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UNTACKED | Horses & Beyond For Wired Equestrians & Equine Enthusiasts

Untacked with Angelea Kelly, former host of Horse Girl TV, is by an equestrian for equestrians and horse enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. HorseGirlTV plugged the classic equine world into the wired generation. This weekly series examines the exciting, poignant, and often hilarious tales of life, work, and love as told through life out of the saddle.

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Get Trim For Bikini AND Competition Season

Led by Angelea Kelly, former host of HorseGirlTV. The equibarre workout is the premier ballet barre workout for equestrians. Geared towards equestrians of all levels and disciplines, it combines the core strength, flexibility, and grace of ballet with an easy to follow barre workout.


23 Jul 2019

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Founder? You Do NOT Have To Put Your Horse Down!

Founder itself is really nothing more than the health of the hoof being compromised to the point where the coffin bone can no longer remain attached or held secure in it's proper position. Even though this is in simplified terms, the reality of the matter is that it's extremely painful for the horse to endure. But it's not the kiss of death. As humans may have our body parts broken but it's not the end of the world for us either. We can be repaired and so can our horses. It takes time and patience and rehabilitation.


15 Feb 2015

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How To Properly Fit A Saddle With County Saddlery

Stick around after the episode for a clip with USA Show Jumping Olympian, Margie Engle.


1 Feb 2015

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Learn About Saddle Fitting With Bruce Close Of County Saddlery

He is a member of the Master Saddlers Association and has been working closely with the owner of County Saddlery, Gene Freeze for over a decade.


15 Jan 2015

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International Dressage With Oded Shimoni

A veteran of three World Equestrian Games, two European Championships and has qualified two horses for the Olympic Games.


1 Jan 2015

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Celebrating 120 Years With Absorbine

HorseGirlTV is honored to be a part of the amazing team at WF Young, Inc working with Absorbine closely these last several years. Angelea has used Absorbine since she was 10 years old so its a perfect fit for our host to plug in with a company she admires.


15 Dec 2014

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Angelea Talks Whole Foods For Horses With BioStar EQ

Horses that eat whole food regularly spend less time digesting and absorbing feed and supplements and more time utilizing nutrients to heal and repair their bodies.


1 Dec 2014

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Horse Health With Veterinary Liniment

Liniment serves many purposes for horses. Today we're going to talk about the three main applications. The liniment that I use comes in a variety of different forms including a trigger spra,, a gel, and even larger sizes of the liquid that I use when mixing with water.


15 Nov 2014

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Olympic Show Jumper Margie Engle In Wellington, Florida

Margie Goldstein-Engle is an American show jumping equestrian, Olympian, and a 10-time American Grandprix Association Rider of the Year. Margie won 6 World Cups and 20 Nations Cups between 1984 and 2005.


1 Nov 2014

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The Path To The Olympics With Heather Blitz And Paragon

Heather is a dressage trainer and clinician currently based in Wellington, Florida and was the alternate with her life long partner (Heather picked Paragon's mom and dad and find out his birth! Watch now!) and Paragon for the USA Olympic Dressage Team!


15 Oct 2014

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