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Former Pro Bodyboarder Jay Reale shares stories and thoughts from his bodyboarding career as one of the pioneers of the sport. Jay spent the 80s and 90s competing with the world's top riders traveling to exotic locations around the world. Following his career as a bodyboarder, Jay switched gears and focused on starting the world's leading internet bodyboarding store while raising a family, appearing on game shows and performing in community theater and choir, and exploring the world of endurance sports, while continuing to travel the world on surf trips with his wife, former pro bodyboarder Vicki Reale. A true renaissance man, Jay's podcast takes you places you would have never guessed! Brought to you by eBodyboarding.com and Tribe Boards and Accessories.

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The Reale Deal Show #60- 2022 Fronton King Recap

Jay is back from the final event on the IBC World Tour- the Gran Canaria Fronton King.  He gives a full recap of the event with Vicki.  


31 Oct 2022

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The Reale Deal Show #59- Tony Prince

One of the sport's absolute pioneers, California's Tony Prince was one of the first-ever sponsored bodyboarders, inspiring riders all over the USA on his numerous promo trips with Patti Serrano and the Morey company in the late 70s and early 80s.  In addition, he quickly became one of the early documentarians of our sport through photography, responsible for some of the early ad and poster photos, a passion which he continues to this day!  


17 Oct 2022

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The Reale Deal Show #58- WacoSurf's Amy Hunt

Jay and Vicki sit down with Amy Hunt, director of sales and marketing for one of the world's premiere wave pool destinations, and site of eBodyboarding.com's Texas Tube Tour to discuss the WacoSurf wave pool, it's history, and her role in guiding guests into making epic memories through wave riding.  


10 Oct 2022

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The Reale Deal Show #57- Bego Martinez

The unofficial "voice of the World Tour of Bodyboarding", Begonia "Bego" Martinez talks about her early life in Venezuela, her adventures in the USA, and her eventual planting of roots in Chile where she operates a successful retail business when she's not traveling the world as a World Tour webcaster and competing on the Tour as well. 


26 Sep 2022

Rank #4

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The Reale Deal Show #56- Amaury Lavernhe

The two-time Reunionnaise World Champ reflects on his long professional bodyboarding career including relocating to the Canary Islands and how his family and business all fit together.   He sits at the pinnacle of the sport thanks to his commitment to health and fitness.  


19 Sep 2022

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The Reale Deal Show #55- Neymara Carvalho

The 5-time World Champion has made a comeback to the sport in her mid-40s and has proven that experience counts for a LOT as a professional bodyboarder!  Her daughter Luna just became the World Junior Women's Champ (as of Sept. 2022) making them the first-ever mother/daughter World Champs in the sport! 


12 Sep 2022

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The Reale Deal Show #54- Tanner McDaniel

America's top competitive bodyboarder sits down with Jay to discuss his history as a grom prodigy and how that led to him being one of the top riders on the IBC World Tour. 


5 Sep 2022

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The Reale Deal Show #53- Sari Ohhara

Jay gets the scoop on current World Number One and reigning World Champ (as of August 2022) Sari Ohhara.  She's fun and bubbly, but underneath, she's a serious competitor!  


29 Aug 2022

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The Reale Deal Show #52- Tristan Roberts

During the 2022 Visit Maldives Pro, I took a few moments to sit down with current World Champ and 2022 IBC World Tour leader Tristan Roberts to see what makes him tick.  


22 Aug 2022

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The Reale Deal Show #51- Carol Gleeson

I apologize in advance for the poor audio.  Vicki's mother Carol is an interesting character!  Athlete, entrepreneur, grandmother, golfer, fisherman, and much, much more!  


4 Jul 2022

Rank #10