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A podcast for the people by the people. Discussions on all the latest technologies, major events, sport talks, special guests, travel guides, and all-around stimulating conversations.

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Diving In Ep. #3: Ethan Trusty

Discussing #entrepreneurship, @glblvllg , and @elon Musk... Max and Mario host their very first guest on the Diving In Podcast. Ethan Trusty is a young, fresh, and inspiring entrepreneur focusing his talents in E-commerce, digital marketing, and real estate. We talk about his methods of success while picking apart the hustler's mindset necessary to be great. #DiveIn with us.


22 Jan 2020

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Diving In Ep. #5: Nick Miller

This is Episode 5 of the Diving In podcast, where Max and Mario welcome the very talented and humble, Nick Miller. Mr. Miller works in agriculture by day and as an entrepreneurial cartoonist (Nickt00ns) and designer by night. In this episode we discuss Mr. Millers diverse career from cooking to agriculture, his GNF charity foundation, and overcoming obstacles in college and in life overall. Make sure you tune in and dive in... Special shout out to REC Philly for allowing us to record this episode in this beautiful new facility. Sorry for going overtime.

1hr 31mins

9 Mar 2020

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Diving In Ep. #4: Gunnar Michaels

Discussing #videography, @glblvllg... again, and the humble mentality within pursuing your passions. this is Episode 4 of the Diving In Podcast, where Max and Mario welcome their second guest ever, Gunnar Michels. Gunnar is a spectacular young videographer in the Philadelphia area. As a fresh college graduate, we talk about Gunnar's history, his mentality towards loving what he does, and all the great things he's doing today.

1hr 4mins

24 Feb 2020

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Diving In Ep. #8: Melissa Trusty

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Diving In Podcast, where Max and Mario host, not only our longest episode yet but also the very first female guest on the Diving In podcast. Melissa Trusty (@themelissatrusty ) is a natural distance runner competing in several triathlons, a well-educated nutritionist, and a 5-star vegan chef. But Melissa is so much more than that... she's an exotic fruit fanatic, a world traveler, and a truly brilliant food photographer! In this episode, we cover the different characteristics of well-known diets (plant-based, [raw] vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.), the benefits and struggles of going plant-based, and of course her back story and education that got her to where she is today! This and so much more can be found in this 2+ hour-long, mouth-watering conversation.  Melissa truly lit up the studio and blessed us with so much knowledge into the life of an everyday vegan. It was an honor to have such a strong and independent female on the show and she took both Max and Mario to school in this episode. Never before did we consider giving up cheesesteaks until now... Going plant-based won't be easy for most, but a variation of a vegan diet into your daily lives may be necessary for a long and healthy life. Mrs. Trusty is well established in her field, but she's only beginning to reach her full potential! For any questions or inquiries about going plant-based don't hesitate to reach out to us or Melissa directly via social.

2hr 26mins

20 Apr 2020

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Diving In Ep. #7: Rahmi Halaby

This is Episode 7 of the Diving In Podcast, where Max and Mario welcome the young creative and entrepreneur, Rahmi Halaby. Rahmi is a Philly native who's been combining his love for photography, streetwear, and music into creating brands and businesses of his own. We also discuss Kobe's greatness, the Coronavirus epidemic, meeting music icons, and much more. Tune in Monday (4/6/20) for a stimulating conversation into Rahmi's educational background, his basketball career, and the amazing things he's accomplished already and the bright future he has ahead of him. Mr. Halaby was an outstanding guest to have on the show. His larger than life personality will guide him to great success in whatever he pursues. Give Rahmi and his art a follow (@rahmi_is_real @savorysoundsradio @onlypositivesco @kick_nation) and watch his stock rise! Big thanks for coming into the studio and we can't wait to have you on again.

1hr 46mins

6 Apr 2020

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