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Weekly Joomla podcast helping website designers, developers and owners design, develop, manage and market their Joomla website. Produced by the expert Joomla service providers from PB Web Development. Bringing years of Joomla experience of design, development, training and marketing to podcast listeners around the world. Listen to hints and tips, expert interviews and reviews every week! Find out more at http://joomlabe.at

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Ep103 - Matt Hayden talking about Conversion Rate Optimisation

Matt Hayden from Conversion Kings joins be on the podcast to talk about on page optimisation with conversion rate optimisation.Matt runs an agency based in Brisbane, Australia that specialises in just that.Matt shares how he has grown his agency over the years concentrating purely on CRO. Matt shares a few secrets in regards to what CRO is and a few techniques that can help your website grow.Matt uses a tool called Optimizely, something that his agency is a 3 star partner of and the only one in Australia to hold that title.Read the full show notes at http://joomlabe.at/ep103


12 Nov 2015

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Ep102 - Creating a Sales Funnels & Driving Traffic with Eden Brownlee

Eden Brownlee is an online marketing expert with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporates. He helps them create lead lists and the sales funnels behind these lists to create optimal profiles.Eden also has create a Joomla extension called Marketing Rocket that will help you create your very own sales funnels and drive traffic for conversions for your website or for your clients.

1hr 2mins

3 Nov 2015

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Ep97 - Customer Journey Mapping with Magda Cortez, Laying What a User Experiences as They Journey Through a Website

Magda Cortez from News Corp presents at the Product Mavens Meetup for product managers at the News Corp building in Sydney, Australia about mapping the customer journey through some of their publications.Magda Cortez is strategic design thinker who has spent the last 10 years in media crafting cross-platform digital experiences. Passionate about entertainment, social media, popular culture and the fusion of old and new media, her experience spans product management, innovation, marketing, content creation and design. In this session she shares the some insights into how she and her team map our user journeys throughout the one of their websites.


30 Sep 2015

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Ep91 - Promoting & Selling Yourself

This week Martina and I talk about how to promote your web design and development business to gain more clients, and also how to close the deal and get more clients signing up.Full show notes at http://joomlabe.at/ep91


15 Jul 2015

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Ep89 - J! News, Responsive vs Mobile UX

This week we have a news round up from around the Joomla! space.Complete shownotes at http://joomlabe.at/ep89PLT NEWSThe Production Leadership Team who look after the code of the Joomla! project have released a blog post about there summit meeting at the latest JandBeyond Conference in Prague.The team have outlined the updates and changes to the next releases of Joomla 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.They also looked at various aspects of what Joomla 4 may look like and how that code and development aspects was going to tie in with the current release of Joomla!Drupal 8 code base size:http://infogr.am/Drupal-Code-Base?src=webWATCHFUL NEWSThe team from Watchful have integrated a new feature into their system called Single Sign On (SSO) which will allow you to log into any of your Watchful managed websites with one set of usernames and passwords potentially saving you much time and energy when logging and managing so many website.Joomla! Transition TeamThe Joomla Project is forming a Joomla! Transition Team to help with the transition of the the leadership from its current structure to the new structure that had been voted in by the current leadership team. The blog post outlines the process which was discussed and voted upon amongst the current leadership.BLOG POSTS FROM AROUND THE WEB5 Big Mobile Design Trends in 2015http://www.sitepoint.com/5-big-mobile-design-trends-of-2015/Responsive Design is Failing Mobile UXhttp://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2015/06/responsive-design-is-failing-mobile-ux/We chat about responsive design vs mobile adaptive designSEBLOD LEARNING COURSEIf you're interested in improving your Joomla! website building skills, stay tuned all month for this week by week course on learning how to build apps with Seblod. James Morrell from Seblod will be taking us through how to create a Seblod app and site. This is best for beginners to advanced users that want to learn how to really extend their Joomla! website. Find out more at http://joomlabe.at/seblodThank you for our sponsor this week, Tamlyn Software, creators of BFSurvey, BFAuction and BFQuiz. Find out more at http://tamlynsoftware.com


1 Jul 2015

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Ep88 - Top 10 Extensions June 2015

This month, June 2015, Martina and I look at some new extensions from the Joomla! extension directory to help extend your website and take it further.I, Peter, look at some technical extensions for the site builders and implementers, while Martina looks at more of the creative and visual extensions for your website.Let us know what you think in the comments and the show notes for the episode.http://joomlabe.at/ep88


23 Jun 2015

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Ep84 - Start, Run & Grow Your Web Agency

This week we have a look at some of the tools we have used over the years in regards to starting, operating and growing our own web agency and also look at what some other people are using in the industry to run and operate their own businesses.As the majority of the people that are listening to the podcast have their own businesses, it is interesting to share and help each other with the aspect of growing that business.Martina and I explore all of these tools and invite you to share your own as well.In this episode we also have a look at some Joomla related news items as well as launching the JBeat Survey, we want to know more about our listeners so we can better tailor the content to you.

1hr 6mins

8 Mar 2015

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Ep80 - Interview with the team behind the new Extension Directory

This week I have a Google Hangout interview with the team behind the Joomla Extension Directory.


18 Feb 2015

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Ep66 - Interview with Phil Locke from Joostrap

This week I chat with the Phil Locke from Joostrap. Phil owns a template shop called Joostrap which is a lovely integration of Boostrap and Joomla.Phil has also provided a nice little discount for the listeners of the podcast as well so please make sure you listen into the podcast to get the discount code.{pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[http://traffic.libsyn.com/joomlabeat/ep66-joostrap-phil-locke_mixdown.mp3]}


11 Aug 2014

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Ep65 - Inbound Marketing with Luke and Gabe from Savvy Panda

This week I chat to the team at Savvy Panda all about Inbound Marketing. Luke and Gabe have been working with Joomla from the very early days and have grown their business from strength to strength and now do a huge amount of online marketing in the form on inbound marketing.The guys explain exactly what it is and how to go about it.{pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[http://traffic.libsyn.com/joomlabeat/ep65-inbound-marketing-savvy-panda_mixdown.mp3]}


16 Jul 2014

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Ep49 - Joomla! Extension Directory and Making Money with Extensions

Interview with Matt Baylor and Tessa Merro this week talking about their work in the Joomla! Extension Directory (JED) and how they got into the Joomla! Community.I also have a look at the Extension Directory eco system and how developers make money from selling extensions on the JED. Joomla! allows many opportunities to make money and start a business and one of the most popular ways is to sell extensions.News round up from around the world including J and Beyond 2014.


3 Feb 2014

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Ep47 - Top 10 Joomla Extensions Jan 2014

This episode we're having an extension round up for the episode. Going through a bunch of great extensions that have been newly listed on the Joomla! Extension Directory. With currently over 7563 extensions out there, I'll be looking at a few highlighted and useful plugins, modules and extensions that you may have missed.  I'll be looking at 10 different extensions including:NS FontAwesomeCoalaWeb ContactJB Article SEO ChecklistResponsive SlideshareExit Popup and Article Popup on LoadReadmore.jsUnite ShowbizPerformance Booster for K2Joomla! Captcha - NoCaptcha! by eKerner.com


13 Jan 2014

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Ep21 - Joomle Extension Directory News, SEO Tips 3: Metadata

I talk about three major news items about Joomla's extension directory including the introduction of an app store, the new terms of service for using the Joomla extension directory and also the announcement of the rebuild of the directory.This episode I also have a look at the J and Beyond conference and the winners of the J.O.S.C.A.R awards this year across the different categories. I also do a quick review of content version control for Joomla and have a good look at how it works.Lastly I have part 2 of my search engine optimisation tips for Joomla and this SEO tip I look at metadata for your Joomla content and making sure it is done right and effectively on your website.


4 Jun 2013

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Ep20 - Google Can't Crawl and Interview with David Hurley

This episode I go over a few tips to debug why a search engine might not be crawling your website and what to do go get it crawled again.I also have an interview with David Hurley, the community development manager for Joomla. He talks about how he got involved with Joomla and his new role as a part of the core Joomla team.


28 May 2013

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Ep17 - Accessibility and Global Accessibility Awareness Day

In this week's episode I have a focus on web accessibility in general and for Joomla.On the show I have an interview with Sarah Pulis and Kim Chatterjee chatting about accessibility, inclusive design, Global Accessibility Awareness Day and A11yBytes.I also take a bit of time out to go over a few tips on how to make your website more accessible.


7 May 2013

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Ep108 - Nicky Veitch Talks About Joomla World Conference 2017

Nicky joins me this episode to give us a recap of the Joomla World Conference in Rome, Italy.


5 Dec 2017

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Ep107 - Top 8 Joomla Extensions Nov 2017

Full show notes at http://pbwebdev.com/ep107This week I take a look at some Joomla industry news.- Joomla World Conference around the corner- Joomla Extension Directory potential new redesign- Donate to Joomla via PayPalAlso looking at my top 8 new Joomla Extensions for November 2017.- Articles Field- Easy Facebook Save Button- Have I been pwned - password checker- Login with TREZOR- Bitcoin Payment for Virtuemart- Quick Index- Testimonial Showcase- DD Disable jQuery


15 Nov 2017

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EP106 - News Updates and Whats Happening with Joomla Beat

Long time no hear!We're back with news from the Joomla industry, including updates with the Joomla CMS, CMS Critic award and Joomla World Conference 2017.Also looking at what has been happening with us and PB Web Development and what will be happening with the Joomla Beat Podcast.Show notes at https://pbwebdev.com/podcast/ep106


7 Nov 2017

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Ep105 - Joomla Beat Update

This is just a quick update episode about whats happening with the Joomla Beat Podcast and PB Web Development. Where have we been?I also have a few extensions that I had to share as I think they're quite different and very interesting and could become must have essential extensions for Joomla.


10 Jun 2016

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Ep104 - What and Why You Should Use Personas for Your Website

Martina and I talk about personas this episode.They are the foundation of almost every web project that we build, whether it's a simple brochure style website to a complex application, personas are the defining building block to all user experience design and development that you may do for a project.


15 Dec 2015

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