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What's it like being a twenty-something-year old woman in the beautifully corrupt and mediocre island of Puerto Rico? You ask, I, Fianeli (@fi.alvarado), answer. Agridulce is a safe space for the outspoken, the confused, and the empowered (like myself, definitely). Through this space I speak about the beauty behind the madness, love, loss, the highs, the lows (the "Agridulce", if you may), from a female perspective. Follow me on the beautifully chaotic, messy journey full of mistakes that leads to self-realization, goal achieving, and growth.

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Women staying vocal

On this episode, I stray away from the housewarming episodes and dive deeper into domestic violence and sexual harassment towards women in the island.


17 Dec 2018

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The importance of forgiving yourself

Back from my hiatus with a friendly reminder that sometimes in order to be happy, we just have to accept our faults and find ways to better ourselves with every coming day. Approval and validation of others is not essential to our happiness. To move on is to grow. Keep track of Agridulce on instagram @agridulce.podcast and follow me to keep track of all my crazy whereabouts @fi.alvarado


29 Mar 2019

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Making tough decisions is a MUST

i’m back after an almost 6 month long hiatus. in this episode, I overshare a bit about the things i’ve had to go through the time i’ve been m.i.a. and how the decisions of quitting my job and sacrificing classes has weighed out and given results. I explore the thought of evaluating myself in order to overcome current obstacles and further reach my goals and speak about trying to acquire new skills that are out of my comfort zone


18 Dec 2019

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it’s okay to not be okay

Things have been a whirlwind of emotions this past month, and in this episode, i’m kicking it back with what to do, how to feel, and when you just gotta bounce back even if things are not going as you planned them. All is temporary and things will eventually be okay. Trust the timing.


22 May 2019

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The tea? spilled

This fourth episode explores my personal life and adversities. A short (and bitter) anecdote of my experience as an entrepreneur. Friendship, loss, and perseverance through obstacles.


21 Dec 2018

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