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Maximizing Medicare with Paul Sheldon

Medicare can be a confusing road to travel. Luckily, Paul Sheldon is here with the expertise and guidance to help you travel the maze and to find the destination that is right for you. Tune in each week for the latest news and information important to you.

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The Initial Enrollment Process

Paul tells you the steps you will take during your initial enrollment process. He also tells you why you should look into the financial strength of the Medicare Supplement company.


6 Jan 2020

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Premium Changes for 2020

Paul breaks down premium changes for 2020. He also gives information on the different parts of Medicare. He also answers what is the donut hole. Plus information on appealing an RX denial.


16 Dec 2019

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Medicare News Update

Paul gives updates on news affecting Medicare, veterans & tricare, plus technology & CMS. Also, what do you need to do during the Medicare Open Enrollment?


14 Nov 2019

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Rural Hospital Closures

Paul discusses rural hospital closures. He also discusses the importance of having correct drug information, the phases of drug co-pays. He also breaks down alternative medicine and Medicare along with dental & vision insurance.


19 Apr 2020

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The Process of Working With Paul's Team

Paul tells you step by step on how you can work with his team to make your experience enjoyable.


16 Dec 2019

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The Medicare Website

Paul gives a full breakdown of the Medicare website and all the things you can accomplish there. Plus Medicare News Updates and how does Urgent Care work with Medicare.


30 Jan 2020

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