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PARTIES l RADIO l LABEL I PREMIERE'Shttps://soundcloud.com/joemorris https://soundcloud.com/nickjsmith https://soundcloud.com/iain_macPromos, Premieres & Info - info@clandestino.co.ukShows 20201.18 Wilde Renate, Berlin3.7 Inner City Electronic, Leeds3.14 Whisky Jar, Manchester3.20 - Postponed5.7 Cobalt, Newcastle5.24 Refuge, Manchester (TBC)6.5 Distrikt w/Longhair, Leeds8.28 Distrikt w/Ruf Dug, LeedsShows 20192.15 - Mint Club w/HUNEE, Leeds3.09 - Hare&Hounds, Birmingham4.06 - ALFOS, Sheaf St, Leeds5.25 - Alfresco Festival, Kent6.01 - Inner City Electronic, Leeds6.07 - Live Art Bistro w/Andrew Weatherall6.23 - L/IT Leeds7.05 - Sheaf St, Leeds7.13 - 212 w/Timothy Fairplay, Leeds [CANCELLED]7.20 - Beyond Paradise w/Tom of England, Leeds7.28 - Piece Hall, Halifax8.11 - L/IT Leeds9.28 - Venue TBC, Hastings [CANCELLED]9.21 - Five Miles, London12.7 - Old Red Bus Station, Leeds12.14 - Headrow House w/Derrick Carter12.22 - Doghouse, LeedsShows 20182.03 - Renate, Berlin2.16 - Lion & Lamb, London2.23 - The Mash House, Edinburgh3.03 - A Love From Outer Space, Leeds3.16 - Distrikt, Leeds3.23 - Roomfm, Barcelona3.23 - Slow, Barcelona4.20 - Duke Studios, Leeds5.18 - Distrikt, Leeds5.26 - Automat Radio @ Alfresco Festival5.27 - Alfresco Festival, Kent6.02 - Inner City Electronic, Leeds6.30 - Clandestino Terrace Party w/ALFREDO, Feelings, Field of Dreams, Leeds7.10 - Pikes, Ibiza (Nick & Joe)8.05 - L/IT, Leeds8.26 - L/IT Summer Closing, Leeds9.08 - Distrikt, Leeds9.28 - Clandestino & Lost Property present Wilde Renate, Leeds10.27 - Distrikt w/Andrew Weatherall, Leeds12.1 - VoyageVoyage, Berlin12.22 - Distrikt, Leeds20171.01 Clandestino @ Distrikt, Leeds2.11 Kater Blau, Berlin3.22 Headrow House, Leeds3.25 Clandestino w/Felix Dickinson, Leeds5.05 Rye Wax, Peckham London5.13 Renate, Berlin5.26 Alfresco Festival, Tonbridge Wells6.16 5th Birthday w/A Love From Outer Space7.14 Doghouse, Leeds7.29 Headrow House, Leeds8.04 Distrikt, Leeds8.19 Downtown Yard Club, Leeds (Iain)9.1 Megapolis Radio, Moscow (Nick & Joe)9.2 Powerhouse, Moscow (Nick & Joe)9.23 Paula's Record Store, Leeds11.11 Neon Night, Newcastle [CANCELLED]12.23 Distrikt, Leeds2016 April 15th Distrikt, LeedsMay 14th Distrikt w/Optimo, LeedsMay 27th Alfresco Festival, Colbrook LakesJune 10th Lagraviere, Geneva (Joe & Iain)June 24th Distrikt, LeedsAugust 12th Distrikt Leeds w/ParamidaSeptember 24th La Rotonde, ParisOctober 1st Distrikt w/ Les Yeux OrangeOctober 21st Musica Noche, LondonDecember 3rd 10 Feet Hot, Nottingham TBC2015March 6th ClandestinoMay 22nd Mint Warehouse, LeedsMay 25th Alfresco FestivalJune 13th Made in Leeds FestivalJuly 8th Electric Elephant, CroatiaJuly 18th Vanishing Point, LondonAugust 15th Distrikt, LeedsSeptember 19th, Mint FestivalNovember 14th Distrikt w/Franic Inferno OrchestraDecember 4th Distrikt w/Ivan SmaggheBooking, Promos & Infos: info @ clandestino.co.ukN.b we cannot respond to all demo's & mix submissionsClandestino have been involved in Leeds' underground music scene for over 20 years; regularly throwing diverse parties and inviting exciting DJ talent. Their esoteric style of dance music has gained them gigs at some of Europe’s premier club spots such as Renate in Berlin, Stalingrad in Paris, Geneva’s La Graviere and Powerhouse in Moscow in addition to being regular fixtures on the discerning festival circuit. Their monthly show on KMAH Radio is deemed essential and their podcast series is revered world wide for showcasing regular mixes from high caliber and lesser known DJ's.

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Clandestino 065 - Balearic Gabba Sound System

Marco Gallerani and Enzo Elia make up the sonically weird yet feel good DJ tag team Balearic Gabba Sound System. Marco's Hell Yeah Recordings is a firm favourite, putting out essential releases from Templehof, Gigi Masin, Mushrooms Project and others. Their own output comes in the form of a new EP on Golf Channel next month plus a remix for Steve Cobby on Secret Life Music.https://soundcloud.com/balearic-gabba

1hr 6mins

28 Oct 2015

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Clandestino 070 - Cabaret Nocturne

Very pleased to welcome Brussels native Raphaël de Sauvage alias Cabaret Nocturne to the Clandestino series. His recent EP's on Join Our Club have all been essential, with previous output on Rotten City and Melómana of similar quality; no surprise since he cites New Order, Prince and Depeche Mode among his heaviest influences. His new EP 'Blood Walk' on Beachcoma is out this week; and his monthly K7 Nocturne podcasts are well worth seeking outhttps://soundcloud.com/cabaretnocturne

1hr 8mins

25 Jan 2016

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Clandestino KMAH Radio Show - September 2018

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5 Sep 2018

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Clandestino 100 - JD Twitch / Optimo

And so we come to our 100th episode. We have been lucky enough to have showcased some incredible mixes since we started; it's truly been a pleasure to feature established guests as well as giving a platform to lesser known names. For this milestone mix we always had a particular guest in mind and we're more than honoured they agreed to be a part of the series. Optimo's musical ethos bleeds into the way we approach all our musical endeavours, be it a club night, DJ set, the label or indeed a mix series. We often find ourselves difficult to explain musically, which in this day & age of everything having to sit in its own box can on occasion be a source of frustration. But then when you look at Optimo who constantly and succesfully champion just great music who cares about genres. It's a mantra that's hopefully mirrored across our mix series. This year Keith and Jonnie enter their 20th year with Optimo; more relevant than ever with their exciting, eclectic DJ performances around the globe. Keith's two labels Optimo Music and Optimo Trax are garnered to shining a light on new and unusual music both for the club and beyond. Thanks to Keith for putting this edition together and thanks to you , dear listener for being on the journey with us. Much love, Clandestino xhttps://soundcloud.com/twitch https://soundcloud.com/optimo-music

1hr 28mins

1 Feb 2017

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Clandestino 131 - Heat-Wave

Now here's a timely session for those of us in Europe getting hammered by the Siberian snows. Daniel T and Wyatt Potts' Heat-Wave project is an LA based party collective with a passion for international afro-centric house and funk feels. With a monthly show on NTS, Daniel and Wyatt bring the heat with a glorious juxtaposition of all things cosmic, zouk, kwaito, italo and latin inspired. This one is for the shoulder shakers...https://soundcloud.com/danieltmusic https://soundcloud.com/wyattpotts

1hr 1min

28 Feb 2018

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Clandestino 093 - Chida

A real pleasure to welcome Chida to the mix series this week. Without question one of the finest of a new wave of DJs plying their craft across the world today; Chida made his name in his native Tokyo with his favored long and deeply skillful sets throughout the nineties regularly playing alongside Masters at Work for thier Nu Yorican Soul parties. In 2009 he launched his label Ene, quickly gaining admirers from aficionados Eric Duncan and Andrew Weatherall to Idjut Boys and Lindstrom with its high calibre output. His recent mix of Coyote's "Fight The Future" on our label is out there now and laying waste to dance-floors the world over. It's a delight to host a contribution on Clandestino with this searing, barnstorming selection.https://soundcloud.com/chida73

1hr 38mins

28 Nov 2016

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Clandestino 060 - Selvy

Welcome one of Europe's brightest new talents to the Clandestino series. Poznan's Selvy belongs to a new breed of producers emerging from the so-called Polo House and Baltic Beat scene; a talented group of heroes turning out high quality, yet quirky underground dance music; often with exotic, tropical sensibilities and raw, dusty production values that are appearing on Poland's Transatlantyk and The Very Polish Cut Outs imprints. Selvy's 'Compass' EP is one of the highlights of the year; forthcoming remixes for Khidja on Emotional Especial and more killer tracks slated for TVPCO and Maciek Sienkiewicz's Father & Son Records & Tapes label should seal him as a name for the futurehttp://www.soundcloud.com/selvy


18 Aug 2015

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Clandestino 090 - Kimo

Exotic autumnal sounds from Jakarta this week as we welcome Kimo to the series. With his release on Hot Digits riding high in the Juno Records chart and an EP due this month for IsitBalearic? Kimo is our tip for one to watch. His own Double Deer imprint exists as a platform for unheard artists from Indonesia coupled with stylish output from internationally like-minded artists such as Max Essa and Ilija Rudman.https://soundcloud.com/kimopots https://soundcloud.com/doubledeerrecords

1hr 35mins

2 Nov 2016

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Clandestino KMAH Radio Show - March 2019

Track ID's at www.facebook.com/clandestinoleeds


21 Mar 2019

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Clandestino 129 - Steve Cobby

Steve Cobby has been in the trenches of the UK electronic music since the late Eighties. Touring the world with his Fila Brazilia collective and much loved Pork Recordings stable, Steve has been a man of many pseudonyms and collaborations. In 2014 Steve chose to concentrate on solo work which has so far yielded three fine albums, the most recent of which last year's 'Hemidemisemiquaver' rightly found itself at the top of many 2017 best of lists. Here he turns in a super cool mix touching on dub, funk, disco and tracks featured from the new album. A string of UK dates are imminent, check his facebook page for details and be sure to check his extensive bandcamp page for lots of great musichttp://stevecobby.co.uk https://soundcloud.com/steve-cobby https://www.facebook.com/stevecobbyproducer

1hr 46mins

6 Feb 2018

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Clandestino KMAH Radio Show - September 2018 #2

Full playlist at www.facebook.com/clandestinoleeds


27 Sep 2018

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Clandestino 059 - SHMLSS

It's always nice when folks get in touch with us to share music and it's even better when the music turns out to be great, as is the case when SHMLSS sent us this mix. Bart van Manen & Michiel Lancee are the vinyl loving duo behind it; steadily plying their trade in Utrecht and Amsterdam, curating their own vision of underground, electronic music which has glorious shades of disco through to Detroit influences. Their mix is a heady journey though Afro, Balearica, retro soaked house numbers & strung out emotive tech cuts which seriously left us wanting more. Look out for their forthcoming new label XXX which promises a first release from Clandestino favourire Jack Patternhttps://soundcloud.com/shmlss

1hr 51mins

3 Aug 2015

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Clandestino 084 - Paramida

Clandestino & Twisted Geisha are pleased to give a Leeds debut to one of Europe's leading female DJ's and party rockers. Paramida made her name as an upstart behind the counter at Berlin's'Oye Record Store and held a riotous two year residency at Salon Zur Wilden Renate with her Paradisco parties; inviting luminaries Tornado Wallace, DJ Fett Burger, Telephones, Danielle Baldelli, DJ Sprinkles, Man Power and others along for the ride. Her Love On The Rocks label has lit up an often staid Berlin techno scene with colourful releases to date from Discodromo, Fantastic Man, Telephones and Zombies in Miami. Paramida can be found regularly playing at the Garden Festival, Gottwood, Lisbon's Lux Club and on Beats in Space and her unpredictable yet fiery and dramatic DJ set at Distrikt is not to be missed...https://soundcloud.com/paramida

1hr 3mins

9 Aug 2016

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Clandestino 125 - Dawn Again

For our next installment we head to Melbourne, Australia for an hour of deep, organic lush sounds put together for us from Dawn Again. Nick Verwey has impressed with a string of killer cuts of late on Rothmans, Porn Wax and Wonder Stories. His latest, again a collaboration with Rothmans is the essential 'Nazare' EP on Manchester's El Diablos imprint. The mix finishes off with our very own remix of their 'Woman For A Day' from the recent Pele EP. Smooth...https://soundcloud.com/dawn-again


17 Nov 2017

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Clandestino 097 - Aimes

Starting off our 2017 series with a woozy, hazy blend of cosmic, strung out disco and slow burning house touches is Aimes; production moniker and musical alter ego of Alabama born, Brooklyn resident Aman Ellis. A busy output has seen him release with Clandestino homies Rothmans and Nang plus regular EP's for Pole Position and his own Wonder Stories imprint, whom are just about to put out the 'Grandiose Visions' EP with DJ Rocca and the Beat Broker mixes so keep 'em peeled for that. Also out now is his Central Balearica EP with parts 2 & 3 to follow soon....https://soundcloud.com/aimes

1hr 33mins

4 Jan 2017

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Clandestino 145 - Bogdan Ra

Moscow's digger and edit sensation Bogdan Ra delivers a mix for Clandestino that takes in themes from new beat, italo, acid and edgy disco. Catch him this Friday at Dewar's Powerhouse https://soundcloud.com/bogdan_ra

1hr 7mins

23 Jan 2019

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Clandestino 081 - José Manuel

An Italian in Berlin delivers a fresh selection of dubbed out, afro heavy sounds as José Manuel takes to the stage this week. With influences that take in as diverse sounds as tropical disco, Bollywood and Turkish music José has delivered exciting releases for Kinfolk, Tusk Wax and Kill The DJ. An album for Kenneth Bager's essential Music For Dreams imprint is imminent with remixes slated from Leo Mas and Mehmet Aslan. Now that's what we call a dream team...https://soundcloud.com/josemanuel883

1hr 16mins

29 Jun 2016

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Clandestino 086 - Roe Deers

Unassuming electronics this time out from Lithuanian duo Roe Deers; a Lithuanian-based audio-visual project led by Liudas and Oskaras. Often mistaken for brothers Liudas first started DJ’ing at his parents’ club at the age of 12 while Oskaras made his transition from a geek kid into a proper visual artist. The two met while clubbing in their teenage years and eventually developed a shared taste for what’s right on the dance floor. On the Independence Day of Lithuania they picked an oddly folkloric name and that was the start of the Roe Deers project. http://soundcloud.com/roedeers


21 Sep 2016

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Clandestino 076 - Simple Symmetry

Hypnotic eastern sounds, P-Funk influences and heavenly Russian cosmica form this unique mix as we welcome Moscow's Simple Symmetry to the series. Brothers Sergey & Alexander Lipsky have quietly been turning out exquisite releases over the last couple of years on Glenview, Low Budget and more recently killer cuts on XXX and Cosmic Pint Glass. Get to know...https://soundcloud.com/simple-symmetry


19 Apr 2016

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Clandestino 079 - Mushrooms Project

A Mushrooms Project session is always a delight and it's great to welcome them to a long overdue Clandestino podcast. Making up for it with an extended 2 hour set; Marco and Giorgio lead us through snaking voodoo melodies, trippy downbeat balearica and low slung cosmic disco. Freaky, druggy, enchanting. Trust us, 'tis truly a thing of wonder.https://soundcloud.com/mushrooms-project2

2hr 15mins

7 Jun 2016

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