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A show about relationships, the Fresh Start Family show is hosted by husband and wife team Terry and Wendy Snyder. Fresh Start Family is an online Positive Parenting company and community and this podcast tackles a range of topics and hosts that bring reality, hope, and a path to more peace in the home and world. Expand your heart, learn new tools, strengthen your family.

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FSFS 3: Self Control

In this episode, Wendy & Terry talk through self control and how it comes up in our kids and our adult lives. 3 tips for modeling and teaching self control to our kids are covered in the podcast.


13 Feb 2019

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Chrissy & Sam Powers: Parenting in Real Life

In this episode, Wendy & Terry host Chrissy Powers - Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist, Career Coach, Host of the Sure, Babe Podcast and her husband Sam - Builder, Surfer, and all around Rad Dad. This is a real life, real time look into a busy family's life and their struggles with the payoff from Wendy in the form of hope, practical tools, and support! https://freshstartfamilyonline.com/31

1hr 15mins

24 Oct 2019

Rank #2

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FSFS 22: Preventing Power Struggles at Home

In this episode, Wendy and Terry go through 3 ways to prevent power struggles. Tips include showing how your child is valuable to the family, the firm and kind process, and seeking to understand what's behind any misbehavior. Enjoy and remember to get supported with the Foundations Course which covers these concepts in detail. For more info head to the show notes page at www.FreshStartFamilyOnline.com/22


31 Jul 2019

Rank #3

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FSFS 23: Dissolving Power Struggles

"No I won't and you can't make me!" Wendy and Terry talk through ways to navigate Power Struggles once you are in them without resorting to Fear and Force. Enjoy and remember to get supported with the Foundations Course which covers these concepts in detail. For more info visit www.FreshStartFamilyOnline.com/23


15 Aug 2019

Rank #4

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FSFS 17: Redirecting Children's Behavior with Kathryn Kvols

In this episode, Wendy and Terry are joined by the author of Redirecting Children's Behavior, Kathryn Kvols. Her work has been a guiding light for Fresh Start Family and is one of the methods Wendy is certified to teach. Kathryn shares her experience in founding her work and looks at having grown kids and what the principles of Positive Parenting looks like over time. 


6 Jun 2019

Rank #5

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Influencing instead of Threatening

In this episode Wendy and Terry break down the very common practice of threatening as a Parenting tool in order to help listeners learn new tools that create connection. Ever find yourself pushed to your limit as a parent and all you have left is threats? Even worse, ever find yourself threatening and too exhausted to even follow through on your threats? We hear you and there's tools that can help you get away from needing threats in your role as a guide to your kids. http://freshstartfamilyonline.com/34


26 Nov 2019

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FSFS 12: Empowering the Power Kid

In this episode, Wendy and Terry draw upon personal testimony and years of coaching and growth when it comes to raising a "Power" kid. These types of kids are often the most challenging to handle when they are young but with the right tools, support and mindset around who they were designed to be in the long run can unlock a whole new way of looking at them. Positive Parenting coaching and making it a long-term lifestyle is credited to a whole new family dynamic in the Snyder home.


18 Apr 2019

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The difference between punishment and discipline

In this episode, Wendy covers 5 reasons why traditional punishment is detrimental for families & 5 reasons why every parent wants to step into learning to expand their compassionate, firm & kind discipline toolkit. www.freshstartfamilyonline.com/32


1 Nov 2019

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FSFS 9: The 4 Categories of Misbehavior

In this episode, Wendy goes through the four categories of misbehavior that helps parents learn how their child is trying to communicate. By recognizing how you as a parent feel during these events, you can identify what category the misbehavior falls in. Parents can then be at choice to redirect the behavior or create opportunities for their children to get what they are looking for and minimize the misbehavior. 


28 Mar 2019

Rank #9

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FSFS 4: Influencing others with Pam Dunn

In this episode we discuss how to influence others with special guest, Pam Dunn. Pam owns the transformative training and coaching company Your Infinite Life. Her classes have had a profound impact on us as individuals, the family unit and beyond.


21 Feb 2019

Rank #10

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Self Calming versus Time Outs

In this episode, Wendy and Terry discuss teaching and using Self Calming in the home. The common practice of time outs leaves out the opportunity to teach your kids (and parents) to have intrinsic control when their emotions kick in. This gives them a valuable life skill versus just a forced isolation. Enjoy the show! https://freshstartfamilyonline.com/36


20 Dec 2019

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FSFS 6: Handling Revenge Misbehavior with Integrity

In this episode, Wendy and Terry discuss how parents can recognize revenge misbehavior and ways they can handle themselves with integrity when responding. 


8 Mar 2019

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FSFS 18: Raising Athletes with Susie Walton

In this episode, Wendy and Terry talk with mentor, friend, and overall rad woman Susie Walton. Susie is an author, parenting and self-growth coach, and found Positive Parenting herself years ago when raising 4 boys that were all 6'8" tall. Yep, they all played basketball and Luke went on to play and coach in the NBA. Her take on raising athletes may surprise you...in a good way! Enjoy hearing her take on sports, kinesthetic kids, and her niece Gabi's refreshing perspective as an 18-year-old athlete.


14 Jun 2019

Rank #13

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7 Steps to Correct Misbehavior with Connection

Wendy & Terry talk with Redirecting Children's Behavior founder, Kathryn Kovls about compassionate discipline. 7 steps to guide kids up and out of misbehavior with integrity and connection are covered. This episode will fill you with lots of new ideas on how to work WITH your kids when they misbehave in ways that will have you feeling like a strong teacher & mentor when discipline is necessary. Show notes can be found at https://freshstartfamilyonline.com/39


22 Jan 2020

Rank #14

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FSFS 16: Take a break from Bribery & Rewards

In this episode Wendy and Terry discuss the paradigm shift from using external motivation like bribery and rewards to using encouraging internal motivation instead. Sometimes parents (W & T included) don't even realize that this is going on until you take a look at it from another perspective and look at your long term goals with your kids. To access all of the links & information discussed in today's show head to www.freshstartfamilyonline.com/16


30 May 2019

Rank #15

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FSFS 13: Finding Growth through Anger

In this episode, Terry and Wendy welcome Natalie and Mike Hixon. Natalie has dedicated her career towards helping women conquer issues with destructive anger. Essentially any anger that isn't serving you and is getting in the way of relationships in your home is destructive! Natalie shares her vulnerable testimony, how she has leaned on God and her self growth journey to now serving others in similar situations. It's a wonderful look into a family's journey towards a Fresh Start.  


24 Apr 2019

Rank #16

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FSFS 21: Making Parenthood a Partnership (Gender roles & working as a team)

Motherhood. Postpartum. Relationships. Guests Veronica and Sonnet's podcast: "Not your Mother's Podcast" tackles all of the unspoken issues of parenthood. In this episode we talk about gender roles in the house, changing times and we acknowledge the hard times and the shifts in society that are bringing a lot of hope into the family dynamic. Let's mix it up and talk honestly!


18 Jul 2019

Rank #17

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FSFS 14: The Power of Listening Intently to our Kids

Wendy & Terry talk about what happens when we slow down and fully listen to our kids to unlock empathy, creativity & effective problem-solving solutions.


10 May 2019

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FSFS 10: Makeups & Redos

In this episode, Wendy and Terry discuss the concept of makeups and redos as a way to repair relationships or bumps in the road. These tools are amazing ways to create a fresh start when mistakes happen beyond a forced 'sorry' or an unrelated punishment. Concepts and tools like these are gone over in detail in Fresh Start Family's Foundations Course.


4 Apr 2019

Rank #19

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FSFS 5: When your spouse isn't on board...yet

In this episode, we discuss how you can move forward when you are feeling alone in your parenting journey. Whether it's because your spouse isn't on board (yet), you are a single parent, or are just feeling resistance to new parenting techniques or self-growth - we want to support you!


28 Feb 2019

Rank #20