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The purpose of this podcast is to universally connect with like minded souls who are on the inner quest of discovering one’s path and purpose. Mande and Shanna share their raw experiences of spiritual awakening, healing and their journey finding the light within, so you never feel alone. Interviewing amazing souls, Light-workers, Authors and Motivational Speakers all over the world! Check us out at www.mysenseofsoul.com

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Journey with Mande and Shanna, through the colorful Chakra system! Beginner course!! Learn about some of the many unique characteristics of the 7 main Chakras and how to connect with them, identify if they are imbalanced and how keep them from causing havoc within your energetic body! Recommended reading The Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, The 7 Chakra Personality Types by Shai Tubali and The Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. Read more about the Chakras at https://mysenseofsoul.com/category/the-7-main-chakras/


3 Oct 2019

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Series of coincidences that seem unpredictable, unexplainable and unbelievable are signs of synchronicity! The more present you are the more aware of everything around you, the more you see these amazing messages. Mande and Shanna share their stories of synchronicity, and what and where this comes from. Next weeks episode we will be exploring PAST LIVES!We recommend you check out Signs by Robert Perry and the studies and book Synchronicity by Carl Jung.www.lonerwolf.com/synchronicity/ trustedpsychicmediums.com/spirit-animals mysenseofsoul.com/numerology


28 Aug 2019

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Past Lives

Are you connected to a particular time period, place or have an extra special energetic connection with someone? Perhaps you’re an old soul, reincarnated, and have lived in many past lives? Mande and Shanna explore the topic of past lives and share their own personal experiences. Suggested authors, Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, Deepak Chopra’s new Daily Breathe Podcast, Made in Heaven 1987 movie and of course www.mysenseofsoul.com/past-lives


5 Sep 2019

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Raise your Vibration

Mande and Shanna discuss how raising your vibration leads to the discovery of your spiritual gifts, the “Clair’s” and the law of attraction. Next week we will be discussing synchronicity, and we want you to share your stories! If you have a story you’d like to share, a number you see all day, let us know Senseofsoul@yahoo.com or on www.facebook.com/SenseofSoulSOS


22 Aug 2019

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Mande and Shanna talk about what is an Empath and the traits of an Empath. How the energy within and outside of you affects the world around us, join us as we discuss the amazing Energetic Body and learn how to protect and sense your energy. (This episode was recorded the two days before the New Moon.) Visit our website to read more about Empaths and the Aura.Next week, Mande will be sharing her personal story about her Near Death Experience. Thanks again for listening, please rate and subscribe! Recommendations The Empaths Survival Guide by DrJudith Orloff#senseofsoulpodcastYouTube video to see an Aurahttps://youtu.be/_ev2ci2P8v0


3 Jul 2019

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Mercury Retrograde

What’s up with all the talk of Mercury Retrograde? Is this a real thing? Mande and Shanna look into the small but mighty little planet, and discuss what people are feeling during this planets retrograde, and what you can do. We talk with a guest Payton Walters who is knowledgeable in Astrology and she helps us under more about how the planets positions may affect us.Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode, and if you like what you hear, rate and review! Thank you so much!! See you next week for our special episode honoring our Veterans!


6 Nov 2019

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Soul vs Ego

Mande and Shanna breakdown the differences of the Soul vs Ego and how becoming aware of these two can bring harmony and balance into your life as you reconnect to the true essence of yourself path and purpose. Next weeks episode will be on Empaths and how the energy around you maybe affecting you, and how to protect your own energy! Thanks so much for listening, if you like what you hear please subscribe, like, rate or comment. #senseofsoulpodcast To read more of the Soul vs Ego go to http://mysenseofsoul.com/ego-vs-soul/


27 Jun 2019

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This episode is about the different kinds of healing options and how healing from the inside out, can heal pain. Mande and Shanna share their stories about healing and discuss the differences in conventional healthcare vs ancient healing practices. We look into the science that backs up the works of energy work and how we may be awakened to the power of healing within. We recommend you check out The Healing Field documentary on the Gaia App. To learn more about your #senseofsoul hosts and healing methods, visit www.mysenseofsoul.com


17 Jul 2019

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Self Love

Bringing back our very first episode. Likely the most important episode we’ve ever done, a subject, we both feel is a vital part of our journey, we wanted to remind you that Self love is where it’s at! We hope that you are safe, healthy and hope to bring a new episode soon, until then visit us on Facebook and at our blog at www.mysenseofsoul.com


20 Mar 2020

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Join us as we discuss what Dreams are and why do we have them? Why do we sleep and how important is it? Scientists and Philosophers have long studied the mystery of dreams, and throughout history dreams have played a significant part of many cultures and religious beliefs! Don’t forget to rate and review! We appreciate you! www.mysenseofsoul.com


4 Mar 2020

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Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode we will look into the history of Thanksgiving and what it means to us today. We will chat about the importance of practicing Gratitude not only during the holiday season but everyday! 


26 Nov 2019

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Veterans Day Part 1

Mande and Shanna discover the harsh truths about war, Mande shares an amazing letter with us that she wrote for veterans about the day they brought her brother (killed in action) home from Iraq. We talk to Kurt Nantkes, Mande’s husband about history and welcome Veteran Bob Knuth, to share his story and the foundation, American Military Organization he is working with to help other veterans follow their fb page at #AMFGY6 Check out our new website www.mysenseofsoul.com


12 Nov 2019

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Ancestral Healing

Mande and Shanna talk about how learning about your Ancestry can be very healing. Honoring your ancestors and all they went through for you to be who and where you are today, helps you understand who you are and the realization that you are a part of a bigger story. We all have an ancestral story, waiting to be discovered. Shanna shares her Ancestral Healing journey into the discovery of her French Creole roots after taking an Ancestry DNA test. We recommend you check out if you’re searching for Louisiana ancestry, Casborn Creoles, legally divided black and white, by Anisa Fascine Watts, A Chosen Exile by Allyson Hobbs and A Villiage of Stones by Alice Dunbar Nelson, Too white to be black, Too black to be White, a film by Maurice Martinez! if you like this #senseofsoulpodcast episode, please subscribe, review and rate! Thanks for Listening! To learn more search Ancestral Healing go to our website. www.mysenseofsoul.com


25 Jul 2019

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It’s September’s National Recovery month! In this weeks episode we invited our friend Steve to share his wisdom and advice. He has over 20 years in recovery and is still actively involved in the AA program. Join us as we celebrate Mande’s nine years in recovery and all who are successfully winning the battle against addiction and mental illness. Next week’s episode we will be discussing how to free yourself from codependency, and enabling. To read more about Mande’s recovery please visit our website. https://mysenseofsoul.com/overcoming-addiction/


11 Sep 2019

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Having a daily meditation practice can positively increase your mental and physical health and well being. Mande and Shanna share how they implement mediation into their busy lives. Discuss the many different meditations methods, that have come from many different parts of the world, and enjoy a short guided meditation. Find out some exciting new science discoveries on meditation! Find us on Facebook at SenseofSoulSos! Next week our episode we will be exploring the Chakra System! Thanks for listening!!https://www.mindful.org/loving-kindness-meditation-may-protect-your-genes-and-slow-aging/


25 Sep 2019

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Codependent Free

Mande and Shanna share their stories of codependency and what resources worked best for them that helped them free themselves from carrying the sufferings of their loved ones who have struggled with addiction and mental illness. Learn how pausing can help you, how being present can help shift your focus back onto you and ideas on detachment and boundaries. Recommended reading, Codependent No More by Melody Beattie, Boundaries by Henry Cloud and Facing Codependency by Pia Mellody. Recommended support, Alanon!!https://mysenseofsoul.com/addiction/


18 Sep 2019

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Veterans Day Part 2

Join us as we listen to the story of when Ryan (Mande’s brother) journey ended in Iraq, told by his Sergeant .Mande and Shanna read entries of the journal of this Soldiers, the year Ryan was KIA.


21 Nov 2019

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Ghost Stories Part 2

Part 2 of Ghost Stories, Mande and Shanna welcome two amazing guest. Mande’s friend Danielle shares her amazing experiences with the paranormal and Luana Kurz, founder of Colorado Shadow Investigations shares stories of her successful ghost hunting adventures.


17 Oct 2019

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Near Death Experiences

This episode looks at Near Death Experiences and the similarities to the psychedelic DMT the primary ingredient in Ayahuasca and how the two experiences often lead to a spiritual awakening. Mande shares her personal NDE, what followed which lead to her spiritual awakening, self realization and the discovery of her spiritual gifts. We recommend watching Dr. Rick Strassman’ s documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Next weeks episode will be on healing from the inside out, we will discuss Reiki, the Chakra system, Shamanism as well as other energy holistic modalities and more. Thanks again for listening, we hope you like what you hear, subscribe so you won’t miss what’s coming next and give us a review, we’d love to hear from you! You can also follow us in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.You can check out more about Mande’s NDE and read more on Impermanence on www.mysenseofsoul.com/mandes-nde/


10 Jul 2019

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Ghost Stories Part 1

Happy Fall Y’all! In Part 1 of Ghost Stories, Mande and Shanna share paranormal encounters of their own and discuss some of the creepiest places and scariest ghost stories from around the world. Join us next week for Part 2, as we welcome a guest and friend to share her many strange accounts of paranormal activity.


10 Oct 2019

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