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Rodolfo Lara on How Horses Heal and the Power of the Breath- Ep 32

Rodolfo Lara is an accomplished horseman who travels the country sharing his knowledge through a program he calls Vaquero Horsemanship through Classical Riding. His insights into the ways we can change ourselves to improve our horses result from his quest to heal after his active duty service with the Marines as well as his time with mentors that shared their knowledge with him.  Sit back and enjoy his story.  If you'd like to watch this conversation you can find it here Learn more about Rodolfo on his Facebook Page or his Youtube Channel Join A Learner's Journey Newsletter for weekly updates on podcasts, virtual learning opportunities and bits of inspiration Join A Learner's Journey Facebook Group


9 Mar 2023

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Erin Sauer and Winning Your Horse's Heart- EP 31

Erin Sauer of Elite Equine Massage LAMP has been a licensed massage practitioner for over a decade. She loves sharing her passion with her clients and has developed a fabulous set of exercises any horse owner can learn to strengthen their bond with their horses. Get the free lesson here Get the $17 Sampler Course here Check out the complete Winning Your Horse's Heart Course here Follow Erin on Facebook Learn more about the Raising the Baar on Cantering Workshop  Stay updated about future learning opportunities with Shine a Light Productions AND A Learner's Journey podcast interviews by joining my weekly newsletter


27 Oct 2022

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After the Mongol Derby with Lena Haug- EP 30

Lena is one of life's great adventurers. Join me as I visit with her after her fascinating experience riding in the world's longest horse race- the Mongol Derby. Check out the first interview with Lena here  Learn more about The Mongol Derby with this documentary  Connect with Lena on Facebook  Join A Learner's Journey Facebook Group  If you'd like to stay posted on the podcasts plus weekly inspirational blog posts sign up for A Learner's Journey Newsletter. 


13 Oct 2022

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Reframing Frustration with Lillan Rome: A Refocus Episode- EP 29

In this episode, I'm doing something a little different and revisiting a clip from a past interview with Lillan Rome. I love this clip because it gives us a new way to look at the role frustration can play in our horsemanship journey. Listen to the full episode here Watch the full episode here Confidence Workshop with Lillan Learn more about Lillan


6 Oct 2022

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Ross Jacobs on the Limits of Lateral Flexion and Lessons from a Finnish Farmer- EP 28

Ross Jacobs is a gifted horseman and dedicated clinician based in Australia. His background as a medical researcher brought critical thinking and experimentation to his horsemanship. In this conversation we explore a wide range of topics including the limits of lateral flexion, directing our horses vs driving them and lessons he learned from a Finnish farmer. You can watch the interview here Learn more about Ross Jacobs Read Ross's article on Lateral Flexion Watch the interviews with Ross and Harry Whitney The podcast interview with Tom Moates Check out Ross's books If you'd like to join a positive, supportive group of horse lovers sharing their journeys- join A Learner's Journey Facebook Group

1hr 7mins

15 Sep 2022

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Beth Moran on Equine Trail Sports- the what, why and how- Ep 27

Beth Moran is the Director of Events for Equine Trail Sports. In our interview she shares more about the sport, who it's for and how to get started with it. Learn more about ETS ETS Facebook Page Learn more about the 2-hour interactive clinic with Lillan Rome- Develop Your Horse: The 3 Stages of Building Confidence Join the private A Learner's Journey Facebook Group


1 Sep 2022

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Linda Parelli on Setting Boundaries and Choosing Happiness- EP 26

Linda is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met. It's the one year anniversary of A Learner's Journey podcast and she's joining me for a second time (you can find a link to our first interview below). In this conversation we dive into a variety of topics, including the importance of being a leader for our horses, setting goals and clear boundaries and how she chooses happiness. Learn more about Linda Learn more about the Overcoming Obstacles virtual clinic coming up October 8, 2022 Watch/Listen to our first interview here Join A Learner's Journey Facebook Group The Talent Code (book mentioned in interview) Podcast interview Linda mentioned with Dan Millman and Lewis Howes (where she heard the crumpled sweater story)


18 Aug 2022

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Tom Moates on Learning with Harry Whitney and Changing a Horse's Thoughts

Tom is an award-winning equestrian journalist and author. His work is regularly featured in Western Horseman, Equus and Eclectic Horseman magazines. In this conversation we delve into the lessons he's learned from master horseman, Harry Whitney. The importance of having our horse's mind with us versus just moving them around and more lessons he's learned along the way.  Learn more about Tom Get Tom's Books Sign up for A Learner's Journey Newsletter Join A Learner's Journey Private Facebook Group Listen/Watch the interview with Charley Snell Listen/Watch the interview with Michelle Scully

1hr 5mins

4 Aug 2022

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Russell Higgins on Trailer Loading and Turning your Can'ts into How's

Russell Higgins is a gifted horseman who has been teaching people and starting horses since 1999. In this conversation we dive into trailer loading, an injury that almost cost him his riding career and how to turn your can'ts into how's. Watch the Interview here Learn more about Russell Join A Learner's Journey Private Facebook Group  Loading for Life Trailer Loading Course (about $250 in US dollars) Trailer loading video with Russell loading 1, then 2, then 4 horses! Country Calendar Episode on Russell and Ruth Russell’s Coaching Club Video of Russell teaching Cassidy to allow him to mount at a canter

1hr 12mins

21 Jul 2022

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Brene Brown, Milk & Eggs and the 4 Channels of Awareness- Warwick Schiller Interview Part 2

In Part 2, Warwick shares about how Brene Brown has impacted his life and what the 4 Channels of Awareness are and how they can improve your horsemanship. Watch this interview on Youtube Learn more about Warwick Learn more about the July 9/10, 2022 clinic with Warwick in Tacoma, Washington Join A Learner's Journey Private Facebook Group Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal is the book he mentioned Brene Brown's TED Talk Learn more about Barbara Schulte


8 Jul 2022

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