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A podcast about female composers and conductors hosted by Emilia DiCola.

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Episode 4- MOM with Dr Ellen Grolman

Dr. Ellen Grolman- www.musicofourmothers.com Emilia DiCola- Twitter/Instagram @EmiliaDiCola They Do Exist!- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook @TheyDoExistPod Website- www.TheyDoExistPodcast.com Florence Price USA 1887-1953.  MISSISSIPPI SUITE  [28:00] WOMEN’S PHILHARMONIC APO HSU, conductor Caroline Shaw USA  PARTITA FOR 8 VOICES: PASSACAGLIA [5:55] ROOMFUL OF TEETH ENSEMBLE Francesca Lebrun  Germany 1756-1791 SONATA FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO IN D MAJOR; 1ST MOVEMENT  [7:06] DANA MAIBEN, VIOLIN; MONIKA JAKUC, PIANO Dobrinka Tabakova   Bulgaria 1980.  SUITE IN OLD STYLE; PRELUDE/FANFARE FROM THE BALCONIES [6:00] For solo viola, harpsichord, and strings LITHUANIAN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA MAXIN RYSANOV, VIOLA/CONDUCTOR  Hildegard of Bingen  1098-1179 AVE GENEROSA [6:32] OXFORD CAMERATA; JEREMY SUMMERLY  BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN Brenda Gifford Yuin composer (Aboriginal people from S coast of NSW). PLOVER BIRD [3:28] OFFSPRING ENSEMBLE  Vittoria Aleotti Italy c. 1575-after 1620.   FROM GHIRLANDA DE MADRIGALI: HOR CHE LA VAGA AURORA [2:01] FROM GHIRLANDA DE MADRIGALI: COR MIO PERCHE PUR PIANGI [2:08] VILLANELLA BASEL Maria Szymanowska Poland 1789-1831.   FROM 18 DANSES: NO. 6. VALSE IN A MAJOR [01.58] FROM 18 DANSES; NO. 4. POLONAISE IN F MINOR [03.57] ALEXANDER KOSTRITSA, PIANO Jennifer Higdon 1962. FANFARE RITMICO [6:00] US AIR FORCE CONCERT BAND  COL. LARRY H LANG, CONDUCTOR Louise Farrenc France 1804-1875.  NONET IN E-FLAT MAJOR OP 38 III SCHERZO VIVACE  [4.25]  PHILIPPE BERNOLD, FLUTE; FRANCOIS LELUX, OBOE; ROMAIN GOYUT, CLARINET ANDRE CAZALET, HORN; GILBERT AUDIN, BASSOON; GUILLAUME SUTRE, VLN MIGUEL DA SILVA, VIOLA; FRANCOIS SALQUE, CELLO; VINCENT PASQUIER, BASS  Okkyung Lee Korea 1975  SKY  [6:48] OKKYUNG LEE All music used for this episode was purchased on either Apple Music or Amazon. It is intended to be used as a promotional vehicle for the composers and performers. No money is being made off of this podcast.

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1 Jan 2020

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Episode 3- Lidiya Yankovskaya

For more information about Lidiya you can go to www.LidiyaConductor.com or find her on Instagram and Twitter @LidiyaConductor. Thank you to MassOpera for allowing us to use clips from their orchestral workshop of Dan Shore’s new opera, Freedom Ride. Find them at www.massopera.org If you would like to reach me please email contact@theydoexistpodcast.com or find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @TheyDoExistPod. Our website is www.theydoexistpodcast.com Follow the host on Twitter and Instagram @EmiliaDiCola.

18 Dec 2019

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Episode 2- Miss America 2019, Nia Franklin

Music Used- Sunflower. Composed by Nia Franklin- taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npix7vZn4Oc  Quando M'en Vo. Puccini. Performed by Nia Franklin at Miss America 2019- taken from- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC3Xo0_uGZE Miss America 2019, Nia Franklin- Instagram- @NiaImaniFranklin and Twitter- @NiaTheNote ComposerHer- Twitter- @ComposerHer and Instagram- @ComposedByHer Emilia DiCola- Twitter- @EmiliaDiCola and Instagram- @EmiliaDiCola They Do Exist!- Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook- @TheyDoExistPod *For tickets to Miss America 2020 on December 19 at Mohegan Sun, go to www.missamerica.org/tickets/ Thank you for listening!


10 Dec 2019

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Episode 1- Marti Epstein

Music Played: 1) Marti Epstein, Hypnagogia. The Ludovico Ensemble. Released 2015. Available on Apple Music or wherever you purchase/listen to music. 2) Marti Epstein, Bloom (Concerto for English Horn and Wind Ensemble) [Live]. The Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble featuring Robert Sheena. Released 2009. Available on Apple Music or wherever you purchase/listen to music. *Please purchase this music if you are able* Find Marti at www.MartiEpstein.com. Find They Do Exist! at www.TheyDoExistPodcast.com. Follow us on Social Media, we are TheyDoExistPod on Instagram and Twitter and They Do Exist! on Facebook. Thanks for listening!- Emilia


3 Dec 2019

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Teaser Episode- They Do Exist!

Welcome to They Do Exist! a podcast about female and female-identifying composers and conductors.  Music Used- Florence Price Symphony No 1, 1. Allegro- Fort Smith Symphony, John Jeter, conductor https://www.amazon.com/Price-Symphonies-Nos-1-4/dp/B07LC2YQMP/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1CMAPAQSETOAF&keywords=fort+smith+symphony&qid=1575268104&sprefix=fort+smith+symphony%2Caps%2C134&sr=8-1

2 Dec 2019

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