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@Mostly_Linux on #Mostly_Gaming Episode 0.28

Video Podcast #SmallTalk GTX 2080ti has shipped! Expect it to arrive on October 9th. Ryzen 2700x installed after much frustration mostlylinux.libsyn.com #NewsFeed Linux market share on Steam now at a 16 month high SteamPlay 2.0 Manifests · AppID: 891390 · Steam Database Microsoft pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update due to major issues XCOM 2 to receive free War of the Chosen Tactical Legacy Pack on PC Skywind, the fan project to rebuild Morrowind inside Skyrim, gets a new trailer What we want to see from new Nintendo Switch hardware #FocusON [Best of the Year - 3Q2018] Metacritic Game Rankings #DiscoveryQueue Vigilantes Timespinner Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales https://store.steampowered.com/app/493900/Dungeons_3/ #BackoftheShow Good deeds this week Say Thank-You @Mostly_Linux@ProtonMail.com

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7 Oct 2018

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@Mostly_Linux on #Mostly_Gaming Episode 0.27

#SmallTalk Nvidia delays GeForce RTX 2080 Ti general availability by another week #Non-SponsoredVideo The birth of a Legend Battletech 2018 Campaign MoltenMetal #FocusON [The #Linux #CoC] What is the #CoC Linus Torvalds set up Linux as a meritocracy Linus Torvads Steps Aside Code of Conduct is Established Authored by Coraline Ada Ehmke Additional Links: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DnTTfi7XoAAdk08.jpg https://twitter.com/Mostly_Linux https://itsfoss.com/linux-code-of-conduct/ https://www.itwire.com/open-sauce/84627-after-linus-torvalds,-sjws-are-now-coming-for-ted-ts-o.html https://m.hardocp.com/news/2018/09/23/linux_developers_threaten_to_pull_kill_switch Resulting in a backlash #NCoC Linus answers some questions #NewsFeed Wine 3.17 Brings Better Shell Auto-Completion Support, Bug Fixes Valve have pushed out a new Steam Play beta with DXVK 0.80 and more BATTLETECH gets an opt-in Linux beta on Steam #DiscoveryQueue Pathfinder: Kingmaker CrossCode Niffleheim Mana Spark #BackoftheShow Good deeds this week Secret Code #TheDealIsDone


30 Sep 2018

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@Mostly_Linux on #Mostly_Gaming 0.25

#SmallTalk Nvidia delays GeForce RTX 2080 Ti general availability by one week Linux Academy Announces Acquisition of Jupiter Broadcasting #Non-SponsoredVideo COD Black Ops 4 BLACKOUT Battle Royale by Typical Gamer #FocusON [Venture Capital] So you wanna be a VC? #NewsFeed NVIDIA Turing Architecture In-Depth Vulkan has just become the world’s first graphics API with a formal memory model. So, what is a memory model and why should I care? - The Khronos Group Inc The Verge: Microsoft to ‘warn’ Windows 10 users not to install Chrome or Firefox Another glass please, Wine 3.16 is out, fixes issues in multiple games like Overwatch and Warframe DXVK 0.72 is out, bringing more configuration options and game fixes #DiscoveryQueue Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Proton) The Culling BR Has gone FTP Victory at Sea Pacific Just One Line Axis Football 2018 Escape the Labyrinth #BackoftheShow


16 Sep 2018

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@Mostly_Linux on #Mostly_Gaming Episode 0.24

Video Links: PeerTube YouTube #SmallTalk We're Bringing an Overwatch League Team to Toronto! #TorontoOWL @TorontoOWL #Non-SponsoredVideo Surviving Mars Linux Stream by Michael Fox #NewsFeed Proton Beta 3.7.6-beta Progressive Web Apps moving mainstream Purism's Privacy & Security-Focused Librem 5 Linux Phone Delayed for April 2019 Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 "Cindy" Cinnamon Is Out, Here's How to Upgrade Now GNOME 3.30 "Almeria" Desktop Environment Officially Released, Here's What's New #DiscoveryQueue Big Paradox Sale of Mostly_Linux Games Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age #GameQueue Mass Effect: Andromeda (Windows) Pillars of Eternity II (XPS 13) Dragon Quest XI: Antergos 1070 FFXV: Portable Edition (Essential PH1) Uncharted 4: A Thieves End (PS4) Wolfenstein: A New Order (Antergos 1070) #Focus on [Building a PC] Building a Linux Gaming PC https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/

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9 Sep 2018

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@Mostly+Linux on #Mostly_Gaming Episode 0.23

Small Talk Ed Sheeran Night in Toronto Ed Sheeran - Multiply Live in Dublin (Full Live Show) If you haven’t already switched to Firefox, do it now Newsfeeds Valve is getting into livestreaming, Amazon is making games, and Discord is selling them | PC Gamer 'We're in a place to invest and focus a lot more on games again,' says Valve What Is Ray Tracing, and Why Should NVIDIA Investors Care? AMD silicon could be your best bet for real-time ray tracing in Battlefield 5 Acer’s new 485-pound 'gaming chair' has room for a PC and three monitors | PC Gamer Discovery Queue BATTLETECH Beta support coming soon Hero Of The Kingdom III RPG available now Two Point Hospital Focus on [Best Writing in Gaming] Closing Thoughts

1hr 14mins

2 Sep 2018

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Mostly Linux on Mostly Gaming Episode 0.22

Small Talk Non-sponsored video this week is Gaming Tux Warhammer 40,000 Gladius Newsfeeds NVIDIA 396.54 Linux Driver Offers Big Performance Boost For Frequent Gamers Researchers Blame 'Monolithic' Linux Code Base for Critical Vulnerabilities | The first stop for security news | Threatpost Run Windows 95 on Your Desktop as an Electron App - OMG! Ubuntu! Discovery Queue 7 Billion Humans TerraTech Focus on [Steam Play]


26 Aug 2018

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Mostly Linux on Mostly Gaming Episode 0.21

Small Talk Stye Eye Captain Non-sponsored video this week is Giant Bomb's Quick Look of State of Mind Newsfeeds Valve May Be Crafting a Way to Play Windows Steam Games on Linux Steam.TV may be a thing. Or Maybe Not. Happy birthday, GNOME: 6 reasons to love this Linux desktop Toronto could be getting an Overwatch League Team Discovery Queue State of Mind Airships: Conquer the Skies Graveyard Keeper Railway Empire - The Great Lakes Focus on [Best Games Ever] Mass Effect 2 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Halo 2 Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Civilization V

1hr 30mins

19 Aug 2018

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Mostly Linux on Mostly Gaming Episode 0.20

Small Talk Non-sponsored video this week is blastermaster77 Dead Cells on Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/295274539 Distro of the Week Nitrux with the Nomad Desktop Environment https://www.fossmint.com/nitrux-linux-os-review/amp/ Newsfeeds Discord Is Launching Its Own Curated Game Store https://kotaku.com/discord-is-launching-its-own-curated-game-store-1828210465 War changes: Fallout 76 is series’ first in a decade to skip Steam https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/08/fallout-76s-pc-version-will-skip-steam-requires-bethesda-net-launcher/?amp=1 It Looks Like A Steam 64-Bit Client Could Finally Be Near - Phoronix https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Steam-64-bit-Client-Maybe-Soon Discovery Queue Dead Cells We Happy Few (Coming to Linux) Overcooked 2 Focus on [EA Origin Access Premium]


12 Aug 2018

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@Mostly_Linux on #Mostly_Gaming Episode 0.19

https://youtu.be/F_8g8h1tjlA Small Talk This Week's Distro Is Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 "Cindy" Non-sponsored video this week is OpenMW Orchish Tenacity by Old School RPG Newsfeeds Steam is hitting its biggest user "decline" in years? New SteamOS brewmaster beta released DXVK 0.64 Released Nvidia 396.51 Released Librem 5 Update What We've Been Tweeting Shadow Streaming Service first to support Linux? Discovery Queue Star Traders Frontier Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire: Beast of Winter Forsaken Remastered Focus on [Toxicity]

1hr 16mins

5 Aug 2018

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@Mostly_Linux on #Mostly_Gaming Episode 0.18

Video Links: https://youtu.be/gv5rpXm0-pM https://buff.ly/2mPhReM https://twitch.tv/mostlylinux Small Talk This Weeks Distro Is Antergos Gnome 18.7 Overwatch League Grand Finals - London takes Game 1. Non-sponsored video this week is OWL Finals Game 1 Newsfeeds 20 Years of ReactOS brings it to alpha version 0.4.9 SteamOS 3.0 Clockwerk is inbound - is it still relevant? Xbox Consoles moving to the cloud? What We've Been Tweeting How many Steam Games are playable on Linux anyway? Octopath Traveller is an $80 game Another Successful Transition to Linux Discovery Queue Focus on [Linux Gamer's Rights] Linux Rust is Killed - Garry Blames 40% of Linux Gamers

1hr 14mins

29 Jul 2018

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