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Welcome to The Land of Random. Hear about the best of the crazy internet - from marketing to tech - cyberpunk and more!

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Bank with Google, Sleep in the Airbnb Wienermobile, and Panera tests coffee subscriptions!

Would you bank with Google? Sleep in a Oscar Meyer Wienermobile? Or buy a coffee subscription from Panera? All this and more on this week's episode of The Land of Random! Feel free to email me at landofrandommedia@gmail.com with questions, comments, and ideas! I'd love to hear from you.


20 Nov 2019

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Ready to Random? Cool Eco Solutions that may help save the Turtles, Scientific Piracy, And More!

We've all heard "Save the Turtles" but how do we go about doing that? We'll be talking about a few innovative that may help do just that, the Drama of scientific Piracy online, and a website that will help you stay anonymous! Have thoughts? Email me at landofrandommedia@gmail.com


26 Dec 2019

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Ready to Random? Draw with Google, Hack a USB Cable, and a New Challenger to Starbucks arises!

On this week's episode of The Land of Random we discuss a AI art project by Google, the Demonseed EDU kit for hacking USB cables, a startup Challenger to Starbucks, a indie game where you become a Spider hunting humans and much more. Join us on this week's journey into the Random!


5 Dec 2019

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Ready to Random? Hide from the Cameras, grab a doughnut, and try some 45 year old soup!

Today we discuss how to combat the rise of surveillance technology, Krispy Kreme's lesson in supporting entreupeneurs, and 45 year old soup - that you can eat! All this and more. Listen now!


13 Nov 2019

Rank #4

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Ready to Random? Amazon Dating, Ring Doorbell Surveillance, Windows 95, and more!

Today my good friend A.H. Joplin joins me as we discuss a parody Amazon Dating website, the Orwellian nature of the Ring doorbell camera, a pretty cool Windows 95 website, and gaming on a treadmill. Please feel free to email us your thoughts at landofrandommedia@gmail.com


10 Feb 2020

Rank #5