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From Soldier to Property Millionare with Steven Green

From Soldier to Property Millionaire with Steven Green concentrates on some of Stevens mentees talking through the pains, gains and ultimately the successes they have achieved through property investment! The series is full to the brim of strategy, golden nuggets and laced with comedy throughout. In these podcasts you'll find out Steven has created a property portfolio of £6m. Steven is well known for being one of the most creative property trainers in the business. If you are interested in getting into property, head over and register to his next ONE DAY FREE EVENT www.thepropertyaccelerator

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PIA Podcast Ep 001 - Feat. Tommy Hiser - ' I overstretched myself '

Today I launch my long awaited podcast and what better way to kick it off then having Tommy Hiser on the sofa. Tommy runs a successful plumbing and heating business. On this podcast he talks into the pains of over-stretching yourself and more importantly the things to avoid. Sit back, relax, and listen in to some insane amount of value!


24 Nov 2019

Rank #1