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Great, another parenting podcast...HARD PASS!Not so fast. This isn't an advice podcast with a panel of experts. If you learn anything from us, it will be that you are just one of many, in the drudges of parenthood, living by the rule, "Fake it, till you make it."Each week, on Bourbon and Babies, we tackle a new category of kid-related shenanigans by sharing ridiculous stories from our life and yours. So break out the bourbon and join us as we have a little fun at the expense of ourselves and our kids.Find us on social media to join the conversation. We can't wait to hear from you.Instagram- BourbonandBabiesPodcasthttps://www.instagram.com/bourbonandbabiespodcast/?hl=enFacebook- Bourbon and Babies Podcasthttps://www.facebook.com/Bourbon-Babies-226830837941379/

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Mean Mommy

Are you that mom that screams at your kid in public?  The mom who doesn't let your kid do whatever they want and eat only sugar and watch TV till the wee hours of the night?  If so, have you asked yourself if you're ready to accept the title of "Mean Mommy?"  And...is that a bad thing?  Join us as we share our favorite mean mommy moments.   This episode features our special guest host, Kat, a self-proclaimed, "Mean Mommy".  


16 Sep 2018

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The Fight For Education

*This is a special edition of Bourbon and Babies, dedicated to the support of all the amazing teachers in Kentucky. The state of Kentucky is finding itself trapped in a fight over the future of public education.  As teachers are swarming Frankfort, creating sick-outs which are closing our schools, many parents are feeling the inconvenience and getting angry, and rightfully so.  Our kids should be in school! This is a shared sentiment by many, but most do not understand the facts and reasoning behind these sick-outs and why it is imperative that teachers and parents alike band together to help sustain or elevate the state of public education.  This episode will help shed light on the issues at hand and hopefully help everyone to understand just what teachers are fighting for and what is at stake if we lose.


14 Mar 2019

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New Parents vs. "Old Pros"

What did you think you knew about being a parent before actually becoming a parent?  Join 2 first time parents and your hosts, second time parents, as we discuss the things we wish we knew or wish we'd ignored the first time around.  This week's episode features special guests Wayne and Michelle Price as we discuss our views on parenting and what we need to survive the rearing of our offspring. Some discussed resources include: Marco Polo, Qeepsake, The Shit No One Tells You The Official Guide to Dysfunctional Parenting


22 Sep 2018

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Oh no, my kid just called that man "black".  What do I do?  Don't worry, we've got you covered.  Join us as we talk with Anne and Kofi Darku about Race and how to approach the topic with your own kids.  What is a micro aggression?  Have you heard of white fragility?  How about code switching?  Learn about this and so much more as we dive into the important topic of race.


25 Feb 2019

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The Birds and the Bees

Is it time to have "The Talk"? Awesome! Quick, run for the hills!  Every parent dreads the day they need to sit down and discuss "The Birds and the Bees" with their little darling.  But, where do you start and what do you say?  Join us as we discuss our own experiences both growing up and through parenting around the topic of sex.  And, realize how amazing it is that we didn't have to grow up with the internet.  Oy...our kids are doomed! 


17 Feb 2019

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Crazy Pregnant Ladies

Pregnant ladies can sometimes be a little...extra.  Let's face it, with all those hormones, it may be a bit beyond their control.  Whether it's the stress of baby showers or gender reveal parties, there is a lot on expecting mother's plates.  Join us as we recount some of our favorite pregnant moments.


5 Nov 2018

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Kids Are Gross!

Let's face it, kids are gross!  Join us as we discuss some of the most disgusting moments, we and our listeners, have struggled through while raising our children.  We hope you have strong stomach!  You will definitely need a bourbon for this one. Bourbon and Babies: Straight Up Parenting...On the Rocks! Dads Gag While Changing Diapers


1 Oct 2018

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Have you seen the story about that cool mom who had a gender reveal photo shoot for her 20 year old son when he came out as trans?  We we have them in our bourbon and babies studio to discuss gender identifiers, how to talk about gender, and how to be accepting of our kids and friends in the transgender community.  Plus Heather and Adrian get to share their amazing story with our listeners.  This is a relevant episode you do not want to miss.


3 Mar 2019

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Mom and Dad Were Just Wrestling...Naked

Download this episode here. "Why didn't you lock the door?!"  "Why is our kid in here, and how messed up are they going to be after seeing us mid-coitus?" Yup, that just happened! It appears to be a right of passage that all parents dread. Join us as we recount our awkward experience and some of our friend's unfortunate happenings.  How did we deal with the situation and what should we have done differently? Plus, learn about Ballotin's Chocolate Old Fashion, our delicious cocktail of the week. This episode's Pop Culture References: American Pie Away We Go WebMD Proof that the first Olympics were, in fact, played in the nude. Need help having the talk with your kids? We recommend this book: Where did I come from? by Peter Mayle Join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram @bourbonandbabiespodcast Visit our website for episodes, recipes and more: www.bourbonandbabiespodcast.com


21 Oct 2018

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This episode is dedicated to all those parent entrepreneurs out there managing to keep both their kids and their dreams alive.  Join us as we visit the owners of Holsopple Brewing Company, in Louisville, KY, and talk about brewing, beer, and the parenting challenges around creating and maintaining your own thriving business. Holsopple Brewing Co. Holsopple Facebook Dr. Stuart Williams


18 Nov 2018

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