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The Idiots Podcast is not the place to get your daily dose of information. Hosts Bob, Steve, Italian Joe, and JC, though they will likely waste your time, will certainly bring a smile to your face. Topics range from politics (because Bob is boring) to stories about flesh eating viruses out of the UK (Steve's fave place for info)JC is witty and very astute, while Italian Joe never ceases to amaze us with his lame, repetitive comebacks. We're not even sure why he is on the show, but he does, as he will remind us over and over, have a special Idiots Podcast t-shirt with his face on it!

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Biden-Cortez 2020! Idiots Podcast Episode 39

Steve and Joe decided to fly solo this week. Spring break has everyone slacking off.  Enjoy. 


26 Apr 2019

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