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IDK Who Needs To Hear This Podcast!You may not need to hear this but somebody does. Check in with Hosts: Smoove, J.Will & Goldie Rube every Tuesday for opinionated hot takes on HipHop culture, life, relationships & urban media.#IDKWhoNeedstoHearThis #GrindBoys #GBFratHouse #TheAdvocation All feedback is welcomed Follow on Instagram @idk_whoneedstohearthis_podcast

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Episode 5 No Finance, No Romance (feat Rakiya)

This Week Rube & Smoove discuss their views on Valentines Day. Also Rakiya comes thru to chop it up with the gang . Like, Share, and Subscribe! Follow today’s guest https://instagram.com/rakiyag_

1hr 8mins

12 Feb 2019

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Episode 23 -You ever caught a cold in the Summer ? (Feat Amber)

In this Post-Thanksgiving pod the fellas welcome Smoove’s friend Amber to talk about holiday tradition and Thanksgiving’s core family values. Smoove asks if recording a good deed or donation make it disingenuous? GOLDIE’s sparks a convo about watching pedophiles at family gatherings. And all of this somehow concludes with a therapeutic discussion about parental upbringing. Like, Share, and Subscribe!Follow today’s guest! Https://instagram.com/_soamber

1hr 3mins

3 Dec 2019

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Episode 26 - Christmas in the Ghetto

*Merry Christmas & Happy holidays from the Gang* Smoove and Goldie Recall their best and worse Christmas experiences. Afterward they address current events: the Karol Sanchez kidnapping haux, and the Trump impeachment.

1hr 14mins

26 Dec 2019

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Episode 21 - Rejuvenated

Back by popular demand Smoove and Goldie return to podding to give you personal PSA’s on understanding the difference between Anxiety & Anxiousness, detaching from unwarranted friendships and the seriousness of human sex trafficking abductions and more...

1hr 46mins

20 Nov 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 6 - Stay Black

On this Episode Rube, Rakiyah and Smoove Leave the month of Love and express their views on Black Businesses, Creators, Supporters.

1hr 44mins

19 Feb 2019

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Episode 12 - From THE ADVOCATION to THE MARATHON (feat. The Grindboys)

The Grindboys are in full attendance to honor the 1 Year anniversary of “The Advocation”. However, the celebration gets cut short as news breaks of Nipsey Hussle’s murder, to which we use the remainder of the pod to mourn and pay homage to Nipsey the great. The Marathon Continues! Like, Share, and Subscribe! Follow today’s guest https://instagram.com/donsav_ https://instagram.com/grindboy_treday https://instagram.com/juelspierrot https://instagram.com/_59savage https://instagram.com/ilike23s

1hr 15mins

2 Apr 2019

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Episode 28 - “Toxic” (Ft Ern)

We welcome you all to the First installment of Toxic Tuesdays! We gave you a full hour of TOXIC MASCULINITY, because what better way to get rid of Toxic behavior than to unleash it all at once? We’ve got a lot to let out: Surviving RKelly pt2, Ern goes to trial & pleads his case, decoding toxic text, men thirst trapping on vacation, and many more.... Like, Share & Subscribe follow today’s guest https://instagram.com/_59savage

1hr 12mins

14 Jan 2020

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Episode 4 - What is Your Etiquette ? (feat Vee)

On this episode Rube & Smoove discuss etiquette and behaviors in relationships, love language and Smoove's sister Vee stops by for a conversation. Like, Share, and Subscribe! Follow today’s guest https://instagram.com/bossladivee_

1hr 7mins

5 Feb 2019

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Episode 19 2009 vs 2019 (feat Aziz Wright)

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed on the following episode are that of the hosts and/or guests. They are not meant to sway the opinion of our listeners, but rather to invoke and inspire thought provoking conversation.Smoove and Rube welcome 3-Time Diamond Gloves Champion/ Boxer/ Trainer/ Entrepreneur Aziz “Boss” Wright aka Rah to kick it and tell his story as we revisit our mind state on politics, sports, and education in the year 2009, in comparison, to what we’ve learned over the years and how we think in the present (2019). Along the way, Aziz explains the process of how he reformed his body and mind after spending 4 years in jail fighting murder charges; he also explains how that struggle helped mold him into a better businessman, boxer, homeowner, and father. Smoove sheds light on the Popeyes pandemonium and Rube has a another rant about pseudo-intellectuals. Like, Share, and Subscribe!Follow today’s guest https://instagram.com/_boss_10

1hr 45mins

27 Aug 2019

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Episode 14 - WTF is Wrong with N*ggas?1

To kick off this week’s Pod, Goldie contemplates joining the CB2k tour. In a flurry of negative news surrounding sexual misconduct, and sexual assault cases, the fellas dive into toxic male culture. Later, Smoove and Goldie give reviews on the “When they See Us” series.

1hr 13mins

12 Jun 2019

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Episode 11 - So What You About to Do!?

Smoove wants to know the go to movies during Netflix and chill, Goldie asks how to tell a girl/guy when you want them to leave? And Rakiya owns her sexuality!

1hr 20mins

26 Mar 2019

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Episode 24 - Monetization & Marginalization

After opening up with jokes about the craziest thing you’ve ever done for sex, Smoove and Goldie discuss the importance of understanding the “homeboy discount”. Support the creators! After defining the term “snitching ” Goldie questions whether there’s ever an appropriate time to snitch. Somehow, this conversation turns into a group debate about black America’s affinity with gangster culture and the portrayal of black men in media entertainment.

1hr 9mins

11 Dec 2019

Rank #12

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Episode 22 - Spooky Hours

Smoove & Goldie open the pod with a series of miscellaneous topics such as; late night spooky hours, spooky hour pet peeves & parental pet peeves. Goldie breaks down his conspiracy theory surrounding the music industry’s plant antics on Netflix’s hit show Rhythm & Flow, Which leads to a rant about Nipsey’s 3 posthumous Grammy nominations.

1hr 17mins

26 Nov 2019

Rank #13

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Episode 25 - Gentrification & Accountability!

In the aftermath of the December 10th Domestic Terror attack on Jersey City’s Greenville area, Smoove & Goldie report on the fear and heated division between the black community, the Jewish community, & the Jersey city police department. TRE Returns to discuss inherited slave mentality amongst blacks & whites, black accountability, and urban GENTRIFICATION. The fellas also discuss HipHop culture’s promotion of substance abuse over this past decade.

1hr 43mins

17 Dec 2019

Rank #14

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Episode 15 - Daddy’s Home! (Feat. Tre and Shawn)

In this special father’s day episode, Smoove and Rube welcome Tre and Doolie to converse about the importance of being young black fathers: from Rube’s perspective of having a relationship with two paternal figures, to Smoove’s utter respect and love for the bond he built with his father. As we define the role of a “bonus dad” we ultimate redefine what an “OG” should look like. All thoughts of fatherhood are on the table: fear, ego, pride, depression, and priority of loyalty. Like, Share, and Subscribe! Follow today’s guest https://instagram.com/donsav_ https://instagram.com/grindboy_treday

1hr 35mins

18 Jun 2019

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Episode 20 Alliance & Infiltration

In the midst of Dave Chapplle’s controversial “Sticks and Stones” comedy special, the fellas compare and contrast the difference of power and control over hates slurs such as: the “N-word” in the African American community and the “F-word” in the LGBT community. Rube rants about Affirmative Action and Infiltration in regards to gun registry, police brutality, and police corruption. Smoove thinks it’s time for people to mature and learn from old habits.

1hr 22mins

10 Sep 2019

Rank #16

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Episode 16 - Who’s Summer is This?

To kick off the podcast Smoove recaps the Democratic debate, which ultimately evokes our fears of America’s flawed judicial system. After Carmelo is spotted in paris we discuss “creeping”. Is creeping still a thing? Can you even creep successfully at this day and age? Is it even worth it? Later Goldie questions the actions of the hot girl/city girl movement. Are females living up to their names? And who is the summer really for?

1hr 14mins

2 Jul 2019

Rank #17

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Episode 13 - All about the Energy

After a 6 week hiatus, WE’RE FINALLY BACK; And we’re picking up right where we left off. Smoove starts by addressing the energy and legacy Nipsey Hussle left behind since his unfortunate murder. Goldie vents about Jersey City Politics and Bored of Ed faculty cutbacks, which ultimately leads us to our thoughts on Gentrification. Meanwhile, Rakiya has a bone to pick with Alabama’s shitty abortion laws.

1hr 8mins

29 May 2019

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Episode 10 Take your talents to SouthBeach

Smoove & Goldie discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of this past weekends spring break festivities seen on Instagram. Smoove relives some spring break stories of his own and Goldie talks taking one for the team.

1hr 7mins

19 Mar 2019

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*Bonus Episode 27 - 1st Episode Ever 2019

Here’s a throwback clip of of the fellas 1st ever unaired episode. The content may be predated but the conversation was very much relevant. Thoughts on Pedophilia, the Surviving R.Kelly Documentary, Toxic friendships and New Year Reformation. Happy New Year Enjoy


3 Jan 2020

Rank #20