode Notes Willie and Dee Jolley are the ultimate power couple. Willie is a CPAE in the speaking world, which means hall of fame, and how it runs is Dee Jolley is the one making it all happen. Willie has the number one motivational show on Sirius radio, he's spoken across all the countries and continents, and helped Ford Motor Company during their turnaround process.  During this episode, Cory, Xiomara, Willie and Dee discuss marriage and entrepreneurship. Learn how to sell a spouse who may not feel comfortable with the entrepreneur life, along with the extreme importance of communication. Soak up this in-depth discussion between two very successful entrepreneurial couples. Links: Winwithwillie.com Facebook Twitter InstagramBook: "Make love, make money, make it last" Wjspeaks.com/gift Quote:  “I define entrepreneurism as someone who designs and determines their destiny” – Willie JolleyTime Stamps: 3:23 – The dynamics of building a business with your spouse – (defining entrepreneurship for you? Being raised with the mindset?)27:53 – Communication – The importance of body language 33:19 - Dealing with decision-making and diving work? Maximizing effectiveness49:27 – Finding the yin and yang58:30 – Willie and Dee’s craziest entrepreneurship moment66:01 – Rapid fire questions!74:29 - Entrepreneurship Trivia! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com

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15 Dec 2020

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E46 Steve Stauning - Blazing Your Own Trail While Staying True To Yourself

Episode Notes Steve Stauning is the founder of his namesake company Stauning solutions group which is a leading training and consulting firm. He’s also a prolific author. His books include "Ridiculously Simple Sales Management", "Assumptive Selling", and "Sh*t Sandwich". He’s a guy that really has sometimes contrarian views, but he’s one of those people that sometimes says things that everyone is thinking, but no one wants to say.  During this episode, Cory and Steve talk about the decision to leave corporate America to start his own business. Steve talks about the importance of doing what makes you happy, and not spreading yourself too thin by trying to do everything and be everywhere.  Links: Facebook LinkedIn TwitterBooks ("Ridiculously Simple Sales Management", "Sh*t Sandwich", "Assumptive Selling") Quote:  “If that’s what makes you happy, that’s what you should be striving for” – Steve Stauning Time Stamps: 3:10 - Steve’s Advice for running a business7:11 – The tipping point for getting out of corporate America to start his own business16:13 – You can’t get more than you give21:09 – Not everybody is supposed to be an entrepreneur 28:51 – Steve’s advice to those who aren’t natural salespeople33:23 – Trying to do everything and be everywhere40:10 -  Steve’s craziest entrepreneurship moment44:11 – Rapid fire questions!49:12 - Entrepreneurship Trivia! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com


8 Dec 2020

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E45 Jim Fitzpatrick - Philosophy Of An Entrepreneur

Episode Notes Jim Fitzpatrick is a 25-year veteran of the retail automotive industry, and he owned his own dealership by the age of 40. He additionally held some executive positions with companies like AutoNation. After owning the dealership, he went on to found Force Marketing, which became one of the biggest digital marketing companies servicing the automotive retail space. Most recently, with his wife and partner Bridget, he went on to form JBF Business Media, which is now operating 2 leading digital TV networks including CBT News and the Atlanta Small Business Network.  During this episode, Cory and Jim discuss Jim’s ultimate entrepreneurial journey, jumping from startup to startup after owning a car dealership at the age of 40. Learn about the effect that ego has on business decisions, and knowing when to move on from one challenge to face a new opportunity.   Links:  CBT News Atlanta Small Business NetworkQuote:  “The past does not have to equal the future. You could be a dentist one day and a real estate developer the next day” - Jim Fitzpatrick Time Stamps: 4:18 - Jim’s philosophy of taking on new challenges – Knowing when it’s time to exit15:03 – How Jim became the owner of a Toyota dealership at age 4020:54 – Starting a marketing company after leaving the dealership22:40 – How ego affects business decisions28:15 – What’s the next thing? Moving on to new startups – learning on the fly39:11 - Todd’s craziest entrepreneurship moment44:40 – Rapid fire questions!46:55 - Entrepreneurship Trivia! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com


1 Dec 2020

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E44 Todd Smith - The DNA of a Serial Entrepreneur

Todd Smith is an American serial entrepreneur who has pioneered digital marketing and retail solutions particularly in the automotive industry. Todd’s experience spans more than 30 years and includes finding successes, a Chevrolet dealer and the founder of a company called ActivEngage, which went onto become the largest managed large chat company in the automotive industry. Todd’s latest venture is 360 converge which is a communication platform that is delivering next generation CRM. Todd continues to be a highly sought after thought leader, speaker, writer and a great mentor. During this episode, Cory and Todd discuss adjusting, the work behind the scenes, work-life balance and not letting money be the only north star. Learn about the importance of staying flexible and adapting your plans to succeed as an entrepreneur. Links: LinkedIn 360converge.com Quote: “Whatever you covet, controls you” – Todd Smith“Money should be the byproduct of doing something amazing” - Todd Smith Time Stamps: 4:18 - Todd’s Story 14:21 – Staying flexible – Major adjustments Todd had to make in his vision24:55 – The light bulb moment that led Todd to leave comfort for a start up 35:55 – Entrepreneurship is not made for everybody 42:52 – How Todd paces himself46:42 – What’s the future of software?50:16 - Todd’s craziest entrepreneurship moment53:09 – Rapid fire questions!55:33 - Entrepreneurship Trivia! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com


22 Sep 2020

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E43 Troy Spring - $65 Bucks And A Big Idea

As CEO and Founder of Dealer World, Troy Spring built the company on the foundation and simple belief that if you drive enough customers and leads to a qualified team of sales professionals all the other BS goes away. Being successful in this business is just that easy. He currently employs over 30 professionals and is a 100% in-house advertising agency which he coins a, performance agency. Troy's passion and vision for helping dealers has led to one of our mottos: "We do not sell anything, we find clients that need help, and we help them". Troy lives at the base of the Pocono Mountains in PA with his family and enjoys a round of golf every now and then when life allows. During this episode, Cory and Troy discuss being crafty and thinking outside of the box as an entrepreneur to make things happen. Learn about Troy’s journey from having only $65 to his name to starting and building his own successful business. Links: Mydealerworld.comPhone: (610) 570-3022Email: TroySpring@mydealerworld.com Quote: “You better be crafty if you’re undercapitalized” - Troy Spring Time Stamps:4:45 – Troy’s Journey – Starting a business with $65 to his name17:30 - What comes after Troy’s turning point?29:34 – Troy’s outside of the box thinking to get where he wanted to go36:49 – Focusing on one product instead of trying to do it all42:10 – Troy’s milestone moments from the process53:09 - Troy’s tips in the digital marketing landscape61:51 – Rapid fire questions!64:13 - Entrepreneurship Trivia! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com

1hr 8mins

15 Sep 2020

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E42 Christy Potratz - Equestrian Leadership Lessons for Business

Christy Potratz is the CEO and co-founder of Potratz advertising. Their agency is focused on helping businesses get discovered using video, digital and social media marketing. In 2018, Potratz was named to the Entrepreneur Magazine’s top company cultures list. Christy is a passionate supporter and member of the Boys and Girls cCub of Schenectady, New York where she provides consulting and advertising direction. Christy spends her free time on her farm with her husband Paul where she leads equine leadership and team building workshops on her horse farm. During this episode, Cory and Christy discuss leadership with a twist. Learn about Christy’s leadership journey that ended with her working with horses. The early lessons that Christy learned made her a better leader in the end. Links: LinkedIn Potratzfarm.com Quote: “You can’t lead with just your mind and just your intelligence, and everything that you’ve read. There’s something else, you’re spirit and your emotions that you have to be connected to and if you’re not, then people around you feel it.” - Christy Potratz Time Stamps: 3:30 – Christy’s story – the evolution as a leader 8:58 – Early lessons Christy learned when her team moral was negative 16:27 - The progression of having a different perspective – moving into horses 22:42 – What Christy was missing 26:24 - Christy’s entrepreneurship moment - From hobby to real business 34:51 - Christy’s craziest entrepreneurship moment 37:36 – Rapid fire questions! Want more? Visit FearlessWithCory.com


8 Sep 2020

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