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Self Sabotage, Comparisons, Anxiety & More w./ Training Psychology Graduate Sai Yermsetty

In this episode I am joined with the beautiful Sai Yermsetty who is about to graduate in a Bachelor of Psychology. We talk all things self sabotage, comparing yourself negatively to others, anxiety, eating disorders, motivation and so much more! As I am not a professional in any way and Sai is still in training, we are in no way professionals and are merely sharing our opinions, experiences and knowledge we've learnt along our journey's so far. We wanted to open up a conversation about all of these incredibly tough topics in the hopes to make it easier for others to as well :)We hope you enjoy!


11 Mar 2020

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How I Healed My Relationship With Food (and why eating should be like peeing)

Today's episode is a solo episode where I talk all things food relationships; how I healed my relationship with food and some of my tips to stop binge eating for good.I hope you enjoy!


25 Mar 2020

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TMI GIRLY CHATS #1 | Period Talk: How I Got It, Lost It, Birth Control & MORE!

This episode is about all things PERIOD! I thought it would be fun segment I could do many every couple of months where I sit down and we just have some TMI girly chats. Today's episode is all about my period story and journey; how I got it, lost it, got it back again, dealing with pain, pms, birth control and so much more! As I said in the podcast I am in no way a professional, I am simply sharing my own personal stories and opinions. If you are wanting answers or seeking advice please contact a health professional!


4 Mar 2020

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Asking A Boy Questions Girls Are Too Afraid To ASK!

Ahhh the first guest! In today's episode I ask Sam all the awkward, juicy questions that girls are too afraid to ask guys! I hope you enjoy! 


19 Feb 2020

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Why Cardio Doesn't Equal Fat Loss & You're Not Seeing Results w./ Riley Fit PT

I'm joined with the beautiful personal trainer Riley and we talk all things fitness, fat loss, why you're training 5x a week and not seeing results, supplements & more! I absolutely LOVED recording this one so I hope you enjoy!


19 Mar 2020

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