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Pastors are mandated to equip believers for ministry. How do you do that? Acts 13:36 and Ephesians 2:10 are clear that God has specific plans for every believer to accomplish. Too many pastors are focused on regurgitating what they learned in seminary, which was designed to prepare them for vocational ministry. We believe that the target of training is specific to the man. Listen to learn more.

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05: The Training Environment

What is the ideal environment for training men for ministry?  Do you need a building?  Is your ambition to become an accredited seminary?  Do you need a staff with doctorates?  What should be its connection of a training program to a local church?  And what if the church isn't healthy?  We want to wrestle with those questions today. Milestones 1:06    Does a church need a building in order to effectively change men? 4:00   How is the training environment distinct from its location? 7:56    How necessary is the local church for effective ministry training? 13:34  When should a church send a man away for further training? 19:23  What qualities must be manifest in a church in order for it to be effective in equipping men? 22:33  What qualities in a local church should push a man to look elsewhere? 25:50  Should a church delay training men until they feel happy with all that they’re doing? Find the show notes at www.trainthechurch.com


20 May 2019

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