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When In Robes is the personal travel guide you've always wanted but didn't know you needed. Each week, pop culture expert and travel enthusiast, Carly Konsker, welcomes you into her hotel room as she strips down to her robe in search of the best chicken fingers room service has to offer. Sharing her honest reviews and unfiltered opinions on where to stay, what to eat, and how to make the most of your time off. From holiday hookups to airport war stories, nothing is off limits. So pack your bags and bring options because you never know where we're heading next.

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Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, CA

This week I’m traveling to Laguna Beach, California where I’m joined by travel enthusiast, blogger, educator, and Founder of We Are Travel Girls and Travel Girls Getaways, Becky Van Dijk. We’re giving you the ultimate travel guide to the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, CA while also learning about Becky’s career, extensive travels around the world, and her shocking fear. Becky also shares some life-changing travel tips based on her experiences of traveling the world. We’ll also be reviewing the chicken fingers at the hotel, and trust me, you won’t want to miss the shocking results during this week’s Strip Down.  Don’t forget to subscribe, rate us, and leave a review. Follow us on Instagram at the links below for more When In Robes action and exclusive clips!“As soon as you walk into the Montage Hotel you get that view of the pool and it honestly takes your breath away. ” - Carly Konsker Links: Follow the Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/wheninrobespod/Follow Carly: https://www.instagram.com/carlykonsker/Follow Becky: https://www.instagram.com/beckyvandijk/We Are Travel Girls: https://wearetravelgirls.com/Timestamps:·      00:00 Intro ·      00:42 Becky Van Dijk/We Are Travel Girls ·      2:37 The Montage Laguna Beach·      3:46 Hotel amenities·      5:32 What Sparked Becky’s Interest in Travel ·      8:15 Backpacking Tips·      9:45 Carry-on vs. Checked luggage·      12:20 Becky's favorite countries·      14:16 Becky's favorite Hotel·      15:28 Life in Bali·      17:51 What Becky looks for when curating trips·      20:19 Becky’s Bucket List ·      22:42 Travel disaster stories·      26:15 Top 3 travel influencers to follow·      28:08 Robing After Dark ·      33:30 In Robe Dining / The Strip Down·      34:54 Chicken finger rating·      36:15 Hotel Robe ·      37:36 Episode Wrap Up


16 Jun 2021

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Pendry in West Hollywood, CA

In this episode, I’m traveling to the brand new Pendry West Hollywood in West Hollywood, California. You won't want to miss learning about this stunning hot spot with two delicious restaurants and more amenities than you could ever imagine. Not to mention, the Pendry's chic rooftop pool, gorgeous lobby bar, and state-of-the-art gym and spa. I'll also be chatting about the famous LA landmark located right across the street from the hotel and discussing why this robe may beat out my favorite robe of all time. Located off Sunset Blvd., this hotel is surrounded by LA nightlife with bars, clubs, and comedy shows down the street. Tune in to discover my final score of the Pendry chicken fingers and see what made these tendies so special. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate us, and leave a review. Follow us on Instagram at the links below for more When In Robes action and exclusive clips!Timestamps:0:00 Intro0:26 The Pendry Hotel 0:50 The Pendry Robe1:40 Hotel room2:20 Small complaint 2:58 Hotel amenities3:37 Hotel restaurants5:12 Rooftop pool5:55 Whining about Wine  7:11 Spa & Gym8:30 Bar Pendry9:10 Hotel bathroom10:25 Hotel location10:40 The Comedy Store11:14 Bars on Sunset Blvd.12:45 In Robe Dining / The Strip Down 15:14 Official Chicken Finger Rating16:50 Episode Wrap UpLinks:Follow the Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/wheninrobespod/Follow Carly: https://www.instagram.com/carlykonsker/


9 Jun 2021

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Aspen to Paris Part 2

This week we're traveling from Aspen, Colorado to Paris, France! I'm joined by Tiffanie Davis, YouTuber and Founder of Tiffanie Davis LLC. Tiffanie is living out her dream of moving abroad and wants to help you do it too! She's a real-life "Emily in Paris" sharing her experience of moving to France, working in the beauty & fashion industry, and living in a foreign country without speaking the language. She's also discussing her favorite restaurants and must-see places in Paris. Tiffanie reveals what it's really like to date French men sharing her wild dating stories as an American living in Paris! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate us, and leave a review because you never know where we’re heading next. Follow us on Instagram at the links below for exclusive clips and more When In Robes!  “I had a mentor at the time who had told me: Tiffanie if you really wanna make it in the beauty or fashion industry you’ve got to get your MBA in France. And that’s honestly what led me to Paris."  - Tiffanie DavisTimestamps:·       0:00 Intro·       0:25 Special Guest - Tiffanie Davis·       1:12 Covid-19 in Paris·       2:26 Why Tiffanie moved to Paris·       3:18 Tiffanie's favorite travel destinations·       5:36 Airbnb vs Hotel·       6:21 Tiffanie's challenges when moving to Paris·       9:12 Dating in Paris·       9:32 Creepiest Dating App EVER·       10:17 Wild Dating Stories Abroad·       11:00 Dating in America vs Paris·       14:18 Emily in Paris·       16:03 Tiffanie's Bucket List·       17:31 Must follow travel influencer ·       18:00 Nightlife in Paris ·       18:58 Favorite restaurants in Paris  ·       20:03 Touristy and Non-Touristy spots in Paris ·       22:10 Is Tiffanie staying in Paris? ·       23:13 Family’s concerns about moving abroad·       24:28 Episode wrap upLinks:Follow the Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/wheninrobespod/Follow Carly: https://www.instagram.com/carlykonsker/Follow Tiffanie: https://www.instagram.com/itstiffaniedavis


2 Jun 2021

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Aspen to Paris Part 1

Did someone say Après Ski? In this episode, I’m bringing you into my hotel room at The St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado. Earlier this year, my cousin and I escaped to one of my favorite destinations to experience ski season in the middle of a pandemic because there is truly nothing better than spring skiing on the West Coast. We’re discussing where to eat, where to ski, and where to drink with the ultimate après ski guide to Aspen. Be sure to check out this week’s episode for the best insight before booking your next trip to the snow. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate us, and leave a review because you never know where we’re heading next! Follow us on Instagram at the links below for more When In Robes action and exclusive clips! “Aspen is one of my favorite places because of: one, the atmosphere. Two, the town is just so cute and so lively. And three, you get to snowboard and ski all day and then you get to drink all night long. What can be better than that?" - Carly Konsker Timestamps:0:00 Intro0:38 Snowboard Injury0:54 The St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, CO 1:14 The Hotel Room1:34 Why Aspen is a favorite 1:52 Hotel Robe Review  2:35 Amenities at the hotel 3:14 Covid protocols in Aspen4:14 Skiing vs. Snowboarding5:21 Other hotels in Aspen5:33 Why I love Snowmass 6:15 Robing After Dark 6:35 Favorite restaurants in Aspen 7:35 Favorite restaurant in Snowmass 8:08 Favorite bakery in Aspen 9:28 Après Ski Guide10:00 Introducing My Cousin 10:16 In Robe Dining / The Strip Down 13:43 French Fries Rating13:54 Chicken Finger Rating 15:37 Episode Wrap Up Links: Follow the Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/wheninrobespod/Follow Carly: https://www.instagram.com/carlykonsker/   


26 May 2021

Rank #4

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The Bowery Hotel in New York, NY

In this episode, I’m exploring The Bowery Hotel in New York City as I’m joined by luxury travel advisor and founder of Passport to Friday, Chelsea Martin! We’re discussing everything from her career in the travel industry to pandemic travel. Chelsea also chat about travel disaster stories, using dating apps while traveling, stealing from hotels, and so much more. We’ll also talk about nightlife and local bar scene in NYC, celebrities that frequent The Bowery Hotel, and of course the hotel robe! You won’t want to miss all our travel tips in this episode based on years of travel experience. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate us, and leave a review because you never know where we’re heading next! Follow us on Instagram at the links below for more When In Robes action and exclusive clips! “I feel like when I'm solo I rarely meet people, what I actually have been doing is getting on dating apps, and it's kind of nice because with Covid I think there isn't like pressure with it being like a hookup.” - Chelsea Martin Timestamps: ·      00:00 INTRO ·      00:54 Hotel Robe ·      2:25 Why Carly picked this hotel ·      3:52 Can people still travel?·      5:27 Getting sick abroad ·      7:27 Chelsea's favorite hotels ·      9:30 Why Chelsea got into the travel industry·      10:56 Chelsea’s secrets to a great trip·      11:43 Disastrous travel stories ·      16:05 Cruises·      17:20 Meeting people on trips / Dating Apps·      19:45 Crazy dating stories ·      21:51 Stealing from hotels ·      24:16 Travel influencer to follow·      25:30 Robing After Dark / Nightlife in NYC·      27:22 Chelsea's favorite bars in New York·      28:54 In Robe Dining / The Strip Down·      33:57 Chicken finger rating·      34:46 Austin, Texas·      37:08 Bars in Austin, TX·      38:06 Episode wrap up Links: Follow the Podcast:  https://www.instagram.com/wheninrobespod/Follow Carly:  https://www.instagram.com/carlykonsker/Follow Chelsea: https://www.instagram.com/passporttofriday/?hl=en   


19 May 2021

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The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, CA

Welcome to the very first episode of the podcast! In this episode, you're going to meet our host Carly Konsker and learn what this series is all about. She’s coming to you straight from the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California where she's reviewing every aspect of her stay from amenities, customer service, Covid-19 safety measures, and of course the chicken fingers. You'll learn all about Carly's favorite hotel robe of all time, her passion for travel, and her love of chicken tenders. You'll hear stories about Carly's crazy alcohol allergy and how it affects her social life while also learning about her view on travel why she believes in travelling at any budget! During her In Robe Dining segment, Carly will host The Strip Down, where she'll reveal her official chicken finger rating. Will the chicken fingers exceed her high standards or just be another disappointment? Carly will also chat about the nightlife in LA and recommend some of her favorite restaurants and go to hot spots for a guaranteed good time! Stay tuned as there’s plenty more to come and don't forget to subscribe, leave a review, and follow us on social for more When In Robes. Enjoy!“I know a lot of people think you have to spend a lot of money to travel. I love to save my money to travel. I think traveling is something that everyone should do, you can do it on any sort of budget"  - Carly KonskerTimestamps:●      0:21 Intro ●      1:15 The perfect robe●      2:27 Hotel Room at The Four Seasons●      3:21 Covid-19 safety measures●      3:47 The gym●      4:30 Sunday brunch●      5:14 The SPA●      5:38 Budgeting for travel●      6:10 Carly's preference for chicken tenders●      7:08 The Strip Down (chicken finger review) ●      8:10 Alcohol allergy and preferences●      9:46 Tasting●      11:40 The final rating●      13:34 Robing after dark●      15:08 LA Nightlife recommendation●      16:18 LA Restaurant recommendation●      16:58 Episode Wrap-upLinks:Follow the Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/wheninrobespod/Follow Carly: https://www.instagram.com/carlykonsker/


12 May 2021

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When In Robes with Carly Konsker Coming May 12th!

Get a sneak peek of When In Robes with Carly Konsker! Follow us on Instagram @wheninrobespod for all your travel inspo needs and exclusive episode footage. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss the premiere episode on May 12th! 


5 May 2021

Rank #7