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Flirting with the Muse

I’m your host, Jae Schaefer, and for the last twenty eight years I have loved learning all that I can about life, love, sexuality, and how to find the God in all of it. Join me, and some of my greatest friends, as we wax lyrical about all things love, magic, sex and your creative relationship with the Divine.

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Welcome to the Show

Welcome ladies. In the first ever solo episode of Flirting with the Muse, I talk about why I created it, what it means to me and what you can (or cannot) expect from the show. I talk about how I unlock my own creativity, and liberate myself from limiting beliefs. A special thank you to... for endlessly inspiring me All my love, Jae X


24 May 2021

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Full self expression with Keezia Leigh

Keezia Leigh is a business alchemist & self expression activist. She guides badass women (like you) to unlock their feminine magic. She’s here for it all. The depths, the heights, the far reaching corners of our human experience, and the magic in the mundane. She is a social media personality, honest AF Woman, and a leader on a mission to see 100 million Women fully expressed in her lifetime.


17 May 2021

Rank #2

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Singing the song of your soul with Tashka Urban

Tashka waves spirit into sound. She has a special gift in initiating people into their creative calling and amplifying their impact in the world. Her breath of experience spans over 20 years through many cultures and contexts, and she fuses science, sound therapy, quantum visualization and tantric self pleasure in her sessions to create profound results in moving energy through the body. Tashka's work helps us to activate our superhuman selves.


11 May 2021

Rank #3

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Finding safety within with Kylie Bee

Kylie is an exotic empowerment coach who's vision is to bring love, light and consciousness into the sex and adult entertainment industry. She works mainly with the women of sex industry however, she's also here to serve men and women in reconnecting them to their sexuality so they can call in the life they choose. Kylie has been a sex worker for 5 years and she's motivated to serve those who participate in this very misunderstood industry to create an empowering new paradigm that relieves guilt and shame and replaces it with the beautiful power of the life-force energy that created us all. X


3 May 2021

Rank #4

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