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The Almost Amazing Dinner Party

A show for families seeking to raise children who love and follow Jesus, hosted by Jennifer Dennis, Children's Director for the CityRise Network, and produced by Justin Kellough, Media Arts Pastor for the CityRise Network.

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"Leading Our Families" with Kirby Follis: The Marriage Partnership and Imparting Our Faith To Our Kids

Kirby Follis, Executive Pastor of the CityRise Network, shares his personal journey in ministry, big lessons he's learned a husband, his experience with seasons of faith, and reflections on grief and the death of his father.  Please take a moment to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast!


28 Jul 2021

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"Meeting Medical Needs in Houston" with Christy Sylvester: Sharing the Gospel and Serving Those In Need

Christy Sylvester, Executive Director of Casa El Buen Samaritano, shares her path to becoming part of one of the last free medical clinics in Houston, serving families from hundreds of zip codes in need of medical care. Christy shares her heart for reaching the nations right here in Houston, and gives information on how medical professionals and those without medical experience can help the ministry of Casa. To learn more, visit https://www.casaelbuen.org/ Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe!


21 Jul 2021

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"Choosing Schools and Supporting Teachers" with Tim Wainright: Education from the Perspective of an Administrator and Educator

Jennifer and Justin talk with Tim Wainright, principal of Westlake Preparatory Academy, about a variety of topics regarding education. Choosing the best school for your children, supporting teachers, and clinging to God through the ups and downs of the education roller coaster are just a few of the things that come up in our conversation. Visit https://www.westlakeprep.org/ to learn more about Westlake Prep in Richmond, TX.  Make sure to share this episode on social media, rate and review the podcast, and subscribe today!


14 Jul 2021

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"The Leftovers" Episodes 10-17: Extra Content, Deleted Gaffes, and Bonus Laughs

We took a week off from recording, but wanted to share some fun with you to hold you over until the next Almost Amazing Dinner Party! Check out this deleted content from episodes 10-17 featuring Kevin Dean, Jenny Johnson, Jess Madden, Kristen Maxfield, Mark Krimm, Tricia Blackford, Stephanie Frey, and Chris DeArman. Make sure rate, review, and subscribe!


7 Jul 2021

Rank #4

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"Elevating Scripture in the Life of Your Family" with Dr. James Tour: Making the Study and Application of Biblical Teachings a Priority

Jennifer and Justin have an awesome conversation with Dr. James Tour, Professor of Chemistry at Rice University. Although he has an extensive knowledge of science, Dr. Tour's primary passion is leading people to Christ, and he has served as the college class teacher at our West U campus for 20 years. He shares some incredible tips about elevating the role of Scripture in the home, and emphasizes the importance of personal Bible study and meditation. Visit https://www.youtube.com/drjamestour and http://www.drjamestour.com/ for more content from and information about Dr. Tour.


30 Jun 2021

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"Healthy Choices for Eating, Exercise, and Finances" with Cassie Gallagher: Encouragement from a Physical Trainer and Business Owner

Jennifer and Justin chat with Cassie Gallagher, a personal trainer, fitness coach, business owner, wife, and mother. She shares insight on healthy eating, exercise, and even shares her story of getting out of debt by making sacrifices to get her finances in order. To learn more about her business, Avenu Fitness, visit https://avenufit.com/ For counseling resources mentioned in the show, visit https://www.stchm.org/family-counseling/


23 Jun 2021

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"Trusting God and Taking Thoughts Captive" with Chris DeArman: Words of Encouragement from the Heart of a Pastor

Jennifer and Justin catch up with Chris DeArman, Campus Pastor for Crosspoint Church - Bellaire, a CityRise Campus. Chris offers encouragement for anyone facing fears or regrets, challenging us to put our faith in the plans God has for us and our families. Don't forget to rate, review, subscribe, and share!


16 Jun 2021

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"Taking Care of Our Marriages" with Stephanie Frey: Insight from a Marriage Counselor

Stephanie Frey, a licensed professional counselor focusing on marriages and families offers an incredible amount of insight into how we can take care of our marriages.  South Texas Children's Home Ministries, a CityRise Partner, offers incredible Christ centered counseling services at affordable prices. You can learn more about counseling options through this incredible ministry at https://www.stchm.org/family-counseling/


9 Jun 2021

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"Cultivating Our Connection with God" with Tricia Blackford: Words of Encouragement and Insight from a Missionary to the Sudanese

Jennifer and Justin catch up with Tricia Blackford, a member of our church who serves Sudanese refugees in Chad with her husband and children. A life on the mission field has taught her some incredible things about connecting with God, and we address small ways to take steps in building our sensitivity to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, write a review, and share this link to get the word out about the podcast!


2 Jun 2021

Rank #9

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"Insight Into the Teenage Years" with Mark Krimm: Helping Teenagers Cultivate An Appetite for an Authentic Life

Mark Krimm has been in high school full time since the 80s- first as a student, then a Young Life leader, and now as a coach and educator. His insight into what teenagers need comes from years of observing them "in the wild"- away from parents and immersed in the culture- and he shares some incredible ideas for loving and leading them well.


26 May 2021

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