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David A Kirby

This week’s guest is David A Kirby, a lecturer in Science Communication Studies at The University of Manchester. He has a great new book out called Lab Coats In Hollywood, a fascinating look at the relationship between Hollywood and the scientists.

10 Dec 2011

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Stefan Rudnicki

This week’s guest is undoubtedly one of the top narrators working today, Stefan Rudnicki. He has worked on such narrations as Orson Scott Card’s Enders Game and now has teamed up with the quite brilliant Lightspeed Magazine.

20 Nov 2011

Rank #2

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Dee Cunniffe

This week my guest is my very fine friend Dee Cunniffe. Dee is someone who has helped in many ways keep StarShipSofa new and exciting for me. He is also one of the best art designers I know.

12 Nov 2011

Rank #3

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Lavie Tidhar

My guest this week is the fascinating and multi-talented genre writer Lavie Tidhar. His new book out is Osama.

6 Nov 2011

Rank #4

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Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

This week my guest are Ann VanderMeer and Jeff VanderMeer. On 31st October they put out what is probably the most definitive collection of weird and strange tales in the stunning new anthology The Weird. Join me as I discover just how big a project this was to put together and Ann talks openly about leaving Weird Tales magazine.

30 Oct 2011

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Larry Santoro

This week my guest is the amazing writer of all things dark Larry Santoro. Larry has a new short story collection out called Drink For The Thirst To Come.

23 Oct 2011

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Ditte Jensen

Ditte Jensen works for the Fantask, the oldest comic and science fiction book store in the world.

16 Oct 2011

Rank #7

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Elizabeth Ann Hull

This week my guest is Elizabeth Ann Hull, an American academic, political activist and science fiction expert plus she’s also married to someone you might know.

9 Oct 2011

Rank #8

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Paul Cornell

This week I interview a very talented writer. Paul Cornell has worked in many areas in the genre field, including some quite far removed from the zap guns and spaceships but one thing is certain – he’s a great writer.

2 Oct 2011

Rank #9

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John Jarrold

My guest this week is John Jarrold – a literary agent for more than forty genre authors. John Jarrold is at the heart of what makes a great SF, Fantasy or Horror writer.

25 Sep 2011

Rank #10