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Ben and Zach review the week that was in the NBA, including looking at key fantasy matchups, diving into what's hot in NBA Twitter, and much more.

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NBA Christmas talk, Ben Simmons is a bigger Rajon Rondo, and we believe in the Miami Heat

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah! In our holiday-themed episode, we talk about which teams are on the nice and naughty list (1:31), our Hannukah teams that have done better than expected (14:53) and what gifts NBA fans want for their teams (19:20). We also look at the increased long three-pointers (22:21). And our look at NBA Twitter includes Christmas jerseys and picking on Ben Simmons (34:06).

23 Dec 2019

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Teams and players we're worried about, should the tanking begin?, and Scottie Pippen says he can get 40 in today's NBA

In this episode, we talk about teams and players we're worried about (2:15), NBA teams in Mexico, and Luka Doncic's injury (18:27), we also talk tanking (25:38). We finish by looking at NBA Twitter and Scottie Pippen's statement that he would get 40 points in today's NBA (31:31). 


16 Dec 2019

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2nd Half Predictions, The Greatness of the Bucks and LeBron, and Jayson Tatum Surging

For this week's episode, we make our second half (last third?) predictions (1:34), debate who can take their team further, Jimmy Butler or Joel Embiid (9:39), and dissect what makes the Bucks so great this season (15:55). We also talk about LeBron for our Stat of the Week (20:34). We also talk about Jayson Tatum's amazing 2020 thus far (28:25). For NBA Twitter, we look at Dwyane Wade's jersey retirement and the Kings sending everyone Valentine's Day cards (33:09).


24 Feb 2020

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Knicks are a rudderless ship, LeBron doesn't have shoes, and good teams with no superstars

The first head coach firing of the season in the NBA comes thanks to the New York Knicks, we talk about that (1:44) and debate which formula is better for winning: a superstar with role players or many smaller stars (6:53). We also compare NBA rookies to The Expendables and Suicide Squad (14:18). Is it an overreaction to say the Lakers can go 73-9? (19:27). And we look at the week in NBA Twitter, which included James Harden yelling at a fan, and LeBron James traveling and not wearing shoes on the court (23:28). 


9 Dec 2019

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Jimmy Butler fighting, Utah Jazz soaring, and Kevin Durant Twittering

Jimmy Butler is fighting people again, we talk about it (1:45) and look at the league's most overpaid players at this point in the season (7:02). We also go over the new week's All-Star ballot returns (16:17). Are the Utah Jazz contenders now? We discuss (26:05). NBA Twitter talk includes Russ's return to OKC and Kevin Durant getting in a fight with Kendrick Perkins (31:39). 


13 Jan 2020

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3. December Basketball, Luka vs. Simmons, and James Harden

It's finally December, which means we're 20 games into the NBA season, so we look at which teams we expect to improve and decline (1:55), the future of the Nets (19:26), and the not-so-great state of the Atlanta Hawks (26:41). We also debate Luka Doncic vs. Ben Simmons (31:55), and maybe take a tongue-in-cheek look at the Lauri Markkanen comparisons to Andrea Bargnani (41:55). And finally, we finish up with a look at all things NBA Twitter (45:44). 


2 Dec 2019

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NBA Oscars, Trade Deadline Reactions, and Serge Ibaka's Scarves

With the Oscars being on Sunday, we did our own version of the NBA Oscars (1:52), we give our reactions to some of the bigger trades (14:50), and check who could be grabbed off the buy-out market (23:53). We also check in on the Raptors' winning streak (26:48), and for NBA Twitter, we talk Dame Time (34:18) and Serge Ibaka and OG's obsession with scarves (42:34). 


10 Feb 2020

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Remembering Kobe Bryant

We remember Kobe Bryant and play some clips from players and coaches from around the NBA remembering one of the NBA's greats. Jay Williams (3:00), Doc Rivers (6:10), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (8:25), Brad Stevens (10:04), Rachel Nichols (12:42), Brian Shaw (13:57), Kobe Bryant (15:44). 


27 Jan 2020

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Early All-Star Returns, Trades Trades Trades, Zion and Kevin Love's futures

In our first episode of 2020, we look at the early NBA All-Star team voting (1:57), the 8th seed in both conferences (9:36, and fiddle with the NBA trade machine (18:50). We also look at the brightest future in the NBA (29:53) and NBA Twitter with Kevin Love (34:46). 


6 Jan 2020

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NBA conspiracy theories, All-Decade teams, and Steph vs. LeBron

For our finals episode of the year, we give our best NBA moments and games (1:35) and (19:09), and talk about our all-decade teams (13:58). And to end the year, we go through some NBA conspiracy theories including plenty of Michael Jordan (25:25).


30 Dec 2019

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All-Star Pick Reactions, Teams buying and selling, and Dame's Dominance

The full all-star teams are here so we dissect them and the new all-star game rules (2:03), and we look at some teams that are buying and selling at the upcoming trade deadline (13:41). We also discuss Dame Lillard's recent hot streak (21:12) and Billy Donavan's Coach of the Year chances (26:36). For NBA Twitter talk, we look at Steph's top 5 NBA players and Aaron Gordon in the dunk contest (29:27). 


31 Jan 2020

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The Smallball Rockets, the flailing Jazz, and Giannis vs. Harden

We look at the Celtics vs. Rockets matchup and how that will impact the rest of the season (1:30), the Jazz have struggled since the All-Star break and we look at what could fix them (6:35), and what the playoff picture looks like as we approach the final month of the regular season (11:01). We ask what teams not currently in the playoffs could make a run to get in (20:20). We also dissect the Giannis and Harden beef in our NBA Twitter segment (30:38). 


2 Mar 2020

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All-Star Weekend Reactions and Recap

It was a successful All-Star Weekend in Chicago! We recap everything from the celebrity game (2:41), the game itself (5:23), and the three-point and dunk contest (13:30). We also look at an amazing stat about Kawhi Leonard (25:34) and report on what went on on NBA Twitter during All-Star Weekend (31:52).


18 Feb 2020

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The Thunder streaking, Brandon Ingram's legend is growing, and the death of the baseline two-pointer

This week we talk about how big Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has been for the Thunder (1:57), the Rockets' struggles (5:27), and a new WNBA deal (11:05). We also look at Brandon Ingram's recent dominance (14:28) and where the Memphis Grizzlies and Ja Morant stand (18:59). Finally, our NBA Twitter check includes Bulls' potential future moves and the change in NBA shot selection (22:25).  


20 Jan 2020

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Best Point Guards from the 2000s, MJ the GOAT, and Michael Rizzo the Guest

This week, we talk everything going on to get the NBA regular season back (1:42), including the opening of facilities (11:22). We also reveal who our favorite point guards of the 2000s are (21:22), and we re-hash the MJ GOAT argument. We also talk about NBA Twitter, including The Last Dance (35:16), and talk with Stadium's Michael Rizzo about his thoughts on the Last Dance and who he has as his favorite PG of the 2000s (51:10). 

1hr 12mins

19 May 2020

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The Start of Next Season Pushed Back, Chris Paul to the Knicks, and the G League Rising

Still no NBA, STILL no problem. We take a look at Adam Silver saying they may push back the start of next season until December (5:20), the NBA opening up practice facilities and what it means (8:32), and Chris Paul possibly being traded to the New York Knicks (18:52). We also scan NBA Twitter and talk about Isaiah Thomas multiples getting mad, LeBron training, and more talk about the end of college basketball as we know it (kind of) (26:10). 


6 May 2020

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The NBA's Future, College Basketball Prospects Choosing the G League, and Kawhi Talks A Lot

Still no NBA but lots to talk about. The future of college basketball is discussed with Jalen Green choosing the G League over college (1:21). Should the NBA restart for just the playoffs? (12:15), and what we thought of the wild NBA H-O-R-S-E contest this past week (18:52). Plus, NBA players are taking a pay cut (22:51), and would MJ have done as well if he played in the mid-2000's? (28:06). For NBA Twitter, we look at Kawhi texting a lot, Kendrick Nunn's ROY argument, and possible NBA Draft issues (36:54). 


21 Apr 2020

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The Bulls Have a New Executive VP of Basketball Ops, Trouble in Atlanta, and NBA Players Playing 2K and HORSE

In our quarantine episode, we talk all about the Bulls' new hire of Arturas Karnisovas to their Executive VP of Basketball Operations position, what it means for their head coach and their future (0:42). We also talk about the potential of an NBA Rooney Rule (24:22). We look at the NBA players now playing 2K from home (36:42), and some trouble possibly brewing between Atlanta Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce and star Trae Young (42:26). We finally take a look at NBA Twitter, which includes LaMelo Ball buying his Australian basketball team and NBA and WNBA players competing in a televised H-O-R-S-E contest (46:40). 

1hr 5mins

9 Apr 2020

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Social Distancing Edition: Adam Silver's leadership, What's Next For The NBA, and The League's Best/Worst NBA 2k Players

We're social distancing but can still podcast, so we talk about the NBA's moves in the past two weeks (2:00), Adam Silver's leadership through a global pandemic (9:34), and what we want to see happen in the coming months with the NBA (12:04). We also debate which NBA players are good at playing NBA 2k (17:15). Stat of the Week is looking at all the NBA teams and players donating money to arena workers (23:11), and NBA Twitter consists of players posting videos of themselves quarantined, and The Big3 league making plans for some basketball in mid-April (28:07). 


23 Mar 2020

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Kenny Atkinson Firing, Bucks vs. Lakers, Brightest Non-Playoff Team Futures

The Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson gets canned before the end of the regular season, so we discuss what it means, his future, and the Nets' future (2:45), and some non-playoff teams who have the brightest futures (24:37). We also looked at the Bucks vs. Lakers game (38:00) and Aaron Baynes having a career night (45:05). 


9 Mar 2020

Rank #20