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Digital Confidence and Decision Making

In this audio commentary, Richard expands on the key themes and elements of his book, Be The Five, Digital Confidence. Bringing in real world examples of how understanding digital can help deliver better services within your organisation. Richard explores new business models and emerging technologies, explained in simple terms, that will help to grow your knowledge bringing you and your organisation the confidence to successfully deliver new digital programmes of work.

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Why Customer Second beats Customer First

In this episode Richard discusses why having a customer second mindset will help delivered the best results for your local authority when it comes to digital transformation savings. 


27 May 2022

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The Importance of Story telling and Language in Digital

In this episode Richard explains the importance of being able to tell a story of why you are undertaking the digital projects that you are. How spending the time on the strategy is key to then aligning the plan and the business case into a narrative that is understood by all, through to the language we then choose to use.  


20 May 2022

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Lets Talk Automation

In this episode Richard looks at examples of how we can move processes to become automated, removing the need for human intervention. We'll look at why you don't need to speak to anyone from Uber to order an Uber and how the same principles can be applied to your processes. 


13 May 2022

Rank #3

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Local Government Agile

In this episode Richard explores how Local Government can adopt agile project management and apply it to delivering projects. We cover some of the barriers and why each organisation has to define what agile is to them before agreeing the correct induvial approach. 


26 Apr 2022

Rank #4

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Asking the wrong question

In this episode Richard reflects on the question that is often asked around platforms and why it is often the wrong question. We look at why you need to consider the ecosystem around a service rather than focus on a single solution. 


3 Mar 2022

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ditch - Your new project management software

In this episode I hijacks my usual talks to bring you news of a new piece of software that I'm bringing to market. ditch project management is designed to help governance heavy organisations (traditionally public sector) to become more agile in delivering their digital and transformational change projects. I talk about how we got here, the elements of the be The Five book it is based on and what to expect. It's an exciting time at Syncity towers. 


4 Feb 2022

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Rob Simms - Conversation Time

In this episode I chat to Rob Simms, former CIO Ambassador at Box.com about how he got into the tech industry and in his role how important communication between the business and IT really is. Coming from a non-tech background into a tech career Rob is an expert communicator and uses those skills to nurture meaningful relationships with customers across the full C Suite. 

1hr 6mins

6 Jan 2022

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Work Together

In this episode we discuss why IT and the business need to work together to get the best results. Why the old adage of IT needs to learn the business, needs to be turned into why the business need to learn IT. 


15 Dec 2021

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Be Efficient - Digital Business Models

In this episode we take a look behind Uber and Netflix, breaking them down into how delivering a more efficient service to customers has led to their success. We look at how council's need to consider breaking their current models to fully reap the benefits of their investment in digital. 


9 Dec 2021

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The Metaverse and the Public Sector

What does the metaverse mean for public sector services. is it something we should just ignore? We'll take a look at some examples of how it could be used and why it should be the catalyst for the public sector to think differently. We also touch on why the government needs to be more adventurous in its funding of digital projects. 


3 Dec 2021

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