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Inside Health Care: Presented by NCQA

Every month on the Inside Health Care podcast, the NCQA Communications team interviews the health care industry’s most prolific thought leaders to extract their secrets on how they work to improve health care quality. Listeners can count on us for up-to-date information on everything from delivery reform to patient experience.

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Inside Health Care #58: Vanessa Guzman, of SmartRise Health, on Quality Improvement

Vanessa Guzman of SmartRise HealthIn this episode of Inside Health Care, Vanessa Guzman, CEO of SmartRise Health, chats with NCQA’s Matt Brock about aligning quality improvement between payers and providers. Vanessa discusses key components of a quality program for these two groups, and how to prioritize measures when participating in multiple value-based care arrangements. Vanessa also discusses how payers and providers can engage patients to address gaps in care and how best to integrate social determinants of health as part of a quality program. Learn more about the NCQA’S Digital Measurement Community here.


22 Feb 2021

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