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Are your fears holding you back from succeeding in your personal or professional life? Do you lack the confidence, strategy and action plan you need to make your dreams your reality? Would you like to feel more alive, more joy with ease? Viv Allen brings you the True Growth Podcast, where she will be offering you MINDSET techniquesSTRATEGY tools ACTIONABLE tips To ensure your inevitable SUCCESS. Learn how to overcome fears that are holding you back so that you can do more of what you love, with who you love. As a Success Coach, Counsellor and yogi Viv brings you a unique blend of practical laser focus and a big dollop of compassion. Clear the sh*t out of your head so that you can live from your heart. With two decades of experience in professional and personal development, each short weekly episode Viv shares her insights, CLIENT WINS and top tips for putting what you learn into action. Viv overcame her own mindset challenges and is now living the dream on the beautiful beaches of southern England.Having guided 100’s of 1:1 clients to live their dream life, Viv is passionate about inspiring and nurturing you do the same. Let Viv take you by the hand and lead you from worrier to warrior, one step at a time.Teaching you how to find freedom from fear, build the confidence within to take courageous action needed to live a JOY FILLED life, with more ease and grace.

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Systemise Your Success| Season 2, Ep 30

It is the final episode of 2020! I am going to give you the opportunity to reflect on the year! I am going to reflect on my big 3 wins for 2020 and share some client wins too. In this episode: Find out how to FEEL more successful Find out how to BE more successful Devise a system for repeating that success on demand I share how you can set a solid foundation for your selfcare to support you and your business. I walk you through a reflection exercise Remember, your business performance depends firstly on your performance. https://www.vivallen.com/blog/systemise-your-success


30 Dec 2020

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Baby Steps and Big Wins | Season 2, Ep 29

It is our final Episode with Kat Ashley from Purbeck wholefoods. This is the sixth installment with my scholar Kat and she has been so generous in sharing her coaching experience over the last 6 months with us on the podcast. Listen in to discover how to balance passions and profit to improve personal and business performance In this episode Kat and I cover: ⭐️Blending taditional values with modern business strategies ⭐️Looking after our own health is one of the key takeaways from 2020 ⭐️Going all in and what a difference it makes to your business and wellbeing ⭐️Managing stress and building resilience in your business plans ⭐️Slaying your to do list through simple categorisation Kat and I explore the journey, how to create a business and lifestyle you love. Join us... https://www.vivallen.com/blog/baby-steps-and-big-wins


23 Dec 2020

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Mental Theft with Paul Newton | Season 2, Ep 28

Mental Theft with Paul Newton | Season 2, Ep 28 This week I am excited (and a little scared) to be talking to Paul Newton, magician and mindreader!! This year has given us challenges but also opportunities to start thinking about our lives and lifestyles...have you turned into a chunk, a hunk or a monk!? Paul shares how this year has made him think bigger! In this episode: Paul and I discuss how to use your personal power for good and overcoming imposter syndrome Paul shares how he has pivoted his business for performance and profit We discuss credit card fraud and protecting ourselves We talk playing small with a big heart and how to burst that bubble and change the world One lucky listener will receive a copy of Paul's book - Mental Theft, Your mind is the weakest link...all you need to do is leave a review and you will be in with a chance to get your hands on this book!


16 Dec 2020

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Five P's for living in peace and profit | Season 2, Ep 27

Five P's for living in peace and profit | Season 2, Ep 27 We are still looking at living with purpose this week and I am sharing with you my FIVE Ps that will transform your life. Today we will be covering how to rediscover your passion, how to write your purpose statement and how to befriend procrastination. In this episode: I share the importance of living with intention and purpose and finding your passion. When Eeyore is on your shoulder...it's time to go out to play! I let you in on why procrastination can be your friend. The power of our minds to create our reality is incredible...I show you how to harness this power for true success. In all I do I remember my chief purpose: To do more of what you love with who you love! https://www.vivallen.com/blog/peace-and-profit


9 Dec 2020

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Living With Purpose | Season 2, Ep 26

It is a new month and a new theme for the True Growth Podcast! This month I will be covering Living On Purpose! Are you wondering how you are going to find the energy or sanity to keep on going? Do you want to enter 2021 ready, willing and able to succeed and live on PURPOSE? Do you want to avoid burnout by beautifully balancing your work and life? On today’s show, I talk about living with purpose, on purpose.  In this episode: I share my realisation for my life's purpose! I talk benefits of new adventures including sea swims (even in the winter!) I have accepted that what I have to offer is a life-changing gift Remember: you can only help others from your own full cup I remind you how you get to decide, how you can choose to live according to your heart’s desires with passion AND profit. https://www.vivallen.com/blog/living-with-purpose


2 Dec 2020

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Passion into Profit with Kat Ashley | Season 2, Ep 25

Passion into Profit with Kat Ashley | Season 2, Ep 25 Listen in to the latest live coaching session with Kat as she explores how she has shaped her business to reflect her personal style. Hear how Kat has been able to bring her shop back to life so it is starting to glow despite Lockdowns and Pandemics. In this episode: ◾️ Learn the importance of building the right team around you ◾️ Kat shares how putting down roots and going all-in on one project has made a huge difference to her self-belief, confidence and personal life. ◾️ Kat and I talk about showing up as business owners on those days we would rather retreat. ◾️ Discover how Kat has turned her passion into profit If you are contemplating working with a coach or mentor in 2021 then this episode will help you to see the tangible and intangible benefits of expert and experienced support. https://www.vivallen.com/blog/passion-into-profit --------------------- 💚 Let me guide you every step of the way towards your DREAM life, filled with confidence, JOY and ease. Short cut your way straight to the GOOD stuff with my FREE Steps to Success Workbook https://www.vivallen.com/steps_to_success_opt-in


25 Nov 2020

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The Power of Persuasion with Cori Javid | Season 2, Ep 24

Join, this week's guest, Cori Javid and I as we discuss... The power of persuasion, team building and keeping calm and carrying on! Cori shares her inspiration for starting an online business, how she overcame personal mindset blocks to succeed and how she is now helping Mums who are business owners to change their mindset and allow money to light up their life. In this episode... > Discover how to avoid burn out...you can do anything but not everything! > Cori reveals what truly makes her happy and how this helps all areas of her life > Cori and I discuss the joy in helping others to find their magic > Hear how doing the inner work is the key to combating imposter syndrome > Cori shares her cheesy yet wonderful quote: "My job isn't to be your crutch but to pass you your cape!" https://www.vivallen.com/blog/powerofpersuasion


18 Nov 2020

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How to find focus in a world of chaos and distraction | Season 2, Ep 23

How to find focus in a world of chaos and distraction  | Season 2, Ep 23 Following our theme of Calm to Chaos for the month, today I am looking at finding your focus. Take care of you so that you can have a healthier work-life balance. Does it feel like you are on a running machine that's going too fast, but you can’t get off? Do you want to slow down so that you can take a break? In this week's episode: I talk about breaking those habits that slow you down How to architect your day to combat stress with resilience  I share 3 words to help you find your calm I look at the importance of reflecting at the end of your working day Enjoy my tips for finding calm in a chaotic world... https://www.vivallen.com/blog/how-to-find-focus


11 Nov 2020

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Mastering the Sunday Scaries | Season 2, Ep 22

Novembers theme is moving from chaos to calm and this week we are tackling anxiety. Are you running away from things you need to do? Are you the bottleneck in your business? Do you have the ability to focus your attention on tasks that need to be completed? Nope?  Well listen in to this weeks episode and discover the three Cs to mastering the Sunday scaries, stop procrastinating and start LIVING. In this episode... >> I help you figure out how to move your office from chaos to calm >> I offer some questions to assist you in figuring out who is really in your team >> I ask you to look at how you react under pressure: Do you retreat or advance? >> I talk about true connection... the art of being engaged and engaging Remember to take care of YOU first https://www.vivallen.com/blog/mastering-the-sunday-scaries


4 Nov 2020

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place | Season 2, Ep 21

We are back with a fourth episode with my scholar Kat Ashley! Listen in to another live coaching session where Kat and I explore how she can safely navigate opening her shop to customers as winter approaches and possibly another lockdown. You will hear: - Kat offer up an update of her successes and struggles since the last instalment - Kat and I discuss visibility and how to overcome resistance to getting out there- How covid has changed the way Kat and her team are working with their lovely customers  Enjoy some key takeaways that you can implement in your life and biz too https://www.vivallen.com/blog/rock-and-a-hard-place


28 Oct 2020

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