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The UNSTOPPABLE with Kerwin Rae podcast is for anyone who wants to push through their limits and live up to their highest potential. I interview top specialists, enlightened gurus and strategic professionals to uncover what it takes to get your business, your performance, your relationships, your health and so much more to the next level, so you can become UNSTOPPABLE.

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Parenting hacks to raise happy kids | Justin Coulson

If you are a parent, I'm sure you'd agree you've been given one of the greatest gifts in life - but I know first hand that raising children isn't easy. On this episode of Unstoppable, I sit down with parenting expert, academic, and highly sought after keynote speaker, Dr. Justin Coulson. He is the go-to on parenting expert for shows such as; The Project, the TODAY show, and Sydney's Daily Telegraph just to name a few. This is an episode that you cannot miss. Dr. Justin's insights of discipline, parenting styles, and divorce will change your outlook on your family. Timestamps: 8:58 Why you're always going to get parenting wrong, and what to do about it 17:52 A 3 step guide to effective discipline that changes behaviour 40:56 Stop screaming at your child! 52:16 How to work through a divorce in a healthy way that wont harm your child

1hr 4mins

24 Feb 2019

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