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The Hashish Inn is a podcast that focuses on interviewing hash makers, discussing hash-making, techniques, cannabis genetics and more.

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Brandon from Moonshine Melts (Mendocino, CA)

In this interview we talk to Brandon from 3rd Gen Family Farms & Moonshine Melts based out of Mendocino, CA.  We talk about the current state of the cannabis industry in California, vape pens and the increasing importance of brand recognition.  We also discuss his ability to translate years of exposure to a vast amount of cannabis genetics, towards breeding his own award winning genetic lines geared towards hash making. Other topics we discuss are his competitive spirit, the history of the Zkittles cannabis genetics & a ton more!

1hr 40mins

4 Nov 2019

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Adam @simp.lee.adam (Arcata, CA)

In this interview we talk to Adam - aka @simp.lee.adam, creator of the Ice Wax Donuts based out of Arcata, CA.   We discuss Adam's hash trajectory, from experiencing hashish in West Virginia for the first time to developing his craft in Humboldt, CA over the last eight years.  We touch on many subjects, including micro-planing, air drying resin, tools of the craft, farming, Biovortex & coffee... lots of coffee and the cannabis cultivar Banana OG.  

2hr 31mins

7 Oct 2019

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Flynn from Wooksauce Winery & Fully Melted California (Sonoma, CA)

In this interview we talk to Flynn from Wooksauce Winery & Fully Melted CA based out of Sonoma, CA.   Flynn talks to us about going from Minnesota to Washington State for college, while learning the craft of growing cannabis specifically for hash-making.  We discuss his transition from his single-source brand Wooksauce Winery to his new venture with Fully Melted CA - where he faces the challenges of running a profitable hash company in the uncertain regulated California cannabis market. We also talk about properly drying hash with freeze driers, the benefits of using fresh frozen material, his working relationship with Blue River Terps and a lot more!

2hr 4mins

3 Dec 2019

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Todd from Resin Ranch Extraction (Sebastopol, CA)

In this interview we talk to Todd from Resin Ranch Extraction and discuss his evolution as a grower and hash-maker, beginning in Wisconsin; we also discuss what it takes to dry-sift, water hash techniques, The Mendo Hideout, 24K genetics by DNA Genetics and legalization of recreational cannabis in California (Prop. 64)


10 Jun 2019

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Danny & Pepe from Ogre Farms (Los Angeles, CA)

In this interview we talk to Danny & Pepe from Ogre Farms based out of Los Angeles, CA. We discuss their friendship, partnership and how it has informed their indoor living soil cannabis garden. We talk freeze-driers, hash labeling & DEM Pure certifications via DragonFly Earth Medicine - as well as taking a deeper look into the meaning of the term "organic" in regards to cannabis fertilizers and growing. DISCLAIMER:  Sound quality and levels are not up to normal standards; there are a few "rough" spots.  An error in recording was the cause, my apologies to the listeners.

1hr 58mins

9 Sep 2019

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Sam from Mile High Melts (Boulder, CO)

In this interview we talk to Sam from Mile High Melts. We talk about his time with Essential Extracts, his knack for experimentation, the evolution of rosin, as well as the local Colorado solventless scene & the recent decriminalization of psilocybin ("magic mushrooms") in the Denver area.

2hr 23mins

8 Jul 2019

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Jibs from Trichome Heavy Extracts (Orange County, CA)

In this interview we talk to Jibs from Trichome Heavy Extracts. We discuss his hash-making history, his take on hash making, and his prior partnership with Ken Wall in Denver, CO. We also discuss trichomes - including their size, maturity, and structure, and talk about how genetics are now being developed to further the commercial viability of hash making.  

1hr 26mins

12 Aug 2019

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Luis from F/ELD Extracts (San Francisco, CA)

In this interview with Luis from F/ELD Extracts we discuss his experience with F/ELD & their award winning work - including their collaboration with STR8ORGANICS & the STR8Papaya.  We also discuss his love for trying different brands of hash-makers, his take on hash-making and consuming, his love of food, travel and much more.

1hr 41mins

15 May 2019

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Brandon & Amanda from The Garden of Grease (S. Oregon)

In this interview with Brandon and Amanda from The Garden of Grease in southern Oregon, we discuss re-generative farming practices, cannabis genetics, hash plants, hash making and a variety of other subjects.

1hr 3mins

1 Apr 2019

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Jennifer aka JennDoe420 (Oregon)

In this interview we talk with Jennifer Hendricks, aka JennDoe420.  We discuss Jennifer's early exposure to cannabis in Utah via her parents and how that influenced her to take a different approach with her children when educating them about cannabis.  We dive into her move from Utah to Washington state and her evolution as a cannabis grower, why she got into making water hash, and much more! Thank you to our SPONSORS:  LOWTEMP PLATES & ROSIN EVOLUTION USE CODE: THI to save 5% off with either sponsor  HUGE thank you to our PATREON COMMUNITY for their continued support & allowing us to keep producing what we hope are valuable conversations!

1hr 55mins

11 May 2020

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