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Channeling plant spirits, Psychedelics, Entheogens, Holistic Health, Ascension, Spirituality, Plant Medicine, Philosophy, Metaphysics and the Evolution of Consciousness

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Psychedelic Integration & Resistance with Greg Lawrence

* What are the root causes of psychological resistance in sacred medicine journeys?* What can we do to prepare for journeys?* How can we best integrate psychedelic experiences?Our guest today is Greg Lawrence, psychedelic integration and transformation coach, energy worker, certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and leader in the Southern California psychedelic community. He works as a psychedelic integration coach one-on-one through the Transpersonal Counseling Center, Psychedelic Experience Integration, Innerspace Integration, and facilitates community circles. Visit him at http://psychedelicintegrationspecialist.comVisit your host Tara at PeaceLoveTara.com


1 Aug 2019

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