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A podcast for those working in initial teacher training, especially those mentoring for Oxfordshire Teacher Training.

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Episode 26 - Workload with Julie Greer

In this episode of the Oxfordshire Teacher Training podcast, Matthew Coatsworth discusses workload with Julie Greer: headteacher and author of the Essential Guide for Early Career Teachers on 'Workload - Taking Ownership of your Teaching'. Julie and Matthew explore balance, autonomy, professionally acceptable workloads and the role of mentors and other teacher educators.During the podcast, a number of resources are mentioned:Talis research 2018 – Teachers and School Leaders as Lifelong Learnershttps://www.oecd.org/education/talis-2018-results-volume-i-1d0bc92a-en.htm DfE School workload reduction toolkithttps://www.gov.uk/guidance/school-workload-reduction-toolkit DfE Addressing workload in initial teacher educationhttps://www.gov.uk/government/publications/addressing-workload-in-initial-teacher-education-ite Professionally acceptable workload: learning to act differently towards effective change (paper by Julie Greer and Caroline Daly)https://discovery.ucl.ac.uk/id/eprint/10095475/1/Greer%20%26%20Daly%202020%20Professionally%20acceptable%20workload%20Impact.pdf You can follow Julie on twitter @JGreer_abcAnd as always, you can search for 'Oxfordshire Teacher Training' to subscribe to every episode on your favourite podcast provider.Links and a list of all our past episodes are available here


4 May 2021

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Episode 25 - Transitions and Mental Health with Naira Wilson

In this episode of the Oxfordshire Teacher Training Podcast, Matthew Coatsworth sits down remotely with child clinical psychologist Dr Naira Wilson to discuss the importance of getting transitions right for children. In a first for the podcast, Matthew completes Naira's House Analogy, a reflection tool to facilitate transition. Listeners can choose between the slightly edited audio only section of the podcast, or the full-length video of Matthew and Naira completing the house analogy via zoom.Naira Wilson specialises in childhood mental health and has worked in the NHS, in various capacities, for 20 years. She has previously worked extensively in a Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for Oxford Health Foundation Trust. She is a guest lecturer for the Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford and supervises other trained and in-training Clinical Psychologists and mental health professionals. In addition to her independent practice the Little Therapy Room, Dr Wilson also works as a Clinical Psychologist for the Oxford ADHD Centre offering assessment and treatment for Autism Spectrum Conditions and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She is a contributor to the children's science publication Whiz Pop Bang and is currently publishing a series of books for young children about emotions with Little Tiger Press.If anyone would like to use the house analogy as a reflective tool with children, Naira has made a crib sheet available here. Do get in touch via @listentoOTT with feedback.Links mentioned in the episode:Mentally Healthy Schools https://www.mentallyhealthyschools.org.uk/risks-and-protective-factors/school-based-risk-factors/transitions/ (transitions)https://www.mentallyhealthyschools.org.uk/media/1906/transitions-primary.pdf  (10 practical tips for school staff to help children settle when starting primary school, or to support those who change school regularly)https://www.mentallyhealthyschools.org.uk/media/1907/transitions-secondary.pdf (transition to secondary)https://www.mentallyhealthyschools.org.uk/resources/transition-to-reception-class/?page=1&IssuePageId=1311  (transition to reception class)As always, you can subscribe by searching 'Oxfordshire Teacher Training' with your favourite podcast provider, or listen to any previous episodes by clicking here.


20 Apr 2021

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Episode 24 - Climate education with Ben Ballin

In this episode of the Oxfordshire Teacher Training podcast, Matthew Coatsworth sits down with education consultant and fellow of the UK National Association for Environmental Education Ben Ballin to explore climate education. In an inspiring interview, Ben talks about a message of hope and opportunity, gives many fantastic recommendations for how to tackle ‘difficult’ questions and where to find reliable and age-appropriate resources. Ben also shares some of the work he has been involved with, including developing the geography curriculum at Eynsham primary school. Keen listeners may remember Matthew discussing how the history curriculum was created at that school with Will Reeves back in episode 7. Many of the resources Ben mentioned are linked below:Reliable sources for information onlineOxfam https://www.oxfam.org.uk/oxfam-in-action/tackling-climate-change/ Tide Global Learning https://www.tidec.org/ Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning Programme https://connecting-classrooms.britishcouncil.org/ Intergovernmental panel on climate change https://www.ipcc.ch/West Midlands Sustainable Schools Network https://westmidlandssustainableschoolsnetwork.com/ A new recommended book for children and adultsSmall Gases, Big Effect: this is climate change by David Nelles and Christian Serrer(published 25th March 2021) Subject AssociationsGeographical Association https://www.geography.org.uk/Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) https://www.rgs.org/ Sources to see what children would like to be taught about – edgier, with detectable biasTeach the Future https://www.teachthefuture.uk/ Campaign Against Climate Change: Climate Change Education in Schools https://www.campaigncc.org/schoolresources  Ashden Awards https://ashden.org/ Wild Awake – Change the Storyhttps://www.wild-awake.org/change-the-story As always, you can subscribe by searching Oxfordshire Teacher Training at your favourite podcast provider, and follow us on twitter:@OTT_SCITT and @listentoOTT


17 Mar 2021

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Episode 23 - Great Teaching Toolkit with Rob Coe

In this episode, Oxfordshire Teacher Training's Matthew Coatsworth discusses the Great Teaching Toolkit with Professor Rob Coe, as well as looking back over the past twenty years since Rob's Manifesto for Evidence Based Education was published. Regular podcast listeners might remember episode 1, which looked at the Sutton Trust report 'What Makes Great Teaching?' for which Rob was lead author, and more recently episode 22 where Patrick Garton discussed the importance of the Great Teaching material to the development of Oxfordshire Teacher Training's own curriculum. This is a particularly important episode, marking the start of a collaboration between Oxfordshire Teacher Training and Evidence Based Education to develop work from the Great Teaching Toolkit for Initial Teacher Training and the Early Career Teacher.As part of this episode, Matthew and Rob mention work from @PearceMrs outlining how Jade Pearce has summarised ideas from the Great Teaching Toolkit for school use. You can access her summary here. Look out for a future episode with Jade later this year.Great Teaching websiteGreat Teaching Toolkit Evidence Review (2020)A (new) manifesto for evidence-based education: twenty years on (2019)What Makes Great Teaching? (2014)As always, you can subscribe by searching 'Oxfordshire Teacher Training' at your favourite podcast provider.  A link to all episodes can be found here. 


3 Mar 2021

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Episode 22 - Developing an ITT curriculum with Patrick Garton

In episode 22, Matthew Coatsworth discusses Oxfordshire Teacher Training's ITT curriculum with its Director Patrick Garton. They explore the curriculum's aims, how they have translated the ITT core content framework into a carefully sequenced curriculum of seven core areas, how subject specialist teaching aspects have been developed recently and the vital importance of aligning central professional learning with the activities taking place in placement schools. This episode is not only of interest to those working in ITT now, but also for those who might be interested in training with Oxfordshire Teacher Training in the future.Follow Oxfordshire Teacher Training on  twitter @OTT_SCITTPodcast on twitter @listentoOTTYou can subscribe by searching Oxfordshire Teacher Training on iTunes, Spotify or your favourite podcast provider 


10 Feb 2021

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Episode 21 - Rosenshine and remote learning with Claire Grimes

In this episode of the Oxfordshire Teacher Training Podcast, Matthew Coatsworth talks with Claire Grimes about Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction and her fantastic workbook based on the principles and the work of Tom Sherrington. Back at the start of March 2020's lockdown, Claire produced a workbook as a CPD resource for Thamesview School in Kent where she is currently Deputy Headteacher.  It became a viral sensation on twitter, being picked up by Tom Sherrington (see episodes 14 and 19), and ultimately turned into a highly successful book for John Catt's In Action series to sit alongside Tom Sherrington's Rosenshine's Principles in Action. Claire tells listeners about this journey, as well as how teachers in her school have used her workbook. As well as investigating the workbook, Claire and Matthew discuss some of the current challenges and opportunities around remote learning, and in particular the importance of trainee and early career teachers not forgetting the essence of what makes great teaching.This is a really uplifting episode, continuing on from last time's wonderful SEND discussion with Anita Devi. Rosenshine's Principles of InstructionClaire Grimes 'Rosenshine's Principles in Action - The Workbook' - available in bundles of 5 from John Catt or as a single workbook from AmazonTom Sherrington 'Rosenshine's Principles in Action' available from John Catt - also look at this link for Tom's video masterclass and other resourcesFollow Claire on twitter @CsargeyG Don't forget to subscribe by searching 'Oxfordshire Teacher Training' in Spotify, iTunes or your favourite podcast providerMissed an episode? Here's a link to all previous episodes


27 Jan 2021

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Episode 20 - SEND with Anita Devi

Happy New Year! We start 2021 with a fantastic episode with Oxfordshire Teacher Training’s Matthew Coatsworth and Anita Devi exploring Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Matthew and Anita talk about some of the themes covered in her Essential Guide for Early Career Teachers as well as the impact of the pandemic on wellbeing.Do have a look at some of the resources Anita and #TeamADL have produced in relation to SENCo wellbeing:https://www.teamadl.uk/SENCO-Well-being.php and also fantastic practical resources in relation to Covid 19:https://www.sendreviewportal.net/COVID19-Resources.phpFind out more about Anita’s work at www.teamadl.ukAnita Devi ‘Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Special Educational Needs and Disability’(Critical Publishing 2020 ISBN 9781913063290)https://www.criticalpublishing.com/essential-guides-for-early-career-teachers-special-educational-needs-and-disabilityFollow on twitter:Oxfordshire Teacher Training @OTT_SCITTOTT Podcast @listentoOTTAnita Devi @Butterflycolour And remember you can subscribe to our podcast by searching Oxfordshire Teacher Training in your favourite podcast provider.​​


13 Jan 2021

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Episode 19 - Walkthrus (part 2) with Tom Sherrington

In this episode of the Oxfordshire Teacher Training podcast, Matthew Coatsworth continues his discussion with Tom Sherrington looking at the first volume of Tom and Oliver Caviglioni's Teaching Walkthrus book. Tom shares nuggets on questioning and feedback, on practice and retrieval methods, as well as considering Mode B teaching. Finally, Tom explains the A|D|A|P|T model that he and Oli have presented within the Walkthrus book. Do listen to part 1 of Matthew and Tom's discussion in Episode 14 before this one!You can purchase the book directly from John Catt:https://www.johncattbookshop.com/teaching-walkthrus-five-step-guides-for-instructional-coachingFollow Tom Sherrington on twitter @teacherheadFollow Oliver Caviglioni on twitter @olicavFollow Oxfordshire Teeacher Training podcast on twitter @listentoOTTAnd don't forget you can subscribe to this podcast by searching Oxfordshire Teacher Training on iTunes and Spotify for fortnightly episodes during the school term.www.oxfordshireteachertraining.co.uk


16 Dec 2020

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Episode 18 - Identity with Afua Hirsch

In this episode of Oxfordshire Teacher Training's podcast, Matthew Coatsworth talks with celebrated broadcaster and writer Afua Hirsch. Taking themes from Afua's important book Brit(ish): on race, identity and belonging, they explore some of the challenges and opportunities trainee and early career teachers should be thinking about.Afua and Matthew talk about what happens when you don't even know what it is you don't know and developing a better sense of people's identity in Britain, as well as considering the curriculum in schools, Black History Month and Afua's audiobook series 'We Need to Talk About the British Empire'.This was a joy to record, resulting in a mixture of real thought-provoking moments as well as great hope for the future. We hope you enjoy it!https://www.afuahirsch.com/https://oxfordshireteachertraining.co.uk/Follow Afua on twitter:@afuahirschFollow Oxfordshire Teacher Training on twitter:@listentoOTT@OTT_SCITT'We Need to Talk About the British Empire''Brit(ish) - on race, identity and belonging' 


2 Dec 2020

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Bonus 1st birthday episode

It's our first birthday! To celebrate, here's a quick look back over the past twelve months... When we started the Oxfordshire Teacher Training podcast we had no idea that we would be welcoming such a high calibre of guest, both within our partnership and nationally, or having such fantastic conversations. We hope that you have found these episodes thought-provoking and informative. Oxfordshire Teacher TrainingNEW!  Follow the podcast on twitter@listentoOTTFollow Oxfordshire Teacher Training@OTT_SCITTListen to all episodes here or subscribe by searching Oxfordshire Teacher Training on iTunes, Spotify or any of your favourite podcast hosts.


19 Nov 2020

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