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The Podcast about Object Pascal and the Delphi programming language, tools, news, community, and related technologies. Join Jim McKeeth, Chief Developer Advocate and Engineer with Embarcadero Technologies as he interviews and discusses the latest and greatest in software development and all things related to his favorite programming language. More information: http://delphi.org

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The Stephen Ball Smart Grid Episode

Today we talk with Stephen Ball about his work at Embarcadero, and Smart Grids!Audio versionVideo version


21 Feb 2017

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Cool Apps & Niagara Falls

Nick and Jim discuss cool mobile apps built with FireMonkey.SoundJuke turns your smartphone into your personal jukebox at any public site. It uses a combination of these Embarcadero tools in building the app: Delphi for iOS and Android, Cloud API, Parallel Programming API, REST Client Library. If your customer likes what they hear, they’ll spend more time in your store. EarMaster turns your iPad into a private music training classroom. Powered by FireMonkey and TMS iCL plus it also uses SQLite, SSL, In-App purchases, XML and Indy components in the app. The IDE extensions CnPack and MMX were also very valuable. This video provides an excellent introduction. EarMaster is the Most Advanced App for Music Theory and Ear Training on iOS.Pocketslip will eliminate those pesky paper receipts once and for all. Pocketslip it is powered by Delphi for iOS and Android, Cloud API, Parallel Programming API, REST Client Library and FireDAC. Fast and secure point-of-sale, integrated digital receipts for you and your customers. These videos will provide insight into Pocketslip.Switchboard turns your iPhone into, well, a fully featured and networked phone system in the palm of your hand. It is for the iPhone only and uses Delphi for iOS, Cloud API, Parallel Programming API, and REST Client Library. This video will provide some details.Alpemix is a remote desktop for increasing your productivity wherever you might happen to be in the world. It is a multi-platform system compatible with iOS, Windows Mac OS X and Android so you can be productive under all circumstances and is built on the Delphi platform. More detail is available here.ValidIN is a mobile medical app that networks Croatian biomedical laboratories so that blood samples can be validated quickly and accurately. It is built on the Delphi platform for iOS and Android using FireDAC and DataSnap as well. MindGlow is a powerful meditation tool you can use to induce your mind into states of peace in those times when stress might just be a bit too much. It uses Embarcadero Delphi and FireMonkey but also Apple’s Core Audio and Google’s Android AudioTrack. More and more, the research is showing that meditation has physical health benefits.  From reduced cortisol, to increase in HRV, meditation can and will improve your health.  To gain the most of these physical benefits, Delta sessions is critical.  Serious trainers and elite athletes know that recovery and rest is an essential component to pushing past physical limits and improving overall health. Delta meditation does this in spades!  MindGlow is a fascinating app. Learn more here.


7 Feb 2017

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The Craig Chapman IoT Episode

Talking with Craig Chapman about Internet of Things, high altitude balloons, Linux server configuration, enumerating data sets and 4K displays.Links from today’s episode . . .The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England ExplainedTiobe Index – Delphi back in the top 10 (Craig’s post about getting Pascal & Delphi combined)IoT Boot Camp 2017Makerfabs kit (Promotional pricing ended, but still a nice kit)Craig’s High Altitude BalloonsConfigure Delphi and RedHat or Ubuntu for Linux developmentLibc manualRAD ServerWeb BrokerLinode Linux Cloud Hosting“Brutally Roll Your Own Server” scriptsVisuino the visual IDE for ArduinoMitov SoftwareDataset Enumeration ReloadedWriting and Enabling Delphi Applications to Support High DPI Displays and 4K Screen ResolutionsMicrosoft’s Tweet about RAD Studio first IDE with Desktop Bridge supportSame code, new customers. Develop, package, test and deploy without leaving RAD Studio. Check it out: https://t.co/uRlR23ecQG pic.twitter.com/3VXGe6Sfjp— Windows Developer (@windowsdev) December 11, 2016[Soundcloud]


15 Feb 2017

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Getting Technical with Cary Jensen and FireDAC (Episode 74)

In this episode of the Podcast @ Delphi.org we talk with Cary Jensen about his new book Delphi in Depth: FireDAC and the upcoming Delphi Developer Days which Cary puts on with Dr. Bob Swart. Nick Hodges, our co-host, was a previous host of Delphi Developer Days with Cary, and I’ve made a number of appearances there as well. They are highly recommended.Cary’s new 558 page Delphi in Depth book tackles everyone’s favorite multi-platform database access framework: FireDAC. Cary gives it his unique treatment that only he can deliver. He gives special emphasis to all the configuration options available with FireDAC that can help you gain even more performance.For this year’s Delphi Developer Days, Cary and Dr. Bob are doing things a little differently. They are doing a special workshop focused on database development. You are encouraged to bring your laptop and follow along while you learn from the masters!Just in case you missed it, Cary also put on a webinar on FireDAC recently that I recommend you check out.


19 Jul 2017

Rank #4

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Get Bit Episode with Holger Flick

Nick and Jim talk with MVP Holger Flick of Korfmann Air Technology and Flix Engineering fame about smart textiles, the different software development disciplines and the future of technology. Holger also reminds everyone to see him and others at the Delphi Code Camp in Germany.


29 May 2017

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