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DCS Talks, is a podcast production of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. The intention of DCS Talks is to promote dialogue among child welfare professionals, foster parents and the entire community about ways to prevent child abuse and neglect.

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DCS Talks about the Special Investigations Unit with program leader, Jacquie Schultz

Jacquie Schultz  is the Statewide Child Protective Services Director in the Office of Child Safety. Ms. Shultz is director over the Special Investigations Unit or (SIU). SIU conducts investigations when the abuse or neglect involves children who are in foster care as well as those who are not in the legal custody of DCS but they are under the supervision or care of an individual(s)functioning in an official employment or volunteer capacity within some places such as, Detention and Youth Development Center (YDC) facilities, Licensed foster homes, Licensed day care/childcare agencies, Unlicensed daycare facilities, Schools, Religious organizations, Youth groups and others.


15 Dec 2021

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DCS Talks about Adoption Month in November and Teen Adoption

Learn more about Adoption Month and hear an interview with an adoptive parent about teen adoptions!


22 Nov 2021

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DCS Talks Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Child Welfare with Director, Rebecca Bevans

DCS Talks with Rebecca Bevans who is the Director of Training and Program Development in the Office of Child Safety at the Department of Children’s Services. The Office of Child Safety and its investigators train for and carry out the work of investigations, and they often coordinate their work with law enforcement, child advocacy centers and prosecutors. This division also supports the preservation of families and one way they incorporate that into their practice is through taking a deep look at recurring issues families face and take action in the way we approach our work. In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, we have asked Ms. Bevans to discuss the work the department is involved in around addressing domestic violence and how it intersects with child welfare.


14 Oct 2021

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DCS Talks about the Legislative Process and DCS with Pierce Beckham and Drew Wright

In this edition of DCS Talks we would like to learn more about the legislative process and new laws are integrated into DCS policy and practice. We will discuss a few of the new laws that started in July of 2021 that impact DCS. 


28 Sep 2021

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DCS Talks About the Non-Custodial Prevention Services Program

In this edition of DCS Talsk, we interview Shay Jones the lead specialist of the TNDCS Non-Custodial Prevention Services program and this DCS program is established to provide resources for families to prevent children and youth coming into care. The focus on connecting families with prevention services not only aligns with research around permanency, but also supports the implementation of new federal legislation, Families First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA).


27 Aug 2021

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DCS Talks About ChildStat

DCS Talks about ChildStat which is a collaborative process for data collection and reporting. ChildStat uses a case conferencing model where one case is seen as an opportunity to critically analyze practice, policy, and procedures from a systems perspective. It helps to identify specifically what steps can be taken to enhance practice and promote safety and permanency. 


1 Jun 2021

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DCS Talks About Family First Prevention Services Act

The Family First Prevention Act (FFPSA) was passed by Congress in 2018 as part of the bi-artisan spending bill.  FFPSA encourages child welfare agencies to join together with community partners to envision a new way of working together and supporting families.


13 Apr 2021

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DCS Talks About the Importance of Adoption as a Permanency Option

Join the DCS Assistant Commissioner of Administration, Julie Rotella to learn about the importance of adoption as a permanency option for children who are in full guardianship in Tennessee. Ms. Rotella interviews DCS child welfare professionals and adoptive parents who share success stories and positive outcomes for children who have found forever families. 


29 Mar 2021

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DCS Talks to TN Customer Focused Government about the helpful new app MyTN

In this edition of DCS Talks we speak with Mr. Roger Waynick who is a management consultant at the State of Tennessee in the Office of Customer Focused Government and Mr. Ben Lackner who serves as the Governor’s Management Fellow for the State of Tennessee about a new resource for ALL the citizens of Tennessee! No matter if you are a foster parent, a DCS employee, a private provider or member of the community, MyTN is a one stop location for many resources Tennesseans can find helpful! MyTN is a mobile application that can be uploaded onto our phones or tablets. MyTN provides personalized delivery of services that may be accessed 24/7 through the use of technology! Some of the services that may be used on the app are to apply for unemployment benefits, report child abuse, support for COVID-19 related concerns, locating child care, foster parent verification portal, a link to kidcentral tn and many other services!!


25 Mar 2021

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DCS Talks About Social Work Month

DCS Talks podcaster and director, Kate Greer interviews professional social workers that work at the Department of Children's Services in honor of Social Worker Month. Social Work Month in March is a time to celebrate the great profession of social work.  According to the National Association of Social Work, "As practitioners, social workers are trained to help people address personal and systemic barriers to optimal living. They are employed to effect positive change with individuals, families, groups and entire communities." The theme for Social Work Month 2021 is Social Workers Are Essential.


18 Mar 2021

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