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Evgeny Morozov in conversation

In a joint Demos and Prospect Magazine podcast Tom Chatfield of Prospect interviews Evgeny Morozov, one of the key thinkers on the relationship between politics and the internet.

15 Dec 2009

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The Power Gap

Listen to the launch of a new Demos power map with Dan Leighton, the author of the report, James Purnell MP and David Finkelstein of The Times. The map represents a new way of looking at power in contemporary societies.

15 Dec 2009

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Bill Ivey and Expressive Lives

In June Demos launched 'Expressive Lives', a collection of essays about why expression is important for our citizenship and democracy. Just after the launch, Peter Bradwell and Samuel Jones caught up with Bill Ivey, whose book Arts Inc. inspired the work. They asked him why he thinks encouraging and supporting expression is so important and what arts institutions and governments need to do differently.

14 Aug 2009

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Hasan Bakhshi on 'Measuring Intrinsic Value'

Demos' Samuel Jones talks to Hasan Bakhshi, Director of Creative Industries at Nesta, about how economics can provide the tools to 'measure' and validate the intrinsic value of art. Hasan is co-author of 'Measuring intrinsic Value', and here argues that the reluctance to use rigorous economic methods has hindered rather than helped the case for the arts.

7 Jul 2009

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Compelling or compulsion? Young people and volunteering

On 2nd June Demos hosted a roundtable, with 'V', looking at new MORI research into young people's attitudes to volunteering. Is it a good idea to compel young people to perform a kind of national civic service? Or should volunteering be something young people choose to do? Peter Bradwell speaks with Terry Ryall, Chief Executive of V, Noreesh Farooq and Marie Keplay from V20, Paul Oginsky, Youth Policy Advisor to David Cameron, and Alex Mitchell from the Institute of Directors.

3 Jun 2009

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The Mobile Conference

A podcast about The Mobile Conference, a day-long event held by Camberwell School of Art and South London Gallery. It follows Demos' work with Peckham Space looking at the relationship between art and social change. After some clips from the closing participative lecture, Samuel Jones talks to Tate Britain's Paul Goodwin about the ideas raised in the project.

29 May 2009

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Community Resilience: Social media

Can social media help make people and communities more resilient? Head of Demos' Security programme Charlie Edwards talks to Dominic Campbell of FutureGov; David Steven of Global Dashboard; and Justin Kerr-Stevens, strategic communications expert.

13 Mar 2009

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What does it mean to be progressive?

This week Demos launches a new project called 'Progressive Conservatism'. Here, Demos Director Richard Reeves discusses what he means by progressive. He touches on how progressive the political parties are, whether the economic downturn threatens progressive goals, and whether there are lessons to learn from President Obama's upbeat and inspiring political story.

22 Jan 2009

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Community Resilience: the voluntary effect

What is the role of volunteers and volunteering in helping to build community resilience? Charlie Edwards talks to Jacqui Campbell, of Dacorum Borough Council; Mary Dhonau of the National Flood Forum; Martin Fenlon of the Emergency Planning College; Kathy Settle, Cabinet Office and Moya Wood-Heath, Emergency Planning and Civil Protection Adviser, Red Cross.

21 Jan 2009

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The US elections

Last Monday, 20th October, we hosted a fantastic panel discussion about the upcoming US elections. Demos director Richard Reeves chaired, and we welcomed Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland; Rick Perlstein, author of 'Nixonland'; Jim Sciutto, Senior Foreign Correspondant for ABC News; and James Crabtree, Senior Editor, Prospect. In this podcast you can hear Jonathan Freedland's talk, and from the events page you can download audio from the other talks.

27 Oct 2008

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