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Welcome to the Sayeret lambda group monthly podcast, covering programming language news, commentary and interviews with Lambda speakers!The podcast is hosted by Ronen Narkis and Yardena Meymann.The podcast is in Hebrew, interviews will be usually in English

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Overview This is our tenth episode! in it we cover: An interview with Richard Feldman about Elm: Make the Back-End Team Jealous: Elm in Production Elm CSS json-to-elm In what we did section we cover: Ronen re-wrote Celestial Web UI in Elm Yardena used Akka Streams and Http In the news we covered: CuTer tool Akka Steams and Http. Kafka 0.9 Typesafe renamen to Lightbend Scalapeno 2016

2 Apr 2015

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Overview This is our ninth episode! in it we cover: An interview with Jose Valim about Elixir. In what we did section we cover: Yardena mentioned the Micro-services architecture, she also gave a talk at reversim about Scala and Akka. Yardena used SBT to package docker instances of Spark and Play. Ronen released Celestial publicly. Octo a tiny Elixir project for backing up github. Puppet Backup module and Opskeleton testing support were mentioned also. In the news we covered: Docker and Go presentation. Clojure slow startup analysis. Clojure web security sucks. Can Java 8 replace Scala. Akka 2.3. Dotty Scala 3.0.

31 Mar 2014

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Overview This is our seventh episode! in it we cover: Interview with Damien Katz CTO of couchbase database company and creator of the Couchdb project. In what we did section we cover: Yardena developed a library for monitoring procceses using Akka, she also migrated to git with her team using gitflow and considered gerrit for code reviews but decided on reviewboard. Ronen gave a talk about Vagrant and opskeleton,He also worked with virtualenv in python land and used swagger to document some API's, carmine is a redis library that he contributed code to. In the news we covered: Prismatic released plumbing. Language expressiveness survey. New round of Coursera’s functional programming in scala is starting, a study group in LivePerson, underscore-il group. Slick 1.0 is out (LINQ for Scala). Datomisca - Scala API for Datomic.

28 Feb 2013

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OverviewThis is our forth episode! in it we cover: Interview with Gil Tene from Azul systems about GC. In what we did section we cover: Yardena used Cloud Foundry and VMC.Ronen used cloudsearch and released Cloujsearch, swiss arrows and criterium were mentioned too. In the news we covered: Groovy 2.0, Joxa, project Jigsaw delayed.Open source Architecture Nginx chapter.Akka eventsource library.

18 Aug 2012

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OverviewThis is our third episode! in it we cover: Interview with Andery Breslav from jetbrains about Kotlin In what we did section we cover: Amazon EMR, clojure hadoop for writing jobs and lemur for launching and configuring jobs, fog for ec2 scripting.Yardena Scala ILtech talk In the news we covered: Akka 2.2 roadmap.hash32Dart start web server.Ruby under microscope ebook.Gilad notes on SCMluvit

5 Jul 2012

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OverviewThis is our second episode! in it we cover: Interview with Gilad Bracha of Google about Dart, his ideas about programming languages and types in particular, Gilad mentioned Strongtalk and Newspeak. In the news we covered: Clojure 1.4, light table, Lang.NEXT and Ruby GC talk. Reversim (an awesome podcast) hosted Ido Green about Dart from the users perspective, grab it here.

13 May 2012

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Lambdapod introduction

Overview This is our first episode! in it we cover: Introduction and why Lambda pod has a right to exist. Whats kept us busy: Yardena talked about her first Groovy experience and using Easyb, Ronen mentioned Gelfino and the s-exp to l-exp compiler. Interview with Iulian Dragos of Typesafe about Scala, it IDE support and the community in general. Our impressions of the Edge Java conference, meeting Tim Berglund and Ronen's work on Liquibase Dsl and Gradle plugin, Yardena impression of time travel debugger and meeting Iulian. datomic is out, uses datalog as query language, has a unique approach to data persistency and caching. Scala macros controversy and Odersky’s response Golang first version out, the next sayeret talk will be on Golang, Dart will follow.

13 Apr 2012

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