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Determine the Outcome – Then Start Marketing – 110

In this episode, we give an update on the aftereffects of Mark Zuckerberg appearing before Congress and the effect on Facebook marketing down the road. However, we primarily discuss the importance of determining your desired outcome in your marketing before any campaign is ever launched and the importance of not chasing the new shiny object. The post Determine the Outcome – Then Start Marketing – 110 appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

20 Apr 2018

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Oh Facebook, What Have​ You Done? – 109

I wanted to quickly push out an episode to give an update on what is happening here, but also to quickly discuss the potential ramifications of the current Facebook Privacy controversy.  The post Oh Facebook, What Have​ You Done? – 109 appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

26 Mar 2018

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Work Is the Way Forward

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Joseph P. Kennedy This is one of those phrases that I heard most of my life that  I didn't really understand. Now that I own my own business, I understand this quote more than I did before. Business can be very difficult. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it. In today's podcast episode I discuss that when life has you down, sometimes you just need to buckle down and work. Work is the answer to most of the issues in your life.  Getting out of debt? Need to lose some weight? Need more business? Trying to implement a positive habit? Work is the answer to all of the above. So let's stop procrastinating and get to work. Items discussed  A friend who was forced out of family business who then built his own empire Casey Neistat on the importance of work A rant on "Trusting God" to provide This episode was where I ended the episode playing this Casey Neistat montage from Steven De Root. I highly recommend you take a watch. The post Work Is the Way Forward appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

14 Mar 2018

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Sanebox – A Review of the Best Tool to Overcome Email Overload – 107

Is your email overwhelming you? Do you dread opening your inbox? It’s funny to think about how it used to be fun to get an email. After the annoying connecting sounds, there it would be…. You Got Mail!! Tom Hanks starred in a spectacular movie thanks to that phrase. Well, that decade is long past now and Tom Hanks would never meet Meg Ryan today because her email would be buried under reminders of his favorite restaurants and newsletter subscriptions promoting specials to him. Email is very different today. Now we seek to maintain some sense of control in our inboxes as things just continue to keep coming in. And as long as emails keep coming in, we continue to spend precious time answering these “urgent” messages, while avoiding more important work. Seriously, how did Gary from the refrigerator appliance store, get my email address? Anyways, since I went out on my own, I have discovered that my time is the most important commodity I have and I needed to find a way to stop the hemorrhaging of my time when it came to email. There are some great marketers out there and some of those emails would send me down an unneeded distraction. Long story short, I needed to find a solution. My Sanebox Review Enter Sanebox. This amazing email tool digests your email and automatically filters out only the important email from everything else. It’s amazing and it takes less than 5 minutes to work. Imagine going from 100’s of emails in your inbox to 6 in minutes. It’s like a conference room of people wanting your attention suddenly disappearing and only being left with your clients, prospects and truly desired email notifications.  The people that truly matter. I still don’t understand how it completely works, but it literally does not seem to matter what email platform you use. Gmail… of course. Outlook…check. Yahoo.. check. AOL?…. check. (Are people still using AOL?) Sanebox will work with any email platform. Oh, and in case you are wondering how much time you’ll save, they say I save 2 hours a week. I’m pretty sure that number is wrong because it feels like at least 5 hours (you could watch You’ve Got Mail 2 and half times every week). So if you want to stop cringing signing into your email, I highly recommend you try Sanebox. Yes. I am an affiliate of theirs, but that is probably not the right word to describe me. I’m a Sanebox evangelist. Their product has freed me from email overload while also giving me back important time in my life. Seriously, if you haven’t already. Check them out. Get control of your email once again. Cheers. P.S.Tom Hanks, if you want to see Meg Ryan’s emails, probably should get off AOL and use Sanebox. The post Sanebox – A Review of the Best Tool to Overcome Email Overload – 107 appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

13 Mar 2018

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Facebook Launches New Targeting Features & YouTube Gets a New Look – Marketing Update

Facebook Starts Adding New Targeting Options Recently, Mari Smith announced that she had a Boost option in her Facebook Group. This seems to be in Facebook’s testing phase, but if rolled out to all Facebook groups, it would significantly help brands and creators to be able to directly engage with their audience better. Additionally, Facebook has rolled out new targeting for the tourism industry. Facebook now has a way to target people whose intent is to travel. If you are in an industry affected by travel, we highly recommend you check out their announcement here. YouTube is Changing Things  YouTube has announced two new changes coming to the platform. The first is an update to Live Streaming which allows people to experience replays as if they were live. Not sure this will ever replace an actual webinar, but I do love YouTube adding this feature. Additionally, Youtube is giving the Creator Studio a new look. Currently, some features are missing to the new look, but YouTube has stated they will continue to update the new interface. AdWords Messenger Update AdWords announced improved insights into their Messenger ads. This is a good reminder to try these types of ads, as 65% of users have stated that they would engage with businesses via text to learn more information and schedule appointments. The post Facebook Launches New Targeting Features & YouTube Gets a New Look – Marketing Update appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

12 Mar 2018

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The Most Underutilized Facebook Ads Trick in 2018

Struggling with your Facebook Ads? Wish things would perform better? You’re not alone. In 2018 I discovered a trick for Facebook Ads that I have significantly used in the last 60 days and continue to implement. In this episode, I walk through the number 1 Facebook Ads trick that has helped me overcome frustration, save money and produce better results with my Facebook Ads. The post The Most Underutilized Facebook Ads Trick in 2018 appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

9 Mar 2018

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Twitter Cracking Down on Duplicate Content – Marketing Update

Items Discussed and In The News Twitter Cracking Down on Content and Spam Twitter is cracking down on duplicate content and spam by preventing the posting same content from multiple accounts typically done through third-party apps. Twitter is limiting coordinated efforts of posting content to have trending content be more organic and not be artificially created. New rules will be to prevent liking, retweets or follows from multiple accounts per Twitter’s statements below. “Posting duplicative or substantially similar content, replies, or mentions over multiple accounts you control, or creating duplicate or substantially similar accounts, with or without the use of automation, is never allowed. Posting multiple updates (on a single account or across multiple accounts you control) to a trending or popular topic (for instance, through the use of a specific hashtag) with an intent to subvert or manipulate the topic, or to artificially inflate the prominence of a hashtag or topic, is never allowed.” Twitter Starting to Live Stream Local News During the school shooting in Florida Twitter apparently started streaming the local news to anyone on Twitter thanks to an article published on The Verge. Twitter seems to be getting into partnerships with local news outlets to be able to stream news when major events happen. This development seems to a good potential for Twitter as Facebook seems to be backing away from primarily being a news outlet platform. Embedding Tweets Could be a Copyright Issue? Sure enough, the Electronic Frontier Foundation recently highlighted a judgment that came down on publications for embedding a tweet from Twitter on their websites. This is a very dangerous move as this would impact many publications or essentially anyone who embeds other people’s tweets on their websites. Other News Instagram will start having disappearing messages within their Direct Messenger. Facebook comes out with more support for interactive 3D posts. This is a pretty exciting new development as this would allow companies to showcase 360-degree views of products on Facebook without requiring people to come to their website. “With glTF 2.0 support we’re opening up even more ways to share 3D content on Facebook from more creation tools and platforms. We’re introducing new Graph API endpoints with 3D Post support so developers can build seamless 3D sharing into any app — letting people share interactive objects or scenes directly to Facebook with just a click. Using our new Open Graph tag, developers can enable 3D content from their website to automatically appear in 3D when shared on Facebook. And artists using 3D authoring software can directly drag/drop their 3D files to Facebook to create a 3D post.” The post Twitter Cracking Down on Duplicate Content – Marketing Update appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

5 Mar 2018

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103 – The Importance of Creating and Marketing Your Content

One of the best ways to stand out is to produce helpful content consistently…. the important word there being consistently. I think we maybe all know this to be true, but how many of us are actually doing it? Yeah, I’m talking to you sir in the mirror. It’s not the easiest and it takes effort, but if you were to really think about everything, how many people do you follow or like to listen to or watch that produce content weekly or every day? Probably quite a few if you were to think about it. Now think about your business and what you are trying to do, how often do your customers/potential customers here from you in the form of helpful content? That’s the question that we really dive deeper into today.  Items discussed Why you should create content consistently What happens when you don’t Distilling the Quality vs Quantity myth (This is one of my favorite things to talk about) Gary Vaynerchuk’s rant on being a media company  How to start creating content consistently (Hint: you probably have everything you need to start) The post 103 – The Importance of Creating and Marketing Your Content appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

16 Feb 2018

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102 – Do I need Passion to Start, Grow and Market my Business?

The short answer to this question is “YES”, but we go through the reasons why and how you can find and pursue your passion. Items discussed My journey of finding my passion How to find your passion The post 102 – Do I need Passion to Start, Grow and Market my Business? appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

9 Feb 2018

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101 – Becoming a Practitioner of All Marketing Mediums

One of the important things I have learned in marketing is to become a practitioner of doing marketing for yourself. If you want to become good at something, you need to practice.  Here’s the thing, all marketing mediums of audio, video and text(blog) are important. They all play factors into major marketing pieces for your business. Blogging helps with organic listings within Google and is becoming even more important with voice search on the rise. Video consumption is expected to skyrocket into 2019. And audio is one of the most listened to mediums (that may seem obvious, but it is often misunderstood). Therefore in 2018, it is extremely important to become familiar with all marketing mediums to stay relevant into the coming years. The post 101 – Becoming a Practitioner of All Marketing Mediums appeared first on Peder Aadahl.

2 Feb 2018

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