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Rippercast- Your Podcast on the Jack the Ripper murders

Listen in as Jonathan Menges, joined by a roundtable of co-hosts and special guests discuss topics related to the Whitechapel Murders, Jack the Ripper, Victorian British history, and whatever else suits their fancy. This free and loose discussion is sure to interest everyone involved in the 120 year long hunt for 'Jack the Ripper'

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Long Island Serial Killer: The Shannan Gilbert Autopsy Report

Rippercast welcomes researcher Robert Anderson to further discuss the Long Island Serial Killer case, this time bringing to our listeners new information that is contained in as-yet unreleased Suffolk County Medical Examiner's report on the death of Shannan Gilbert. As an added bonus following the main one-on-one interview we include another conversation Mr. Anderson was able to have with Forensic Crime Scene expert Dr. Charles Tumosa.

2hr 2mins

21 Aug 2016

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The Life and Death of Mary Jane Kelly: Part 1

This episode of Rippercast commemorates the 120th anniversary of the death of Mary Jane Kelly. Part one of a two part podcast. Listen in as Paul Begg, Chris Scott, Robert McLaughlin, Gareth Williams and Ben Holme join Jonathan Menges in a discussion of this most famous, and most elusive, of 'Jack the Ripper's' victims. Topics include researching Mary Jane Kelly in the census records in both England and Wales, and scrutinizing the biography of Mary Kelly as it was told by Joseph Barnett and others.

1hr 35mins

10 Nov 2008

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Kosminski Was The Suspect

This episode is a discussion of contemporary police suspect 'Kosminski;. Listen in as special guest researcher and author Rob House joins the podcast for a detailed look into the Polish Jew's candidacy for the title of Jack the Ripper and the events of Aaron Kosminski's life. Also featuring Paul Begg, Chris Scott, Robert McLaughlin, Ally Ryder and Jonathan Menges

1hr 50mins

23 Sep 2008

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Jack the Ripper Suspects: A Conversation with Paul Williams

Rippercast is pleased to welcome to the show Paul Williams, the author of the book 'Jack the Ripper Suspects: The Definitive Guide and Encyclopedia'. Joining us for this round table discussion is also authors Paul Begg and Neil R.A. Bell.

1hr 8mins

14 Apr 2018

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Oh, Dear Boss: The Ripper Had All The Luck

This episode of 'Oh, Dear Boss' is a wide-ranging conversation that includes topics such as the Double Event, Goulston Street Graffito, the Seaside Home identification, Robert Anderson, Henry Smith, and the pluses and minuses in the suspect candidacy of Charles Le Grand. With Tom Wescott, John Malcolm, Robert McLaughlin, Jon Rees, Ally Ryder and Jonathan Menges

1hr 44mins

24 Jun 2018

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An Incident at Oak Beach: Ripperologists look at LISK

Listen in as Robert Anderson presents Team Syphilis' examination of the Long Island Serial Killer case, followed by a 25 minute conversation about LISK with Prof. Charles Tumosa, a renowned forensic crime scene expert. Team Syphilis for this outing is Robert Anderson, Mark Ripper, Livia Trivia, Peter Whitby, Katja Nieder, Trevor Bond, Jon Lee Rees and Mike Flores. From Baltimore's 2016 Rippercon: Jack the Ripper and True Crime Conference.The slide show that accompanied Team Syph's talk can be downloaded here

1hr 51mins

22 May 2016

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Further Adventures in Ripperology-with Dr. Drew Gray

Paul Begg and Jonathan Menges welcome Dr. Drew Gray to the show to further discuss topics addressed in Drew's 2019 Whitechapel Society-East End Conference talk concerning Ripperology and the Academe.

1hr 29mins

26 Oct 2019

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Watching the Detectives

This episode of Rippercast surveys the history of the Whitechapel Murders in documentaries. Listen in as Jonathan Menges and Mike Covell, joined by special guest, author Philip Hutchinson, discuss Jack the Ripper documentaries on video, DVD and television from 1959 to the present day.

1hr 16mins

28 Jul 2008

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Tumblety: The Hidden Truth

Tumblety: The Hidden Truth interviews author Michael Hawley and researcher Brian Young about the contents of over 600 pages of Saint Louis County legal documents that have been recently discovered which for the first time describes Tumblety traveling with a collection of surgical knives as well as containing further evidence of Francis Tumblety's hatred of women, particularly prostitutes. Plus, the startling sworn depositions from these early 20th century documents that reveal Tumblety was born with a sexual development disorder that classified him as a hermaphrodite.

1hr 39mins

15 May 2017

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Another Fiendish Crime: The Murder of Annie Chapman

Episode #41 covers the life and death of Annie Chapman, who is considered the second canonical victim of 'Jack the Ripper'. Listen in as the panelists discuss the discrepancies between the witness testimonies and the attending doctor's estimated time of death, and also hear their opinions on the medical knowledge of the murderer, and how long it would have taken him to commit this crime. We also contrast the Chapman murder with others in this series, as well as discuss the effect this murder had on Chapman's family, both immediately after the murder and through subsequent generations. With Chris Scott, John Bennett, Gareth Williams, Ben Holme and Ally Ryder.

1hr 23mins

2 Mar 2009

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Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Mick Priestley: Jack the Ripper- A Modern Day Investigation

Rippercast is pleased to bring to you the February 2017 guest speaker from the meeting of the Whitechapel Society 1888. Mick Priestley is the author of the newly released book 'One Autumn in Whitechapel' and his talk is entitled 'Jack the Ripper: A Modern Day Investigation'.The slides that accompanied Mick's talk can be downloaded here.M. P. Priestley's book is available to purchase at www.ripperworld.netwww.whitechapelsociety.com

1hr 21mins

13 Feb 2017

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The Ripper Scribes

This episode is a conversation featuring authors Martin Fido and Paul Begg. Author and researcher Chris Scott sits in as well as Prof. Lavaughn Towell. The discussion centers on Fido, Begg and Skinner's work on the updated book 'Jack the Ripper A-Z', and some challenges faced by authors and researchers when working on the Whitechapel murders. Ally Ryder, Robert McLaughlin, Mike Covell and Jonathan Menges co-host.

1hr 47mins

30 Jun 2008

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Whitechapel Society presents Jo Vigor-Mungovin on Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man

We are pleased to bring to you the April 2019 speaker at the Whitechapel Society 1888. Jo Vigor-Mungovin is one of the world's leading experts on the life and times of Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man.She is the author of the excellent book 'Joseph: The Life, Times and Places of the Elephant Man' which can be purchased by visiting Mango Books. www.mangobooks.co.uk Also available on Amazon.For more information about the Whitechapel Society please visit www.whitechapelsociety.com


7 Apr 2019

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Re-Investigating The Ripper: A Conversation with Trevor Marriott

Rippercast welcomes to the podcast Trevor Marriott, author of the books Jack the Ripper- The 21st Century Investigation and The Evil Within- The World's Worst Serial Kilers. Listen in as we discuss with Mr. Marriott the possibility that the Ripper was a merchant seaman, and he provides details about his suspect for the Whitechapel Murders, Carl Feigenbaum. We also discuss with Trevor some of the more controversial aspects of his theories that claim to correct misconceptions that have surround the case.

1hr 39mins

15 Dec 2008

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Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man

Episode 63 welcomes Friends of Joseph Carey Merrick Chairperson and founder Jeanette Sitton to the show, along with historical researchers Philip Hutchinson and Neil Bell, to discuss the life and times of an individual that was perhaps the most famous resident of the East End of London during the time frame of the Whitechapel Murders: Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man.Jeanette Sitton is also the co-author with Mae Stroshane of the essential Merrick biography 'Measured By The Soul'.Philip Hutchinson is the playwright and co-star of the Lucky Dog Theatre Production's play 'Mr. Merrick, The Elephant Man'.Neil R. A. Bell is the author of 'Capturing Jack the Ripper: In the Boots of a Bobby in Victorian London' as well as being responsible, along with Adam Wood, for the reissue of 'Howard Vincent's Police Code 1889'.This interview was conducted by Jonathan Menges.

2hr 45mins

25 Jul 2015

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Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Chris Jones: Bruce & Florence: Busting the Conspiracy

We are pleased to be able to bring to you the guest speaker for the February meeting of the Whitechapel Society 1888-Chris Jones with 'Bruce & Florence: Busting the Conspiracy', in which Chris gives us his take of the Bruce Robinson book 'They All Love Jack' and takes questions from the audience. Chris Jones is the author of the Maybrick A-Z and manages the website jamesmaybrick.org.www.whitechapelsociety.com

1hr 20mins

8 Feb 2016

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Oh, Dear Boss: 20 Sept. 2015

On this 'Oh, Dear Boss' mini-podcast, listen in as Iain Wilson, Trevor Bond and Jon Rees join host Jonathan Menges in a discussion of the Kray's movie 'Legend'; upcoming book releases, Jon Rees' play 'The Murders and Mystery of Jack the Ripper' and the 'Jack the Ripper' addition to the video game 'Assassin's Creed: Syndicate'.


27 Sep 2015

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18882016-John Malcolm: Sir Robert's Revelation-A Definitely Ascertained Fact or Another Dead End?

Rippercast is pleased to bring to you author John Malcolm's talk from the 18882016 gathering at the White Hart Pub in the East End of London, 5 & 6 November, 2016. His presentation is entitled 'Sir Robert's Revelation: A Definitely Ascertained Fact or Another Dead End?' Mr. Malcolm examines the history of Sir Robert Anderson's numerous comments that the identity of Jack the Ripper was known, that he was a Polish Jew, and caged in an asylum. The Whitechapel Murders of 1888: A Subjective Look into the Mystery and Manipulation of a Victorian Tragedy can be read in it's entirety hereA PDF version of the slideshow can be downloaded here.Episode artwork by Andrew Firth


15 Nov 2016

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Ripper Confidential: One on one with Tom Wescott- Part 1

Rippercast is pleased to welcome back author Tom Wescott to discuss his new book 'Ripper Confidential: New Research on the Whitechapel Murders'. In this episode we discuss the murder of Mary Ann Nichols on the 31st of August, 1888. Part one of a two part interview.

1hr 3mins

9 May 2017

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They say I'm a doctor now. Ha ha.

Episode 67 of Rippercast welcomes Dr. Mark Curbishley taking part in a discussion of the possibility that the murderer of any one of the "Canonical" five victims may have had some type of surgical skill or training. In the later part of the show we address the worthiness of, and moral and ethical issues surrounding the human organ experiments conducted by author Trevor Marriott while researching his 2008 book 'The Evil Within'.With Jon Lee Rees, Jonathan Menges, Iain Wilson, Gareth Williams, Ally Ryder and Mark Ripper.Hosted by Trevor Bond.

1hr 58mins

1 Nov 2015

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