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Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee

A world traveling pop sensation, an activist for the African Women’s Movements and international tv star is only part of the picture. Vanessa has presented the world with ample proof that she is a powerful woman. You don’t have to be an expert to recognize the polished artistry in these brief clips, songs and speeches. In her own personal podcast, Vanessa brings more of her depth out to the world; through poems, personal stories and inspirational guests. Look into her soul and her story in Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee.

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Rotimi Helps With Overcoming Inferiority Complexes

To close a beautiful season two, we have Rotimi back on the podcast to discuss with Vanessa about all the elements of an inferiority complex. These two words make up for a lot of holds in personal growth; but how, where does it come from, how can you combat yours? Between Vanessa revealing her childhood insecurities to real advice 50 Cent gave Rotimi, you will be amazed how true the episodes will vibe with you. It’s time to grow out of your own ideas of why you are not good enough, combat it with real solutions today on Deep Dive. This episode is especially for you, we love you from the entire team and can’t wait for season 3!A Jam Street Media Production. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


26 Aug 2020

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Making Mistakes Grows Your Brain

It is scientifically true that making mistakes grows your brain! Vanesa talks about the change she has been experiencing when it comes to thinking about mistakes because we all think of them as failures versus, "not yets." What a scary and paralyzing thought, right? This science and philosophy combine to help you join the mental movement with Vanessa on growth mentality. Dropping wisdom with messages from Mama Rotimi and "quitting fluffing,"  Vanessa's honesty puts you in the front row to her personal growth and it might blow and grow your mind. God is love, thank you all for being a part of the podcast and try something challenging today.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


19 Aug 2020

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What Has Made An Impact?

Today we are taking a moment to reflect on the journey that’s been made. What we are reflecting on today are moments that made a big impact. specifically to the person on the other side of the mic. It is important to take a minute to see what you have accomplished and be grateful for the ups and downs. EP, Amanda Rosenberg who has been teamed up with Vanessa since day 1! gives behind the scenes, you know with Rotimi and stuff, and what changed the course of not only her life, but the direction of the show. Deep Dive is made for YOU! with love, by love and through love. You are loved and both Vanessa and Amanda are grateful for all your support. We’re still going forward by sending love to the past.Producer Amanda Rosenberg can be found on Instagram: @amandaphiliaNetwork Jam Street Media @jamstreetmedia and instagram @Jamstreetmedia1A Jam Street Media Production. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Aug 2020

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Being Nice versus Being Kind

As a child, we’ve all had an adult tell us at one point, “be nice!” Be nice or play nicem, but what if you’re being nice isn’t actually helping anyone? What if it’s even hurting you? On a one on one with Vanessa, she breaks down why you and this world need to stop being nice and start being kind. Is there a difference between the two? Yes, and it's massive. There is nothing to lose when being honest, and Vanessa gives direct examples from her life performing at an international festival and even her music to show you a new way to evaluate yourself and your life. We are all trying to make ourselves better one day at a time, and today the thought is being nice versus being kind. God is love, enjoy!A Jam Street Media Production. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


5 Aug 2020

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Creating Excellence with Pearl Thusi 2

Part two to help you evaluate and find your excellence with Pearl Thusi jumps right into the ceilings you make for yourself and how that can be a powerful tool to also break them! Pearl reveals her personal goal of trailblazing and hard moments that would put anyone down, but she came back up. The ladies break down what it feels like to stand up for yourself for the first time and how to be honest with yourself, because it's going to affect your success. The people you have around you are also contributing and it can be hard to find real ones, but don’t fret this too is picked to uplift you today. It’s yours, you got yourself here, own that achievement, live in love.Here’s an example outline:03:00 – Guest Interview with Pearl ThusiQueen SonoQuanticoMac Make upWebsiteInstagramA Jam Street Media Production. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


29 Jul 2020

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Creating Your Excellence with Pearl Thusi (Part 1)

Vanessa talks to the star of Netflix’s new hit show Queen Sono, Pearl Thusi! We get a little update on how Pearl has been handling the coronavirus lockdowns. Pearl walks us through her mourning process after losing a loved one. Pearl also gives us some highlights from her career and some of the most influential people she’s met. She also talks about how filming in New York before returning to Africa gave her a renewed sense of pride and determination in being an African woman. And of course they also talk about some behind the scenes experiences from Pearl’s time shooting Queen Sono! This conversation is part 1 of 2! Come back next week for the conclusion!:45 Intros2:10 Coronavirus update 4:10 Pearl’s coping with her father’s passing 7:55 Fame can be addicting 10:50 Best lessons from the stillness of the times14:00 Vanessa’s favorite memory with Pearl15:00 Pearl’s most cherished moment of her career18:20 One person who Pearl never expected to change her life22:50 How does the public see us?25:20 Fighting for your ancestors’ dreams27:40 Returning to Africa with a renewed sense of perseverance and African pride31:00 You can become a worldwide celebrity without leaving Africa33:00 Preparing for Queen SonoA Jam Street Media Production.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


22 Jul 2020

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Career Expectations and the Natural Life of Pivoting

The entire world is changing right now! We are all feeling the pressure of where to go for our future, but life pivoriting, career changes and finding happiness within yourself are as common as birthdays. Rotimi drops in on his experience, and Vanessa brings Elle Miss Belle, a beloved family member who grew up with her; a mom, a muse, practically her sister, the perfect person to discuss career expectations in the natural light of pivoting. Elle went from college to beauty school to now follow her calling as a doula and did it all with fear, nerves and ferocity. Vanessa’s story covers her personal career changes from going to law school, becoming a sensational artist, to now being a successful podcaster. The ladies get honest about college for everyone and how scary it can be to jump into an entirely new direction. Don’t worry, your previous experiences only add to what your future holds and in fact you might be surprised how it affects the people around you. Be brave, step out and if you need to borrow some confidence for your next move, listen in as much as needed! 01:40 – Vanessa’s pivotal career changes in her life.05:45 – Rotimi’s experience with pivoting career choices/ college major changes.14:20 – Guest interview Intro - Elle 21:09 – Elle’s career changes: Beauty school vs being a scholar. 23:50 – Knowing what you want is most important when thinking of career changes.27:55 – Elle’s moment of change in life - work, family, and daily routines.34:50 – Vanessa talks about going against your grain, doing the unpopular to find happiness for yourself and career.44:30 – Elle’s biggest worry at this time while she pivots.Elle’s Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/ellemissbelle/A Jam Street Media Production.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


15 Jul 2020

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Life In The Time Of COVID-19 with Rotimi

Our year is halfway over but the season of the world is clear, 2020 vision as Rotimi would say, clearly the global pandemic has affected every one of you. There is loss and your loss is felt, now how can we turn it into something? What do we do with our lives now? We need to get serious and Vanessa has Rotimi here to discuss their Covid life and thoughts; the highs and lows, the embarrassing Instagram live when Ro tried to braid her hair, but also how a simple glamping can change keep things spicey. Money isn’t easy to come by now, what are ways you can look to hustle? How do they save and how are they using their free time? Family fighting is an all-time high, what are tools to help? Take a deep peek through the front door keyhole to reveal the schedule, surrendering, and sanctuary that is this lovelock down in Covid-19.Surrender to what life is now, take care of yourselves, and carry on into the future.“Beauty is on the other side of fear” - Rotimi 02:15 – Guest Interview with RotimiWebsiteSocial Media6:16 - what do people value more, money or human life?6:57 Rotimi’s thoughts on human stillness7:38 Why are humans having problems working with other humans8:27 Nomuzi on social media sucking you in10:00 Biggest thing Vanessa and Rtimi are getting out of quarantine14:01 Bible’s many stories about epic disasters that caused the population to sit back and take a look at life15:19 Rotimi on having 2020 vision15:55 Couples schedule during COVID broken down17:37 NoMuzi telling Vanessa about her hard time during COVID18:31 Advice for people who have no money coming in right now from Rotimi20:10 What COVID is like for people living hand to mouth, have empathyVanessa’s formula for Hot Water Herb Bath23:46 How Vanessa and Rotimi go “glamping” to spice things up25:36 Rotimi’s favorite dish and who cooks it better, Vanessa or Mom?29:52 How long Rotimi thinks this will last30:35 Vanessa on stop rushing to get out32:45 Vanessa’s favorite part of quarantine34:45 Beauty is on the other side of fear, Vanessa gives advice on surrenderingA Jam Street Media Production. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


8 Jul 2020

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Social Media And Social Responsibility During Quarantine with Nomuzi Mabena

With all the pandemic and social issues flaring up around the world, you’re on the internet a lot. It’s a staple in your life for good and being honest, probably not so good reasons. A pro to talk about this today is rapper, artist, on-air personality, style icon, multi-award-winning entertainer, and great friend of Vanessa, Nomuzi Mabena. Nomuzi aka fabulous Moozlie, whose hair matched the roses she had next to her during recording, discusses the details of her very successful anti-drunk driving social media campaign partnered with Volkswagen and Drive Dry. During the COVID-19 lockdown you can’t help but developed new media consumption habits, Vanessa and Nomuzi discuss the pros and cons of media addiction and the effects of what you allow into your life and what influences you. Vanessa and Nomuzi also discuss the tragic death of George Floyd and social media’s influence on the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the life of the woman who filmed George’s death. Socials are a powerful tool, not only for the impact it has on your life, but what the masses can do to the lives of others and global movements. Listen and spend some time thinking over what you’re doing with that power.2:32 Coronavirus lockdown update4:03 Quantifying daily social media use5:16 Social Media dependence 8:12 Nomuzi’s advice to Vanessa10:16 How does one know when to “unplug?”12:28 Consuming bad things will make you bad 13:36 The permanence of the internet14:23 The loudness of negative words16:02 Nomuzi’s anti-drinking and driving social media campaign https://www.facebook.com/Drivedry/videos/236500620039437121:40 The effects of prayer23:35 The power of unified connection23:21 The “dark side” of being an “influencer.”25:39 The importance of having good influences in your life27:28 People taking social media very seriously28:19 “Black Twitter” should celebrate Black excellence29:20 George Floyd and the start of a movement31:27 The Free State of Jones33:32 “Two hands” by Maya Angelou37:45 Social media will influence human behavior more over time39:46 What’s on the horizon for Nomuzi? https://www.instagram.com/moozliehttps://africori.to/basadiremixA Jam Street Media Production. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


1 Jul 2020

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Unpacking Trauma and Self Love with Faith Kangero

“We are all nothing more than children traumatized with longer limbs.” - Faith Kangero. Admitting to trauma is difficult, overcoming it is excruciating, and then the end is a reward of true self-love. Many elements in life, society, or childhood block us. Admitting you need help is hard, and shame fills all of us quickly. However, if the world is to be better, then WE must be better, and today you will leave this episode with serious tools for recognizing and overcoming your triggers. Our powerful guest Faith Kangero is a mother, a social worker, and the CEO of the Australian non-profit Spirit of Ester and walks us through the realities of trauma, shame, and conversation about abuse which is too often left silence. Faith uses the proven methods with foster youth in Australia to walk us through self-reflection time and understanding feelings. These are not casual quizzes in a magazine, these are real methods that require time and your investment into your action. Of course, when unpacking there are plenty of ups and downs to cover, but being brave and supporting each other’s truth by listening to our talk today, will acknowledge others, and when you acknowledge others, you acknowledge yourself. That’s how we can start.01:30 – Faith KangeroWebsite spiritofesther.orgSocial Media Insta:https://www.instagram.com/spiritofesthersoe/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoETalks2:45 What is a social worker?8:05 What is trauma? What is it like in African communities?13:27 Ideas behind the two models of self-work14:18 The First Model of Self Work - Figuring out your triggers14:45 The Second Model of Self Work - Finding the real root of the trigger16:10 Check your trigger scale16:40 Attachment style is self-evaluation17:12 Circle of Security Exercise21:28 The Spirit of Esther23:30 What does neglect and abuse look like?30:07 What if you don’t know what your issues look like?32:00 Are you ready for a relationship?A Jam Street Media Production.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


24 Jun 2020

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