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Entertaining, informative and real. Jersey girl and life coach Jen Roe invites you to grab your baggage and come along on a weekly journey. Let's overcome the BS that stands in our way of living our best lives.

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Reach Your Goals Now

Aim bigger, better and bolder when it comes to your goals. This episode helps you to think about how to get out of your comfort zone when thinking about what you want. It also examines how to take your dreams from out of dreamland and turning them into realities. 


8 Aug 2020

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Tell that Bitch to Shut up!!

She's a jerk and harrases you. Tells you you're fat, unworthy, and shames you. Here is how to tell that inner voice to F off now and become empowered in your life. 


21 Jul 2020

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Get Back on Track Now!

Have you been run over by the wagon you've fallen off of? We've all lost our way in pursuing goals at some point. Some of us lost a bunch of weight and have gained some or all of it back. Some of us have run marathons and can now barely run a mile or two. (And when I say some of us. I mean me. Me. I am some of us.) We need to stop berating ourselves. Now is the time to get your ass back on track and take control of your journey once again.


8 Jul 2020

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Stop Hating Your Body

Loving your body, fighting body shame, embracing every flaw, sounds good, right? But do you really love your body? If you beat yourself up for not being thinner, if you battle the mean voices in your head when you pass a mirror, if a weight gain on the scale or a tight pair of pants can ruin your mood, and if you'd rather chew glass than put on a bathing suit, tune in now. This episode examines why it's so bad for us to not embrace our shape as it is and how to turn it around. 


30 Jun 2020

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Politically Poisoned Relationships: Can They be Saved?

Politics. Pandemic. Racial tension. Hate. We are a completely divided nation. Americans have animosity towards each other like never before. We are suffering. Anger, hurt feelings, lines in the sand and an inability to understand one another's views. Labels, name calling, blame and misinformation is running wild. Today I talk about how and why we need to figure out how to stop politics from poisoning relationships with the people we love.


24 Jun 2020

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Making Magic and Motivation

How come some days we are motivated to eat well and workout like a champ? And why are there those other days where motivation is no where to be found? You know, those days you'd rather get a root canal rather than put in any work towards your goal? Join me for ep. five where I explore the ups and downs of motivation. You'll learn ways on how to bring that momentum back when you’re lacking the desire to go-go-go.


16 Jun 2020

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Stop Sabotaging Goals

A pint of ice cream when trying to lose weight, hitting the snooze button instead of going for a run when training, pouring another glass of wine when you want to drink less. What the f*$k is wrong with me? Why do we let things get in the way of the goals we want to achieve? If you get frustrated with the cycle of setting goals and then setting yourself back, don't miss this episode. 


9 Jun 2020

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Overcome Negative Thinking | Part Two

In the second part of this two part series, I share a few stories on how negative thinking can be extremely toxic for us and offer a few different techniques to help change the broken record in your head. 


2 Jun 2020

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Stop Negative Thinking | Part One

If you've ever found yourself fighting negative thoughts or voices in your head, you're not alone. I share the story of my epic breakdown while running the Fl. Ragnar as documented in the film, From Fat to Finish Line, which I was a featured runner in. More information on the episode as well as how to work with me as a life coach can be found at www.fabandflawed.com Part 1 of 2. 


2 Jun 2020

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Unfiltered and Keeping it Real

You're invited to grab your baggage and leave your BS at the door! I am fab, flawed and keeping it real. In this very first episode I share some of my deepest emotional and mental blocks. I also chat about my mission, vision and promise to you. Join me on my latest journey. Together we can grow stronger, learn a thing or two and kick some ass. 


28 May 2020