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AUDIONOOK is a podcast based in New York City devoted to conversations about all aspects of the voice over and audio business. Each episode is hosted by Stephen Bel Davies and produced and edited by Rohan Audio.

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Episode 5 - Suzanne Toren gives advice on how to narrate an audiobook

Suzanne Toren and Stephen Bel Davies talk shop about the art of narration


20 Apr 2016

Rank #1

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Episode 4 - NY Times bestselling author JA Redmerski talks about her life and work

Stephen Bel Davies and JA Redmerski discuss their collaboration on her modern fantasy DIRTY EDEN and her beginnings as a writer


31 Jan 2016

Rank #2

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Episode 3 - Chris Kipiniak discusses his new comic book series BEHEMOTH

Narrator and writer Chris Kipiniak discusses his career in narration and his comic book series BEHEMOTH


7 Jan 2016

Rank #3

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Episode 2 - Jeffrey Toobin revisits the OJ Simpson trial

On the 20th anniversary of the OJ Simpson trial, Jeffrey Toobin revisits his coverage of the event and talks about the new television series based on his book THE RUN OF HIS LIFE: THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON


7 Jan 2016

Rank #4

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Episode 1 - A conversation with Gabra Zackman

On our very first episode we chat with author and narrator Gabra Zackman about her series THE BOD SQUAD and her career as an audiobook narrator 


7 Jan 2016

Rank #5