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Alpha Geek Podcast: CIOs and Technical Leaders

On the Alpha Geek Podcast, Andrew Ramsden speaks with leaders in digital and technology—whether that be CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, Executives, Managers, Tech leads, or influencers within a technical field. Conversation centres around their leadership journeys, challenges, successes and what they’ve learned along the way. Andrew’s mission is to deconstruct how they do what they do and get them to reveal the tips, tricks, and philosophies behind their leadership success.

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AGP Ep 37: Dr Tim Patston and Peter Evans-Greenwood—Digital agency and the skills gap⁠—Should everyone learn to code?

Dr Tim Patston is the head of Innovation at Geelong Grammar School, and Peter Evans-Greenwood is a fellow at Deloitte Centre for the Edge. They have been working together on research around the future of work and the digital skills gap, and have uncovered some unexpected results. Listen now.

1hr 11mins

24 Oct 2019

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AGP Ep 36: Jamie Leach—Open data, open mind, open doors

Jamie Leach is the CEO and Founder of Open Data Australia. Jamie has had a long and varied leadership history across a range of industries including finance and tech and AI startups. Jamie has distilled her approach to leadership so that it can work across boundaries and industries. Listen now.


1 May 2019

Rank #2

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AGP Ep 35: Peter Evans-Greenwood—Welcome to the future, we have robots

Peter Evans-Greenwood has deep experience as a CTO and tech strategist and is now a Fellow at Deloitte’s Centre for the Edge, helping organisations understand the digital revolution and how they can embrace the future. We get deep into artificial intelligence and the future of work. Will we still have jobs in the future? Peter is confident he has the answer. Listen now.

1hr 7mins

17 Apr 2018

Rank #3

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AGP Ep 34: Michael Reid—Sales is a critical part of life, especially for leaders

Michael Reid is a fully qualified Aerospace Engineer, and then made a shift into sales in IT. He has worked his way into leadership roles, and is now the State Manager for Cisco in Queensland. Hear about the twists and turns in his leadership journey and how to disrupt yourself before others disrupt you. Listen now.

1hr 22mins

12 Mar 2018

Rank #4

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AGP Ep 33: Jeff Haden—From Upworker to global thought leader. How to maintain your motivation all the way to the top

Jeff Haden is a world-renowned writer and ghostwriter. Much of what he has written about is in the leadership, influence and personal development space. We talk about some of the key leadership lessons Jeff has picked up from interviewing hundreds of the best in the world. Listen now.


15 Feb 2018

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AGP Ep 32: Kristy Simpkin—Women in technology—How to shift the culture towards inclusion for women and for the good of the industry

Kristy Simpkin is the Co-President of the ICT arm of Women In Technology who promote women in the industry and what we can all do as leaders to help address the biases and imbalances that are still present in the industry. Listen now.


19 Sep 2017

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AGP Ep 31: Andrew Ramsden—My #1 leadership lesson and how you can apply it

Andrew Ramsden is the CEO and Founder of Alpha Transform and host of the Alpha Geek podcast. He has a particular passion for leadership development for technical professionals. In this episode Andrew talks about his most important leadership lesson and how you can apply it. Listen now.


30 Aug 2017

Rank #7

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AGP Ep 30: Karin Geraghty—Shifting the gravity from tech skills to people skills

Karin Geraghty is the Chief ICT and Digital Strategist for Department of Premier and Cabinet in South Australia. She has led many successful large-scale transformations in South Australia and shares a lot of wonderful insights about how to be a leader in that environment. Listen now.


25 Jul 2017

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AGP Ep 29: Leigh Berrell—Maximise your impact. Get the best from others and support them to thrive

Leigh Berrell was a geek from an early age, interested in science and electronics. He has had an impressive career working his way from hands-on technical roles up to CIO roles over the past 10 years. Listen to hear how Leigh made the transition and his top leadership lessons. Listen now.


4 Jul 2017

Rank #9

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AGP Ep 28: Mark Glazebrook—Girls invent. On intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, and supporting young female inventors

Dr. Mark Glazebrook is an inventor, academic, and founder of Girls Invent who supports girls in schools to become innovators and entrepreneurs. Listen to hear how this movement is helping to shift the imbalances in the industry and how you can be involved. Listen now.


13 Jun 2017

Rank #10