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Katie and Tom are a kiteboarding instructor duo teaching in Turks and Caicos. Sharing our love and knowledge of Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding. We hope you get something useful from our podcasts. Come kite and hang out with us in paradise! Book a lesson, advanced coaching session or join a Kite Adventure in TCI.+16492474747 (whats ap or iMessage) or katomskiteboardingtips@gmail.com

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An introduction to Kitesurfing in the waves by Tom the Kiteboarding coach

An introduction to how to succesfully Kitesurf in the waves by the Kiteboarding coach Tom Fuller.The basics and some tips from Tom, coaching specifiaclly wave Kitesurfing in Cape Town, Peru and Greece for nealry 5 years, teaching Kitesurfing for 10.Check out all Toms personal gear here https://www.thekiteboardingcoach.com/shopGet the book here http://geni.us/Tzk5


9 Apr 2018

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Improve your Wave Kitesurfing

Want to improve your kite surfing in the waves? This podcast is specially for you.Check out thekitesurfingcoach.com for all the notes, links and feebies.


14 Apr 2018

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Kitesurfing paradise in Turks and Caicos

After being here for over 1 month now I feel I can offer some advice on kiting here. I utterly love the place. It's certainly the best place to teach in the world but also it's not busy which makes everything less stressful. Please get in contact with me if I can help at all. Im proud to be working with thebigblue collective if you want toCome and have a lesson with me in Paradise.


16 Dec 2018

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How to launch a kitesurfing Kite

How to launch a kitesurfing Kite, some tips for every rider especially new Kiteboarders


28 Mar 2019

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How to heal your kiteboarding injuries (and other health challenges)

This episode is all about using some pretty out there stuff, its not for everyone and Im not doctor and not recommending that anyone doesn't seek the advice of a doctor BUT from my own personal experience I have healed some serious injuries in record time plus my body has healed stronger than before. If you know anyone who this will help please share :)


14 May 2019

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