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Today's world is dominated by disruption - digital, technology and business model disruption is impacting every industry and practically every business. But what does this disruption mean for you? Have you thought about how you can prepare and benefit from the opportunities? In the Disciplined Disruption Podcast, you will hear from some of the most brilliant minds insights, stories and implementation tips how you can thrive in today's fast-changing world - both in business or work and in life.

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#067 - Daniel Pink - Multiple NYT Bestselling Author

Daniel Pink is a multiple-author including a number of NYT bestselling books.  His combination of thorough research on a topic and a style of writing that is engaging and entertaining makes his books a great read. Books like "Drive" where he explains the concept Motivation 2.0 or "To Sell is Human" where he explains why almost all of us are in sales and why extroverts are not the best salespeople or "A Whole New Mind" which is our today"s VUCA world even more relevant are books I loved and love reading. His latest book is "When" where he looks at the question of how timing - during a day, month, year or life, determines the probability of success of something.  A great conversation with many insights I am implementing on a regular basis. Enjoy! Connect with Daniel on his website: https://www.danpink.com/ Follow him on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/DanielPink


13 Jul 2019

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#066 - George Levy - Co-Founder Blockchain Institute

You have heard about Blockchain and Bitcoin but you still wonder what exactly it is and how to use it?  George saw a need in the marketplace with the emerging Blockchain discussions and work.  And that's why he co-founded the Blockchain Institute of Technology.  Thousands of students later, he keeps pushing Blockchain and helping people to understand and embrace this new technology trend.  Enjoy how he shares examples and stories.  Connect with George here Email: george@blockchaininstitute.com Website: http://www.georgelevy.com - get a free course


7 Jan 2019

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#065 - Kirk Deis - Fonder BugSquasher

Kirk is a passionate Entrepreneur and focuses on finding solutions to problems - either problems of his clients or problems situations with clients cause inside and lead to a solution.  This was the story of the BugSquasher.  He also shares the simple but powerful DUMB principle in the show.  Enjoy this episode.  More about Kirk Deis Kirk Deis has been featured on Forbes, Podcasts, and radio shows in the US. He is the CEO and Founder of two companies - Treehouse 51 a digital agency in Newport Beach, California and The Bug Squasher a universal web app that helps you diagnosis site issues. How to connect with Kirk Web: https://thebugsquasher.com or  https://www.Treehouse51.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirkdeis/ The Rap Video (he shares the story in the episode): https://youtu.be/k0QCU97Auvc


23 Dec 2018

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#064 - Bella Zanesco - High-Performance Strategist

Why are we laughing and giggling together you wonder?  Bella and I are both Kite-surfing fans though she is doing that on a completely different level.  Bella became also world champion in sailing at the age of 38! On the flip side, she knows how it is to get through depression and how to reinvent yourself over a period of 3 to 5 years.  There is so much in this episode.  Did you know that one key to high-performance is JOY? No wonder we are laughing together and have a lot of joy during the session.  But 65% of the 3000+ by Bella interviewed executives don't want to show up at work on Monday. And 70% don't know what to do about their career. These are shocking numbers - and there are more of these numbers.  But Bella also has specific tips and suggestions and shares the 4S (actually 5S) model in the episode. PS: The side noise goes away after six minutes. Sorry about that. More about Bella Zanesco Bella Zanesco is a career and high-performance strategist, a world champion sailor, author of Smart Girls Screw Up Too and philanthropist working to give people and organisations the tools they need to become fully expressed leaders in their lives and careers. How to connect with Bella LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bellazanesco/ Website: www.fullyexpressed.me Get Bella's book "Smart Girls Screw Up Too" on Amazon by clicking here.


4 Dec 2018

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#063 - Edward Blomstedt - CEO AirFaaS

Have you heard of Industry 4.0? It's one of the "hype" terms describing the current industrial revolution where data, automation, robots come together.  Is Industry 4.0 already history?  How does a "factory as a service" look like?  Edward Blomstedt is the CEO of AirFaaS and has the goal to revolutionise manufacturing.  As "Youn Entrepreneur of the Year" in Finland, he has already an entrepreneurial track record.  Enjoy the episode. More about Edward Blomstedt What is the next Airbnb, the next Uber or Spotify? And who says it will be consumer-related? According to Edward Blomstedt, a Finnish entrepreneur, supported by investors, industrialists and top politicians, the breakthrough will be in business to business. And the service is spelled ”AirFaas”. Edward is one of the founders of the company, a digital portal where you can upload the specifications of any product in the system and it will analyze, locate, budget, finance and implement the production of the product at the most competitive prize and in the most convenient format in a factory somewhere in the world. An Airbnb for factories. Edward has an M.Sc. in Industrial Management and Mechanical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University). His passion is enabling a smarter revolution in manufacturing for a greener future. He was voted Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Finland 2010. Edward also started the company Combi Works 2005, which works in the conservative industrial sector and is now revamping this with AirFaas. Combi Works has sales in Northern Europe and Uganda and production in addition to Finland in the Baltics, Russia, China and India. How to connect with Edward Twitter: http://twitter.com/edwardblomstedt LinkedIn: https://fi.linkedin.com/in/edwardblomstedt Website: www.airfaas.com


30 Aug 2018

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#062 - Cheryl Cran - Future of Work Expert

Cheryl is a multiple-times author and leading expert on the topic of "Future of Work".  I have had a great conversation with her about how we see the future of work, the challenges and opportunities.  Her new approach "NextMapping" helps leaders, teams and entrepreneurs to get your business ready for the future! Enjoy the Episode! More About Cheryl Cran Cheryl Cran is a future of work expert and author of "The Art of Change Leadership - Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World". Clients include Gartner, AT&T, Kaiser, Silkroad, and more. Cheryl's work has been featured in Silicon Republic, Huff Post, Forbes, Metro New York and other publications. She has been named as a #1 influencer on future of work in social media by Onalytica. How to connect with Cheryl Web: https://nextmapping.com/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cherylcran Check out her book "The Art of Change Leadership - Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World" by clicking here.


22 Aug 2018

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#061 - Kat Dunn - CEO Grameen Australia

How are you?  That's the question Kat would like to see more often asked.  But not the friendly way how it's often done where people are not really interested in how the other person us. But a sincere interest. Especially towards people who are working in fields where they already help other people in need.  Kat's career has been very interesting. From a successful corporate career to finding a purpose in her life.  Enjoy this honest and deep conversation.  More About Kat Dunn Kat Dunn is the CEO and Group Deputy CEO of Grameen Australia, an organisation that gives people a "hand up" out of poverty so that they can lead meaningful, dignified lives. She started her career as a lawyer at Clayton Utz and left her senior leadership role at an ASX fund manager Perpetual Limited after 9 years in corporate to pursue purpose over profit. Kat most recently served as COO of tech media company, Ideapod, whose purpose is to spread far and wide the ideas that will usher in the age of humanity. She is the creator of F-OFF: Fear of Failure Forum, and publically advocates the need to overcome our national fear of failure in order to innovate. She is on the expert panel of new media disruptor Cockatoo Co.Lab and is passionate about empowering humans rich or poor to grow their potential. Upcoming Cambodia Campaign We are likely to be running a crowdfunding campaign for our Cambodia Social Business which is to be launched, so please stay tuned for these details! How to Stay in Touch LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kat-dunn-19826220/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/Kat_Dunn_01 Grameen Website: http://grameen.org.au


17 Jul 2018

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#060 - Richard Webb - CEO Startmesh

Richard has had an amazing corporate, entrepreneurial and venture career so far.  With his ideas and thinking, Richard is at the forefront of future developments. In the episode, we discuss the corporation of one and Richard shares the two type of people the future economy needs.  Enjoy! More About Richard Webb Richard Webb founded Red Ocean in 2005 to fund disruptive ventures and more recently co-founded Startmesh, a global Technology Venture Catalyst to mentor and develop mid-stage start-ups with disruptive and innovative data, resource, media, and commerce enabling platforms.  During its first two years Startmesh has grown to serve a portfolio of 22 start-ups in 17 cities (in all continents), and its team of over 65 people.  He has incubated and/or founded over 15 ventures, some which have been successfully sold to larger organizations or floated on public stock exchanges. He is currently the CEO/Co-Founder of Startmesh, the Chairman of The Inspiration Room, the CEO/Founder of South Bondi, the Chairman/Co-Founder of Badalya, and is also a holds a number of non-executive director roles with his portfolio companies. Connect with Richard and Startmesh LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardwebb/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/richardalexwebb Startmesh: https://www.startmesh.com/   Join The New Human Summit http://hpda.link/newhuman


12 Jul 2018

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#059 - Julian Noel - Founder Shine Global

Julian has an incredible story to tell. In the past, he had superstars like Madonna and others as client.  But along the way, he has also learned many life valuable lessons.  What is also interesting that Julian started meditating then hardly anyone new what it was.  Now, he is inspired bringing together game changers of the world. And in the process, he co-created the New Human Summit.  Enjoy the Episode! More About Julian Noel Julian Noel, entrepreneur, provocateur and catalyst for change. He is known for asking the big questions, he listens deeply with a great regard for his fellow human beings. He has spent the past 28 year of his life involved with the world of business and entrepreneurship. In 1988 without any money or business experience he founded a small haircare company manufacturing aromatherapy-based hair products, with the vision of selling his own products worldwide. After 13 years he had sold millions of dollars of his products and established a clientele in 14 countries around the world. His clients included Sassoons in London, and most of the top hairdressers in Europe, and America were using his products. Celebrities such as Madonna were among his fans. He is the Founder of Shine, a Global Community of entrepreneurs and changemakers. And is a foundation member of The Unstoppables a movement of high nett worth entrepreneurs. And a co-creator of the Global Summit, 'The New Human' Core competencies: Facilitating meetings. Bringing out the best in leaders. Developing excellence in team performance. Creating alignment within teams. High Performance Coaching. Connecting actions to meaning and purpose. Connect With Julian Free Coaching Session with Julian: http://www.shineglobal.com.au/coachingwithjulian/   Join "The New Human Summit" Just go to http://hpda.link/newhuman and register for a free ticket.


9 Jul 2018

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#058 - Zenia Tata Vice President Global Impact Strategy X-Prize

I met Zenia at the Creative Innovation Conference in Melbourne, where she was a speaker. Find out more here: http://www.creativeinnovationglobal.com.au/ The Podcast conversation with Zenia was eye-opening.  For example, the hundred most innovative companies in the world are not tackling the biggest problems in the world.  This massive mismatch raised both a question and is a big opportunity.  Zenia is VP at X-Prize and helps to solve those big challenges.  We also discuss how you should prepare for tomorrow's exponential world by becoming an arm-chair futurist.  Enjoy the episode! More about Zenia Zenia Tata joins XPRIZE with more than 21 years of experience in program design, management and business development for not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises. Her work has spanned 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Central America, with diverse issues ranging from water and food scarcity, economic enhancement, climate change, land rights, healthcare, education and child welfare. Her unique contribution has been to infuse these traditional development solutions with an entrepreneurial approach, where all stakeholders can draw tangible value from these programs and services. Connect with Zenia  X-Prize: https://www.xprize.org/about/our-team/zenia-tata LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zenia-tata Download your 5 Productivity Hacks here: http://hpda.link/phacks


26 Jun 2018

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