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Relaxed, informal conversations with some of the most inspiring people in the world of data analytics and the UK.Trials, tribulations, successes, learns and everything in between. Hear their story uncut and like never before. Welcome to How AI Built This.

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A very quick intro into what this show is about, why I decided to do it and who I'll be speaking to in the very first episode.Music by https://icons8.com/music/author/noisyfilter">Noisyfilter from Fugue


7 Nov 2019

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#1 Richard Potter

Richard Potter is the CEO of Manchester based SaaS company Peak who have built their own AI system which is helping companies across the UK leverage their data and give them access to Peak's incredibly talented team of Software Engineers and Data Scientists.We cover his education, early career and how Peak came to be - including a drunken decision to buy a new domain name!Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue


20 Nov 2019

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#2 Adam Sroka

Adam Sroka is the Data & AI Director at Incremental Group - a Glasgow based Microsoft partner. In this episode we chat about his background, education and his career from start-ups to where he is now. Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue


13 Dec 2019

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#3 Erik Arne Mathiesen-Dreyfus

Erik Arne Mathiesen-Dreyfus is the Head of Data Science at Attest, a rapidly growing scale-up in London.He's also the Founder & Co-organiser of MancML - the North of England's biggest and best data meet-up. An all round great guy and probably the smartest person I know.In this episode we chat through his life, career, start-ups, scale-ups, burnout, new borns, Arsenal, MancML and MMA! Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue


22 Jan 2020

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#4 Jo Watts

Jo Watts is the Founder & CEO of Effini, a growing Data Consultancy headquartered in Edinburgh. As well as running a business, Jo is also on the Board of The Data Lab, has written the Data Analytics course for CodeClan and is a Non-Executive Director of GAMSTOP. In this episode we chat through Jo's background as an Astrophysicist, to Credit Risk specialist (what we now know as a Data Scientist) and eventually starting Effini on her own. As always, this episode is brought you by Cathcart Associates.Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue


18 Feb 2020

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#5 Craig Lynn

Craig Lynn is the Co-Founder & Director of Filament, a Product Design company in Glasgow.He's also the organiser of Silicon Swalley, a tech meet-up in Scotland focusing and various key themes.Filament alongside Arceptive have recently been awarded a place on a Scottish Enterprise scheme to help solve the Climate Crisis using AI. Craig and I chatted about this and much more, I hope you enjoy! Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue


26 Feb 2020

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#6 Samantha Rhynas

Samantha Rhynas is the Head of Data at Edinburgh based data start-up Effini (Jo Watts, founder of Effini was on episode 4). As well as working at a busy start-up, Sam is an absolute legend of the Scotland meet-up scene, running and organising GirlGeek Scotland for many years and she runs the Edinburgh chapter of PyData.We had a great chat about her career path and involvement in the community. I hope you enjoy! As always, this episode was sponsored by Cathcart Associates, tech recruitment extraordinaires. Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue

1hr 31mins

4 Mar 2020

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#7 Euan Wielewski

Euan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Anomalous Technologies, an AI start-up based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Euan and his Co-Founder Matt have developed a product which can literally stop planes falling out of the sky using AI. This was a super fun talk and is exactly the reason I started the podcast to give people like Euan & Matt a platform to tell their amazing story. We had a great chat about his education, career, lessons learned starting Anomalous and indeed his hybrid Scottish accent! I hope you enjoy and as always, thank you to Cathcart Associates for sponsoring the podcast.Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue


11 Mar 2020

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#8 Jennifer Stark

Jennifer Stark is the Lead Data Engineer at LADbible group in Manchester and a pillar of the North West Data Community. Outside of her day job, Jennifer organises PyDataMCR with a great team of people and is a regular speaker at Her+Data and MancML. Super easy to chat to and an absolute legend - please enjoy How AI Built This with Jennifer Stark.As always, this episode was brought to you by Cathcart Associates, tech recruitment specialists headquartered in Edinburgh.Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue

1hr 1min

18 Mar 2020

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#9 Luke Grimes

Luke Grimes is the Head of Digital Services at ANS Group in Manchester. He is responsible for working with customers across the UK to help them understand what is possible with AI and technology in general. A great guy and a thoroughly enjoyable chat. As always, sponsored by Cathcart Associates - Tech Recruitment specialists. Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue


27 Mar 2020

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