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Advice from Dr. Nathaniel Mainord of Optimal Health & Performance.Recognize early signs and symptoms. Improve your life by improving your overall health. Advice from Dr. Nathaniel Mainord of Optimal Health And Performance. Optimizing Your Health from Lite Rock 95.9.

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Omega 3

Today on Optimizing Your Health, Omega 3 is one of the essential supplements you need, not always found in your diet.Watching your diet for essential vitamins is something not everyone does, especially when it comes to what your body requires. Omega 3 is one of those essential supplements that you need but may not always get with a typical diet. In today's podcast we offer some tips in finding the right supplement to meet your Omega 3 needs, the benefits and the risks of leaving it out.Presented by Optimal Health & Performance


11 Jul 2018

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