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Machiavellianism in the Modern WorldTerminal Illness55 Essays + Twitter Feed is my contribution to Civilization@corporatemach

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Essay 3: Facets of Cunning

What follows is a list of competencies any aspiring Machiavellian must master.They are basic and necessary, not advanced or supplementary. All are tools tobe used or withheld depending on your own discretion.With any skill it’s impossible to learn and memorize how to deal with everypossible situation, and Machiavellianism (Cunning) is no exception. What youcan do is master the basics and train your intuition such that you can effectivelyfigure out any situation that may arise.


22 Aug 2021

Rank #1

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Essay 2: Traits to Understand

What follows are a list of traits you must understand in order to have any hope of comprehending the content within the rest of this publication. If you are well educated in matters of strategy and psychology, give this essay a skip; you already know it.


14 Aug 2021

Rank #2

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Essay 1: Recommended Reading

Description of recommended books, blogs and Twitter Feeds.


7 Aug 2021

Rank #3